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All ascension easter eggs known. all found by me*


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well.... here ya go :D

1st radio near phd flopper found by strwrs

2nd radio near claymore window, located by the lunar lander, found by xX SHADOW Xx FL

3rd radio near PaP found by D3M0N SNYP3R

4th radio near starting point found by Mr Fittlesworth

5th radio found in collaboration with Mr Fittlesworth and D3M0N SNYP3R

6th radio found near claymore, under the stairs near the water

possible radio near juggernaut.

now, the 4th radio for some reason doesnt show up until you find another radio.

the 5th radio. you are going to need to go to where phd flopper is, and there is a circle in front of the stairs leading up to the area. there is a sparking generator looking object that is "outside" the map. throw a gersche device in its general vicinity and it will be sucked into the black hole. yay you found it!

the 5th radio will activate the 6th radio, which is near a now fuzzy screen. hold X and it will make the 6th radio sound. there are 3 more things to find.

when you are searching for easter eggs there is a way to know if you are getting close to something outside the map. take a gersche device and throw it. it will hit the ground, you will hear samantha laughing, and then a little white light shine upon the spot where you threw it. sort of like how the box is lifted. this will tell you the easter egg is not there.

there is more than 1 red phone, and more than one phone call. if you do not answer the phone it will switch off for 2-5 rounds or so, and then come again. when i answered the phone it was dead silence. and all i heard was breathing.

if you find anything else, please post either here, or on my other post.

also, you can shoot down the rocket, although we dont think it does anything at this point.

everyone knows about the 3 teddy bears holding the sickle = music so i wont post that. if you need that or want to see pics, please go to carbonfibahs thread. PLEASE post on this thread about ANY ascension easter eggs, or any funny things/ quotes you find, id like to have this go on for a while. thanks,

-------------------D3M0N SNYP3R

Mconvict was in the game. thats it.

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you said i reposted this but mine was posted before your s????? hmmm .. don't want to start a forums war lol but i did post first ...sorry :P but [brains] though anyways XD

I'm not one to start forum wars hahaha I was just going off the time stamp for our threads. Not a big deal though. :D

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Link to where the teddies are or just describe please? I'd love to hear the new sound..

Honestly the only easter egg Im interested in, is KNOWING who is coming (refered to in initial audio file) and what MECHANISM we need to repair (also in initial audio file)

There are repair symbols, and there is a repairing booth.. but how does one go abouts repairing an object that can't be interacted with, less of course just as there were film reels in Kino there are "tools" scattered in the map..


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