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sams room in verruct

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The reason I think this is in her room the light shining in is like twilight

Okay, did you find an easter egg on Verruckt, or are you just saying that you think the map looks like her room. If the latter, Verruckt is an insane asylum, not Sam's room.

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Sam's room at Verruckt.

Sam's room in the Kino Der Toten teleporters.

The wallpaper is a 100% match.

Sam was born at Verruckt, her mother was Sophia.

Sophia gave birth to Sam, Dr. Maxis was the father.

She calls Richtofen Uncle.

I think Richtofen butchered Sophia when he let the zombies out.

Its all coming in my new project.

Regards Alpha.

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Cool that someone else found the Verruckt wall design other than me. But I'm just asking..... are you sure about the Sophia thing? I remember disproving this to someone on another thread but just making sure you don't the same mistake you did.

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Trust me the terminal files support it.

Maxis had a crush on Sophia in 1939.

Sam is what 7 years old in 1945 when the shit hits the fan.

Think, who else would Maxis have time to meet & have a relationship with?

During a war no less.

Sophia was Maxis Personal Assistant, female & close at all times.

There are no other choices.

The women in the terminal files could be Sophia but I doubt it.

I've combed back over the maps take pictures & such.

I'm rewriting my grand thread from scratch, it's a big one.

So far it is in a 244 page word document.

It will be anything little scrap of details I can find & then some.

If you found this before me thats great, always good to get a second confirmation.

Why do you believe that Sophia isn't Sam's mother?

Regards Alpha.

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And I look forward to the thread... but this is a Servant Entry made by Dr.Maxis after 1942.

“Ludwig Maxis “Personal file. “I fear Sophia “Has grown unnecessarily “Attached to me. “I catch her looking “In my direction “But she quickly looks away. “I admit “She is an attractive “Specimen. “I should send her away “She is a distraction “From my work. “My mind wanders to thoughts “Of her.

It doesn't sound like she is his wife here. If he did the job on her now or later Samantha would have been 3 years old.

And finally in the last radio on moon, Maxis says he wanted to protect Samantha after her mother died.

Thats kind of why I'm not buying the Sophia/Maxis thang.

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The wallpaper texture matches, but the demensions of the room dont. Just look at the relationship of the door to the window. In Verruckt they are on adjacent walls, but in Kino they are on opposite sides of the room from eachother.

Makes me wonder if this is just another case of Treyarch re-using old textures and assets in newer maps.


I can believe that Samantha's bedroom room was in Verruckt. But I'm unsure if the room we see through the boarded window is actually her bedroom or not.

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