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'Nova' Gas Station in MW2...?


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Thanks Mikeh, and I don't think easter eggs and things is really Infinity's style, so I'm not surprised there's nothing to find in it, maybe just Treyarch got the idea for a name there, but I still think 'Nova Gas'- it just can't be a coincidence.

No problem.

But as I said, they might have heard something about "Nova gas" and put it in as a little nod toward Treyarch.

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btw guys, Black ops is using a highly advanced [email protected] game engine, not failwards modernwarfail 2 engine

uhm the [email protected] game engine was just a tweaked (COD4:MW) engine made off of IWs COD4:MW engine so in reality it is IWs engine still but with even more tweaks to call it their own.

But it still isn't the engine from MW2, that was a completely different one.

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Failward? You mean the company that invented Call of Duty in the first place. F*** off and go play Halo. Go whine to their community about one game's shitty multiplayer mode ruining the series.

They didnt invent call of duty! Treyarch made the first 3 games in the COD series but I agree that they are not failward cod 4 was good but mw2 was fail.

yea man umm treyarch didnt make the first cod games they made WaW and are making black ops. It was infinity ward who actually made up the idea and actually brought it to activision and made the first cod games. Im not dissing treyarch or nothing i love those guys but when it comes to the truth i dont care who its about. Mw2's online wasnt bad, they didnt make it bad, its most of the people who play it, from the 10th prestige hackers to the aimbot users and the noob tubers, they are the people who made MW2's online bad

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Ok guys I havent had a Computer available for a while and I wanted to make things right after my misstake in this thread.

I posted a reply here a long time ago where I got mad at a guy becouse he said that infinity ward invented the Call of duty series and I said that Treyarch did.

After that I got Minus 20 Brains And People got mas at me.

I then realised that it actually was Infinity ward that made Call of duty 1 and 2 so I now appologise for this.


Im starting to get pissed now...

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