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    Omega Group Intel

    Season 1

    Audio Logs

    "Dimensional Fertility" (Location: On top of the bunker at the scorched defense area.) - Having received approval for the construction of Outpost 25, Peck discusses the opportunities the new site will offer Omega Group.


    Peck: Personal Log. Peck. November 9th, 1983. Two days ago, I identified and submitted the *perfect* location for Phase 2.

    Peck: After assessing the dimensional breach outside of Khe Sanh, I found a mountaintop formerly occupied by an American base called "Ripcord." It has the ideal dimensional... *fertility* to suit our project's needs.

    Peck: I just received word an agreement was reached with the Vietnamese Government, and construction is set to begin on the 11th. What excellent news.

    Peck: So far, the breaches have been uncontrolled, which greatly restricted our ability to take advantage of this new dimension--

    Peck: --BUT. But... if we are able to open our own, stabilized gateway, that operates under our control...

    Peck: Well, I mean, come on! We'll be the first with free reign to pilfer, pillage and plunder an alien world, untainted and ripe with resources ready for extraction.

    Peck: It will give us a considerable edge over my former countrymen. Good riddance to them.


    "Aethernauts" (Location: In Planning Offices under the table in the middle of the room.) - While noting his first successful teleporter test, Peck discusses the role played by his Dark Aether miners and the steps taken to deal with the effects of their labors.


    Peck: Peck here. Personal log. March 19th. After weeks of phasic misalignment, resulting in numerous... *anatomical* displacements, today marked our first successful teleportation test. I'm sure Private Pashkov was happy to arrive with all parts... intact.

    Peck: After the generators last month, this marks the second milestone achievement for Outpost 25.

    Peck: I must admit: our rapid progress is due in no small part to our Dark Aether Miners, or "Aethernauts", as the Kremlin has chosen to call them.

    Peck: Dr. Kuhlklay tells me crystal collection is up nearly 240 percent. This intake volume has allowed our scientists to continue working around the clock, and is frankly, how we have accomplished this impressive feat.

    Peck: It is true some don't return, but I am told it's a small percentage.

    Peck: That said, many of those who do return have displayed physical and psychological symptoms, ranging from infection to amnesia. Unfortunately, these subjects after study must be euthanized.

    Peck: I've spoken with Kuhlklay about developing a memory transference machine, give us the chance to at least recover the affected's memories.

    Peck: That will take time to construct, so in the interim I'm developing a truth serum to assist with interviewing the amnesiacs.

    Peck: Maybe we can pry the truth from their damaged synapses, so their deaths won't be a total waste.


    "The Anatomy Lesson" (Location: Inside the Field Hospital.) - Peck and Kuhlklay perform an autopsy on a Dark Aether creature that is more than meets the eye.


    Peck: Proceeding with examination of upper abdomen. Dimitri: retractors.

    Kuhlklay: Placing retractors.

    Peck: Organs appear... somewhat similar to our own... but everything seems merged, interlinked. Observe the lungs. Similar location, but its pleura extends and connects directly to the heart, passing through the endocardium.

    Peck: There appears to be... something engraved on the interior of the creature's back. What is that?

    Kuhlklay: Chto za chert. That. Is a face.

    Peck: Yes, there does appear to be a warped, stretched pigmentation that resembles a human face.

    Kuhlklay: Resembles?? Look: it even has a bump where the nose should be. Wait...

    Kuhlklay: Govno! It is Private Glaskov! We sent him to the other side last month, but he never come back. Is this... is this thing him??

    Peck: That last remark is to be struck from the record -- we have no proof this creature is Private Glaskov. Let's continue--

    Peck: I suppose that's a good a place as any to terminate the session. Subject has turned itself into a cassette tape.


    "Kuhlklay's Payback" (Location: In the same room as the RAI K-84 blueprints and Kuhlklay's computer.) - Kuhlklay vents his true feelings about Peck... and makes a fateful decision about his weapon project.


    Kuhlklay: Fucking stupid Peck! "Be quiet Dimitri! This is a chance to learn from a real scientist!" "Dimitri, do this, Dimitri, do that. Shame on you, Dimitri, I will have you turned into soup! I'm Dr. Peck, and I'm a big, smart, real scientist."

    Kuhlklay: Fffffuck you. How about that, Pecker-man? Fuuuuuuuck you.

    Kuhlklay: So I decide enough: time to work on my own invention! I take the aetherium crystal and design new rifle that would make Kalashnikov weep. And what does Peck do?

    Kuhlklay: He LAUGHS. Says it is a waste of time. Calls it a child's toy. "Stop being so small-brained, Dimitri!"

    Kuhlklay: Small-brained? I will show you, Peck.

    Kuhlklay: Oh shit.

    Kuhlklay: You are not the only smart man at this facility.

    Kuhlklay: Peck wants me to give up, probably because Peck wants to steal it for himself. Now he can never assemble it. When I leave this place, I will take it with me and sell it to the highest bidder.

    Kuhlklay: "Maybe I underestimated you, *Doctor* Kuhlklay." Of course you did, Peck. You see, I always have had a keen eye for opportunity.


    "Gorev" (Location: The Colonel's Office in Military Command.) - Gorev pays a visit with new orders from the Kremlin.


    Peck: --that's not to say I don't have my suspicions. Once I've gathered sufficient evidence, I--

    Peck: --did I not say no interruptions-- Gorev?? You're here. In Vietnam.

    Gorev: In the flesh, comrade. What? Old Friend cannot pay visit?

    Gorev: You look so rigid, Peck, so nervous. You remind me of son, before he does his silly theater shows. He freezes up, like he sees ghosts, and forgets lines. That or he soils his pants. I trust that is not case here?

    Gorev: Sit down. Please. Before you hurt self. You look rather pale, even for you. How are you not getting sun here in such temperate climate?

    Peck: May I inquire as to the purpose of your visit, Gorev?

    Gorev: I am here with special message, one I decided to deliver personally.

    Gorev: We intercepted communication from BND Agent Maxis. You remember her... the leaked Endstation tape?

    Peck: Why would i give a rat's ass about her? Isn't she dead?

    Gorev: It is funny you say this, because not only is she very much alive, but she has turned one of your men. At this very facility. He is planning to deliver your research to Requiem.

    Peck: I find that highly improbable.

    Gorev: "Highly improbable." Why do Americans talk like this? It is either truth, or not truth. Why must you be so non-committal to facts? I do no understand this.

    Peck: What exactly do you need from me?

    Gorev: Orders from Colonel. And orders are simple. Pretend to be mole, plant trap, apprehend Maxis.

    Peck: Then what?

    Gorev: Interrogate her. Torture her. I don't need to know the specifics. As long as she confesses and reveals who mole is, I am happy. It is good when I am happy, yes?

    Peck: I'll take care of it personally.


    "Let It Ride" (Location: Through the left entrance from spawn, inside a generator room to the left, under the bridge. Must jump to reach it.) - Omega Group scientists Peck and Kuhlklay initiate Dimensional Portal Test number 32.


    Peck: This is Dr. William Peck. It is the 8th of January, 1984, 1:13 a.m. This is test number 32 for dimensional breach--

    Kuhlklay: --Must you start with that ever recording--

    Peck: --do not interrupt, Dimitri. This is your chance to learn something from a real scientist.

    Peck: As I was saying. Test Number 32. "Doctor" Kuhlklay, you may proceed.

    Kuhlklay: Activating resonator. Beginning magnetic amplification.

    Kuhlklay: Dimensional Barrier identified. Beginning particle distortion.

    Peck: Barrier membrane integrity at fifty percent.

    Kuhlklay: Amplification is still approaching the limits prematurely!

    Peck: Increasing voltage output from Aetherium Crystal.

    Peck: It's working! Membrane integrity at forty percent!

    Kuhlklay: Amplification has reached maximum safety parameters!

    Peck: Let it ride, Dimitri, let it ride! Increasing voltage output.

    Kuhlklay: Amplification exceeding safety parameters!! I'm shutting it down!

    Peck: You touch that button I'll have you gutted like a fish and fed to your comrades in Solyanka soup! Membrane integrity down to ten percent!

    Kuhlklay: You mudak! You'll get us killed!

    Peck: Wait! Adjusting distortion frequency to pattern echo-four!

    Kuhlklay: My god.

    Peck: Eat your heart out, Dr. Vogel. We'll see who history remembers.


    "To Dust You Will Return" (Location: Inside the OPC, opened during the quest.) - Peck has Maxis brought to his Omega Portal Chamber.


    Peck: So - 'Sam'. Do you realize what this is? Do you even know? Of course you don't, so I'll tell you. It's a gateway into the other world.

    Peck: Have you ever even dreamt of such a thing? Have you ever imagined what it would be like if everything you knew to be true was just turned upside down? Changed forever.

    Peck: That's what this represents. It's a door to another world. One that could enrich or destroy everything depending on who holds the keys.

    Peck: Look at you. Resolute. Stubborn.

    Peck: Your silence isn't going to help you in any way, you know. In fact, it's just going to make things worse.

    Peck: We will find your 'informant', believe me. That's the funny thing about secrets. They can't stay secret forever. Sooner or later, they are always exposed, along with all their inherent beauty or ugliness.

    Peck: You know, I don't think you realize just how small of a cog you are in this machine.

    Peck: You're close to nothing. Worthless.

    Peck: No one is coming for you, because no one cares about you.

    Peck: Honestly? I'm doing you - and the world - a favor.

    Peck: We are made from earth, and we will return to earth... Some of us, sooner than others.

    Peck: From dust you are, and to dust you will return.


    "Outpost 25 Has Fallen" (Location: In Mission Control, near the charge collector on the top floor.) - Peck sends an emergency message to Omega Group headquarters informing them Outpost 25 is now an Outbreak Zone.


    Peck: Hello?? Hello??? Can you hear me? Is anyone there???

    Peck: The dial tells me this is the correct broadcast frequency, so I'm just going to assume you can hear me. Whichever Omega lackey happens to be receiving this transmission, start dialing the Colonel. Now.

    Peck: I've got a, uhhh, developing situation over here.

    Peck: Outpost 25 has fallen. Everyone here is either dead, dying, or infected. I'm the last one alive.

    Peck: I want to make this unequivocally clear: This is not my fault. It was the gateway.

    Peck: Without warning, it unleashed a massive burst of Aetherium. The infection spread quickly, and as my men began to turn, I observed a phasic barrier surround the base.

    Peck: My men tried to escape, but anyone who entered this "Phase" quickly succumbed to a terrible case of death.

    Peck: More creatures keep arriving every hour. I'm trapped in a room with little food and only a literal pot to piss in.

    Peck: Get me the hell out of here.




    "Authorization to Conscript" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - The Committee for State Security grants Outpost 25 permission to conscript "Aetherium miners" including political prisoners and enemies of the state.


    Marked 15 February of the year 1984


    Authorization to conscript

    Aetherium miners


    Having reviewed all progress reports from Outpost 25 in Vietnam, and in light of recent losses of valuable Spetsnaz operators, the Chairman approves the Colonel's request for volunteers to carry out Aetherium mining duties in the Dark Aether dimension.


    Aetherium mining has quickly gained paramount importance as we have come to understand the element's unique properties. The fruits of this labor will allow the Soviet Union to explore new scientific frontiers that may ultimately be the decisive factor in our eventual triumph over the forces of greed and imperialism. But such progress always come at a cost. The Chairman salutes those brave souls who have gone missing in the Dark Aether. He expects those who follow to complete the task begun by their betters.


    Omega Group forces at Outpost 25 are instructed to begin recruiting Aetherium miners from the local population. Conscription will be carried out in conjunction with the authorities in Thua Thien-Hue and Quang Tri provinces. Antagonizing our North Vietnamese comrades would be counterproductive, and they will be eager to rid themselves of undesirables and intellectuals who may prove to be ideal Aetherium miners. To help accelerate the process, the Kremlin will provide additional Aetherium miners from prisons and work camps across the Soviet Union. Even enemies of the state can serve the greater good.


    The Chairman expects this will put an end to the loss of Spetsnaz personnel while increasing Aetherium collection yields.


    "Omega Teleporter Blueprint" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - Blueprint of the Aetherium powered teleportation device developed at Outpost 25. Includes notes on early malfunctions.





    Approved for Teleportation

    - Weapons (loaded or unloaded)

    - Clothing of various materials

    - Humans (restrictions apply)

    - All footwear except sandals

    - Paper and similar materials

    - Headgear (glasses, helmets, caps)

    - Computation Machines

    - Aetherium Containment Canisters

    - Mechanic tools/equipment

    - Crates containing any of the above


    Not Approved for Teleportation

    - Worn sandals: two documented occasions of sandals fusing with feet.

    - Fish: Officer Kustov had a dozen goldfish merge into singular homogenous blob (still alive).

    - Canine: dogs have vanished only to reappear days later, on fire and very aggressive.

    - Produce and uncooked meat: will arrive rotten or worse.

    - Private Oleg Gusev: You know why. You should be ashamed of yourself. Disgusting. Banned.


    19 March 1984


    "Specimen K7-1924" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - Omega Group medical document detailing the autopsy of a shape-shifting creature.


    Spetsgruppa Omega - autopsy report

    Examiner: Dr. Dimitri Kuhlklay

    Species: Unknown

    Date: 11 May 1984

    Identification: Specimen K7-1924


    Subject is Specimen K7-1924, recovered from "Dark Aether" dimension on 09 May 1984. Subject recovered by Miner Tobias Shenk. Subject was captured alive.


    While caged, Subject transformed into several common objects seemingly at will. Weight of Subject changed based on the object it transformed into.


    Subject took form of:

    1. Crate

    2. Equipment Storage Container

    3. Chair

    4. Rifle

    5. Aetherium Containment Canister


    Subject was terminated after escaping containment by taking form of rifle (guard unwittingly opened cell, not realizing).


    With additional research, we could potentially adapt creature's camouflage ability for humans. Warfare implications are massive.


    Prior to termination, Subject used prehensile "tentacles" to attack soldiers as it stormed through base.


    Tentacles appear to operate independently from arms and legs. Subject able to extend tentacle and grapple unsuspecting humans.


    Upon examination, DNA is part human. Disfigured face observed in autopsy report resembled that of Private Glaskov, MIA last month in Dark Aether Dimension.


    "Aetherium Production Report" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - Peck expounds on the limitless potential for Aetherium-based energy production and the ability to refine Aetherium to increase its potency.


    RE: Aetherium as a power source

    AUTHOR: Dr. William Peck



    I am pleased to report my work here at Outpost 25 is yielding breakthroughs even I dared not expect. The resources you so generously allocated for construction on the former site of Fire Support Base Ripcord were definitely money well spent, and I am close to giving the USSR a massive strategic advantage over the West.


    As I predicted, Aetherium - the novel element originating from the Dark Aether dimension - is proving to be a remarkable source of energy that lends itself to a variety of applications. To put it in layman's terms, this stuff is the new Plutonium, only better. Like Plutonium, Aetherium can yield tremendous amounts of energy - enough that the Soviet Union need never be dependent on foreign oil (unlike my former countrymen). And, again, like Plutonium, it can be refined to increase its potency and bring it to what you might call "weapons-grade." I am currently perfecting the process. With enough time and a lot more samples, I believe we can achieve practically limitless energy yields. This is not just an evolution of energy production - it is a revolution.


    America and the NATO countries are way behind us on the Aetherium front. We can extend our lead if we keep collecting more Aetherium specimens. I appreciate the brave Spetsnaz operators who have been doing this work, and I honor their sacrifice. Rest assured I'm working on better communications while they're on the other side to help them come home safely.


    Dr. William Peck

    Exoscientific Phenomena Research Lead - Omega Group


    "G Cipher" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - Recovered Omega Group cipher. Decryption is required. (Solved here)


    Cipher text:




    Plain text:



    It seems our little side investment is beginning to pay dividends. Our infiltration has occurred right under their noses. I am told the Maxis communique is just a taste of what we can expect going forward. Requiem has no clue a member of their senior staff is compromised.



    "P Cipher" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - Recovered Omega Group cipher. Decryption is required. (Solved here)


    Cipher text:


    11 23 55 21 32 11 43 34 22 11 52 15 51 52 53 55 51 52 53 24 32 41 23 11 53 52

    15 32 51 52 34 34 43 55 22 51 32 41 11 43 55 24 32 15 51 11 52 34 53 52 51 15

    34 51 52 15 14 55 32 24 55 32 55 52 22 11 53 52 15 55 24 55 35 14 11 34 15 51

    41 55 34 53 52 41 51 42 55 15 14 11 34 55 24 55 22 11 24 35 55 35 51 52 11 15

    14 55 24 51 52 22 53 24 34 51 11 52 45 11 52 55 34 55 52 15 51 24 55 34 12 53

    32 35 41 11 34 15 51 52 15 55 24 32 22 15 51 52 21 54 51 15 14 32 34 14 51 31

    15 51 52 21 55 52 55 24 21 33 25 32 24 24 51 55 24 51 52 34 51 35 55 45 11 52

    55 31 11 24 52 11 54 32 13 11 51 35 15 14 55 43 14 32 34 55


    Plain text:


    Omega ops continue in Ural mountains.
    Special operations units in the area encountered hostiles, unlike those recorded in other incursion zones. Entire squad lost interacting with a shifting energy barrier inside zone. For now, avoid the phase.



    Radio Transmissions

    "Good Little Lemmings" (Location: In the Pack-a-Punch building, top floor to the right of the machine.) - Peck sends a message to Omega Group HQ informing them Requiem have arrived -- but that may not be a bad thing.


    Peck: To my friends at Omega HQ: Peck here at Outpost 25, with an update on my situation. Requiem is here and, believe it or not, that's actually "good" news.

    Peck: "Now, why would you say that, Peck?" I can hear you ask. Well... let me explain. Do you know what I love about Requiem?

    Peck: They're idiots. And idiots are good for one thing: following instructions. Obeying without a moments hesitation. Like a lemming leaping off a cliff.

    Peck: Well these little Requiem lemmings leapt right into restarting the power for me, which means I can now begin satellite transfer of all our work back to Omega HQ.

    Peck: The facility may be lost, but Omega's work will live on. Don't thank me. Thank Requiem. What good. Little. Lemmings.


    "Not Built To Last" (Location: In the Pack-a-Punch building, top floor to the right of the machine.) - Valentina responds to Peck's distress messages, with more than a little schadenfreude.


    Valentina: Oh, Peck. When I heard of your situation, I cannot say I was surprised.

    Valentina: What was it? Experiment gone wrong? Did you forget to carry "the 1" in equation? Drop deadly vial?

    Valentina: Or was it worse? Something more sinister. How many men have you sent to their deaths in other dimension? Maybe one came back for revenge? Hmm?

    Valentina: Rest assured, we are assessing situation. It does not look good for you.

    Valentina: I told them it was big risk, hiring American. They are not built to last.

    Valentina: I'll report back soon with our decision.


    "Do Try To Stay Alive" (Location: In the Pack-a-Punch building, top floor to the right of the machine.) - A second message from Valentina gives Peck a glimmer of hope.


    Valentina: Peck. It is Valentina again. Omega has made decision, and looks like your ace up sleeve actually worked.

    Valentina: We are receiving your satellite transfer. Download should be complete within hour. Once it is done, you are to destroy mainframe -- ensure there is nothing left for Requiem to acquire.

    Valentina: Omega teams are en route to your position for evac, ETA two hours. Do try to stay alive until then. Valentina out.


    "Gorev's Disappointment" (Location: In the Pack-a-Punch building, top floor to the right of the machine.) - Gorev does not mince words when explaining to Peck his current predicament.


    Gorev: Hello, Peck. I have been informed to your current situation. Most unfortunate, especially for man with bright future.

    Gorev: I had big hopes for you. "An American in Moscow" -- like classic Hollywood movie, da? I was Gene Kelly, and you... well, you were the other one.

    Gorev: When I last spoke to you, I gave you simple task. Capture Maxis. Find the mole. Simple.

    Gorev: One week later and you have outdone yourself. You have destroyed your base. Gotten countless loyalists killed. But at least you learned who mole was, da?

    Gorev: But wait... This is not true. You did not find mole. You also lost most valuable intelligence asset, because you think it was smart idea to throw her into other fucking dimension!

    Gorev: Do not worry, Peck. Gorev is here now to clean up your mess. I will find your mole. For his sake, I hope he is dead. If he is not, he will soon wish he was.




    "Kuhlklay's Eye" (Location: Pulled from Kuklklay's body in the RAI K-84 quest in scorched defense.) - Biological remains of Dimitri Kuhlklay, Omega Group scientist.


    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-04 06-34-07.png


    "Ravenov ID Badge" (Location: Given to you by Ravenov after speaking with him in the quest.) - Ravenov's Omega ID badge. Grants access to restricted areas (as well as lockers and containers).


    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-06 10-17-06.pngCall of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-06 10-17-18.png


    "Agent Delivery System" (Location: Acquired after putting together Peck's truth serum in the quest.) - The Agent Delivery System was designed for mass dispersal of Peck's truth serum. As conscripts returned from the Dark Aether, their reports were often inconsistent or filled with impossibilities. In an effort to get accurate statements, Peck developed a special truth serum. While reports have noted that its hallucinogenic properties put users in an altered state, it has proven highly effective..


    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-06 10-19-28.png


    "Essence Trap" (Location: Acquired after using the truth serum on Peck and interacting with the Memory Transference Station in the quest.) - The Essence Trap and the Memory Transference Station were developed to recover the memories from individuals who had succumbed to their Aetherium infections. When deployed near an infected creature, the trap siphons any remaining memories from its former human self.


    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-06 10-21-46.png


    "Aethermeter" (Location: Acquired in the main quest from the locker near Peck.) - Developed by Omega Group, the Aethermeter is a scanner used by soldiers and conscripts sent into the Dark Aether to mine Aetherium. The Aethermeter was critical in locating fresh Aetherium crystals ready for harvesting.





    Season 2


    Audio Logs

     "Half Of The Reason" (Location: In the Scientist's Quarters in the village, under a bed.) - Kuhlklay meets with Valentina for a secret transaction.


    Valentina: Is this everything? Surely there is more.

    Kuhlklay: I assure you, Dr. Valentina, this is everything.

    Valentina: Research on membrane permutations? What about the particle distortion modules?

    Kuhlklay: Everything you need on targeted dimensional breaching is there.

    Valentina: Otlichno.

    Valentina: Have it delivered to this address.

    Kuhlklay: You are not taking it with you?

    Valentina: Is there a problem with my order?

    Kuhlklay: No, no, I just thought--

    Valentina: --thinking is a dangerous thing, is it not, comrade?

    Valentina: Have it delivered to the address. Make sure you are not discovered by Peck.

    Kuhlklay: Believe me. He is half of the reason I am doing this.

    Valentina: And other half?

    Kuhlklay: Why... for the good of the Motherland, of course.

    Valentina: Of course. For the Motherland.


    Radio Transmissions

     "The Colonel" (Location: In Peck's bedroom in the village.) - Omega Group's leader gives Peck one final chance to redeem himself.


    Kravchenko: Dr. Peck. Do not speak. I have no stomach for excuses. Just... listen.

    Kravchenko: Outpost 25 has fallen. You failed me. Ever meet anyone else who failed me? Nyet. They are all dead.

    Kravchenko: However, we are receiving your research. That is the only reason I am willing to... overlook your transgression. But you will make it up to me.

    Kravchenko: The Americans and their Requiem group post a threat to our operations. You get one more chance to keep us ahead of them. One.

    Kravchenko: And you will deliver.

    Kravchenko: Now, forget about Requiem. Gorev will handle them -- and their mole -- personally.

    Kravchenko: You will focus on your work. Give me something to show Moscow we are not wasting their resources.

    Kravchenko: Kravchenko out.



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