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    Maxis Intel

    Season 1

    Audio Logs

    "Not Who We Are" (Location: In the Scientist Quarters, on the top floor of the PaP building to the left. Shoot it on a ledge above you and pick up on the bottom floor.) - Maxis questions the motivations of her Omega Group contact, Ravenov.


    Ravenov: You received the files - Yes?

    Maxis: Yes. I received the files, but I have not reviewed them. My situation is... Changing.

    Ravenov: You are no longer with the BND?

    Maxis: Let's just say I am more of a free agent now. There are many spies and traitors within our National institutions.

    Ravenov: I understand.

    Maxis: Which leads me to wonder - Why are you a traitor? I have seen your record - A founding member of the KGB counter terrorist detachment, Alpha Group. You took part in operations across the globe - Central America, the Caribbean, Angola, Afghanistan.

    Ravenov: Yes, I am a loyal soldier of the Soviet Union. I have done questionable things - terrible things. But I am no traitor.

    Ravenov: If you knew who was running Omega - and I believe you already do - you would not even have to ask me that question. I am not a traitor to my country. Despite their slogans and mantras, Omega are not who we are.

    Maxis: Are you certain of that?

    Ravenov: Look at the files. Learn something of their 'work' - There you will find your answers as to why I am choosing to do what I am doing.

    Maxis: I will. Soon. Stay safe. You will hear from me again.


    "Workers Of The Worlds" (Location: In the room to the right of Quick Revive, just before the stairs.) - Maxis records a personal log, airing her deep concerns about Omega Group's plans.


    Maxis: I am troubled in ways I was not yesterday.

    Maxis: The information I have received from the Soviet informant has confirmed that Omega's plans are further advanced than even I had feared previously.

    Maxis: Omega's 'leader' clearly seeks to control the bridges between this... and the other world. He may well be succeeding.

    Maxis: Their internal propaganda claims to offer men the opportunity to become heroic explorers of a brave new frontier... Like the cosmonauts whose first journeys into space shocked the world.

    Maxis: Even if they had a 'choice', these men have little idea or understanding of the fate that awaits them. The horror laid out in the other documents makes clear the truth of their 'glorious contributions'.

    Maxis: They - like so many before them - are being used. They are miners at the coal face - stricken by blackened lungs - Not cosmonauts reaching for the stars.

    Maxis: Their bodies. Their minds. Their very souls. All of it will be ravaged in Omega's relentless pursuit to harness Aetherium.

    Maxis: Weaver must know of this...


    "Worse Than Baton Rouge" (Location: Inside a locker opened with Kuhlklay's key.) - Peck interrogates Maxis.


    Maxis: William Peck.

    Peck: Well, You're very perceptive Ms. Maxis. Even with the blindfold.

    Maxis: I thought I smelled bullshit as soon as the door opened, but no. It's just the cheap aftershave. It can't disguise the stink of your sweat.

    Peck: What can I say?

    Peck: This 'environment' is more humid than I would like. It's worse than Baton Rouge at the height of summer.

    Maxis: We're not here to discuss your sartorial failings. Let's get this over with.

    Peck: Over with? No, my dear. Nothing is ending any time soon. Not for you. Not for me.

    Peck: Besides the restraints on your wrists and ankles, you feel the electrodes on your body - yes? Of course you do. You're a smart girl.

    Peck: Who is your informant? Who told you of our work here? Who was it who dared betray me?

    Maxis: Does it bother you? Not having any friends?

    Peck: Friends are overrated. They can't pay the bills.

    Maxis: You do realize the Milgram experiment only showed how subservient people could be... When challenged by an authority figure.

    Peck: Any more smart comments to make?

    Maxis: Yeah... whose bitch are you?




    "Omega Portal Blueprint" (Location: Dropped from mimics or manglers.) - A schematic of Peck's masterpiece: the portal to the Dark Aether dimension. Annotated by Ravenov.



    OUTPOST 25


    [Omega has created a stable gateway to the other dimension. Blueprint is old - it is fully operational now! They are sending people through every day to gather resources.]



    Dimensional Travel is restricted to Omega Personnel only.

    [LIES! They are forcing civilians and POWs to do this!]

    After dimensional travel, personnel must undergo mandatory seven-day quarantine.

    [Another lie! If you come back alive, you go back next day!]

    Dimensional Travel limited to thirty minutes.

    [If you are in group, they will send you through for three hours.]

    Aetherium crystal collection restricted to 10kg.

    [If your group does not come back with minimum 20kg, you are sent back.]

    Medical evaluation required if traveler shows any symptoms of infection.

    [Medical evaluation only happens in extreme cases. If symptoms are minor no doctor for you.]



    - Aetherium Crystals

    - Biological Specimens

    - Botanical Specimens

    - Geological Specimens

    - Liquid Samples



    Dr. William Peck

    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-05 10-03-44.png


    "Omega Propaganda Poster" (Location: Dropped from mimics or manglers.) - A poster calling for volunteers to brave the new frontier of the Dark Aether dimension and secure the power of Aetherium for Mother Russia.











    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-05 10-02-51.png


    "Aetherium Effects Report" (Location: Dropped from mimics or manglers.) - Report from Kuhlklay on the side effects suffered by some miners from exposure to Aetherium.


    Marked 16 March of the year 1984


    RE: Physical effects of Aetherium mining

    AUTHOR: Dr. Dimitri Kuhlklay



    Almost 2 weeks have passed since civilian volunteers took over Aetherium mining duties from our Spetsnaz operators. Aetherium crystal collection is up 237%, but we have also confirmed prolonged exposure to the Dark Aether incurs a physical and mental toll. Preliminary findings as follows:


    Each miner who ventures into the Dark Aether is given a medical and psychiatric examination upon return. At present, completion rate is 76%, meaning a quarter of Aetherium miners sent through Dr. Peck's Omega Portal Chamber are lost and presumed dead. Those who return report having been in the Dark Aether much longer than their recorded absence. We began equipping them with chronometers and confirmed that time passes at a different rate in the Dark Aether than in our own dimension. We are now restricting exposure by shortening excursion duration. Dr. Peck is trying to determine the precise nature of this relativistic effect, but so far he has no answers to this mystery.


    The effects of Aetherium exposure vary greatly from individual to individual. Some miners return completely healthy. Others exhibit physical symptoms, especially for those who encounter Dark Aether creatures or consume food or drink from the other side. And yet we have operators who have made dozens of excursions and still show no sign of infection.


    One specific effect we are struggling with is memory corruption. Some Aetherium miners on prolonged or repeated excursions return with gaps in long-term memory. A few eventually forgot who they are or what they are doing. I have correlated the severity of this condition with increased Aetherium levels in blood and brain tissue, but the precise physiological mechanism of memory corruption remains elusive.


    Dr. Peck is currently working on a device to restore memories obscured by Aetherium contamination. Unfortunately, the link between exposure time and physical/mental deterioration leaves little hope of ever recovering those MIA Omega operators who initially carried out Aetherium mining and failed to return.


    Dr. Dimitri Kuhlklay

    Exoscientific Phenomena Research Asst. - Omega Group 


    "Aetherium Reactor Blueprints" (Location: Dropped from mimics or manglers.) - A schematic of Outpost 25's Aether Reactor. Annotated by Ravenov.





    [Entire base is run on new energy source. Kremlin believes it is energy of the future.]


    [New Omega Energy Source derived from Aetherium. Makes nuclear power look primitive.]



    Dr. William Peck



    Radio Transmissions

    "Code In" (Location: In the rocky defense area.) - Please answer. I know you are listening.


    Maxis: Code in.

    Maxis: I am alive. Yes. Still alive.

    Maxis: Hear me.

    Maxis: I really do hope that you can hear me.

    Maxis: Yes it is me.

    Maxis: Please answer. I know you are listening.

    Maxis: Code out.

    Maxis: I'm not worthless.

    Maxis: I'm not nothing.


    "Relentless" (Location: In the rocky defense area.) - I am here, and I have been waiting...


    Maxis: I don't know how long I've been waiting for an answer, but I haven't had one yet.

    Maxis: I know you are there. I know.

    Maxis: But I am here, and I have been waiting for a long time.

    Maxis: How long, I don't know. The days are blurred. The nights are relentless.

    Maxis: Is it a week? Is it a month? More?

    Maxis: It all seems so long ago.

    Maxis: Not too long ago.

    Maxis: I hope.


    "Monsters Are Real" (Location: In the rocky defense area.) - I hide in shadows.


    Maxis: Monsters are real.

    Maxis: I used to have nightmares about them and I told myself I was being foolish.

    Maxis: I was wrong.

    Maxis: I'm not scared. I have overcome much worse things.

    Maxis: I will take their power from them by using it.

    Maxis: Now. I hide in shadows. Like they did when I was a child.

    Maxis: I found shelter. I found food.

    Maxis: I do what I need to in order to survive.

    Maxis: Tomorrow will be a better day.

    Maxis: I will choose to believe that.


    "The Perpetual Night" (Location: In the rocky defense area.) - I want to get it out.


    Maxis: The perpetual night brings dark thoughts.

    Maxis: Inside me.

    Maxis: I want to get it out.

    Maxis: I don't understand why.

    Maxis: I am not spiteful.

    Maxis: I am...

    Maxis: Just.

    Maxis: I am.

    Maxis: Only me.


    "The Light Within" (Location: In the rocky defense area.) - It's always dark here.


    Maxis: I am sorry.

    Maxis: It's always dark here.

    Maxis: I used to worry that morning would never come.

    Maxis: But now, I choose to embrace the darkness...

    Maxis: To find the light within myself.

    Maxis: I am not a bad person.

    Maxis: I am a good soul.

    Maxis: I want to believe that.

    Maxis: I have to believe that.

    Maxis: I wish I could prove it.

    Maxis: Maybe I shouldn't?

    Maxis: Why do I care what they think of me?

    Maxis: I'm just sorry they do not really know me.


    "Blood On My Hands" (Location: In the rocky defense area.) - I have a knife. I do not remember where it came from.


    Maxis: When I opened my eyes. There was blood on my hands. I stared at it not knowing if it was mine.

    Maxis: Then I saw the bodies. Omega soldiers. They looked like victims of a frenzied attack. An attack that continued even after they were dead.

    Maxis: I have a knife. I do not remember where it came from.

    Maxis: I just want to go home.


    "A Bad Dream" (Location: In the rocky defense area.) - I am lost. Please find me.


    Maxis: This is a dream. A bad dream. It has to be.

    Maxis: That is what I tell myself. Even if it isn't true.

    Maxis: What is happening?

    Maxis: Why is it happening?

    Maxis: I don't know.

    Maxis: I don't know anything.

    Maxis: I am lost.

    Maxis: Please find me.

    Maxis: Please.



    Season 2


    Audio Logs

     "More Bad News" (Location: In the area beneath the OPC, near pipes.) - Ravenov warns of expanded Omega Group activities in Russia's Ural Mountains.


    Ravenov: It is not fun being on the run - But you know that better than anyone.

    Ravenov: I have news. Bad news.

    Ravenov: Omega's operations are expanding rapidly - in the way we feared most.

    Ravenov: We have noticed an uptick in activity deep in the Ural Mountains - More people coming in every day. There's talk of a... 'special operation'. 

    Ravenov: As I said. Bad news.


    Radio Transmissions

     "A Tangled Web" (Location: At the Rocky Defense Area.) - I have written these names, over and over...


    Maxis: I try to write it down.

    Maxis: But the words still escape me.

    Maxis: I see what I have written and I barely recognize it.

    Maxis: My name is Maxis, Samantha Maxis.

    Maxis: This, I know.

    Maxis: I was on a mission. I am still on a mission.

    Maxis: Ravenov.

    Maxis: Weaver.

    Maxis: I have written these names over and over.

    Maxis: They must be important.

    Maxis: But not as important as 'Endstation'.

    Maxis: What a tangled web.

    Maxis: I know I seek requiem.

    Maxis: Solace.

    Maxis: Peace.

    Maxis: I pray that they are the same thing.

    "I Made A Promise" (Location: At the Rocky Defense Area.) - I wish I could have kept you safe.


    Maxis: I don't know how or why, but I am remembering.

    Maxis: I was angry before and I am so sorry.

    Maxis: That wasn't me. If it was - It really wasn't who I wanted to be.

    Maxis: I made a promise.

    Maxis: A promise I couldn't keep.

    Maxis: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I wish I could have kept you safe.

    Maxis: I didn't.

    Maxis: Maybe that anger made me do things.

    Maxis: Things I wish I hadn't done.

    Maxis: I may regret some -- but others, others I meant to do.

    Maxis: Peck... Peck... Peck. *spits*

    Maxis: He deserves whatever damnation I have brought upon him.

    Maxis: I hope he burns...

    Maxis: In a Hell worse than mine.



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