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    Tank Dempsey


    "That little girl is a real pain in the ass." - box_move_2
    "Yo, she-bitch. FUCK YOU!" - box_move_3
    "Yup, giant meteor on top of the temple. Must've fallen there. In retrospect, that seems kinda obvious." - meteor_see_1
    "Richtofen keeps telling me he wants to put that meteor in his pocket. Heh, like that could happen." - meteor_see_2
    "Hey, does anyone else hear that singing?" - mine_ride_0
    "Hearing kids singin' like that always gives me the heeby jeebies, especially when there's no kids anywhere." - mine_ride_1
    "Ugh, creepy." - mine_ride_2
    "Got a flamer for ya Richtofen." - napalm_spawn_0
    "I've got your ticket off planet Earth maggots, congratulations!" - ohshit_5
    "I'm gonna die someday, but your day is today!" - ohshit_11
    "Sorry freakbags, I'm taken already!" - ohshit_15
    "There's a crystal embedded in the mountain isn't that the thingy that we need?" - quest_step3_0
    "Ah, that smells like the potty corner of that closet we were stuck in." - quest_step4_0
    "Holy hell that was cool! The meteor shrunk and fell into that chamber!" - quest_step8_4
    "Got it! Sure glad it isn't unstable." - quest_step8_6 (after picking up Focusing Stone)
    "Uh, that looks a little like Richtofen doesn't it. Odd." - quest_step8_9
    "Nice sig Richtofen, when the hell did you have time to do that?" - quest_step8_10
    "Richtofen has that Golden Rod, I wonder what he's up to." - rod_0
    "I wish my monkey were here to enjoy this with me!" - sickle_2
    "Yo bonejaws, time to meet your maker. I mean the first maker, not Richtofen, know what I mean? Ah, die time!" - wpck_mg_5
    "Hey Richtofen, your mum says hello." - wpck_monkey_4
    "Ray, buddy, how ya been? I've been traveling through time and kickin' ass!" - wpck_raygun_5
    "Ancient temples, Russian cosmodromes, being stuck in a dark closet with Richtofen. Ugh, what an adventure." - wpck_upgrade_wait_0
    "Sure was nice to hear the sound of a woman, too bad I couldn't see who it was, heh could've been someone famous. Nah." - wpck_upgrade_wait_1
    "Richtofen is scheming something big, as usual. And I bet it's no good for the rest of us... Better keep an eye on him." - wpck_upgrade_wait_3
    "Wonder why Richtofen is acting so stranger lately. Wait, did I say that right?" - wpck_upgrade_wait_4


    Nikolai Belinski


    "Well I am used to shooting blanks, but this is not good... Like third wife." - ammo_low_2
    "That is one fucking creepy teddy bear, like second wife." - box_move_0
    "Stop it, I just got these boots." - crawler_hit_1
    "My sister is more dangerous than you!" - kill_damaged_0
    "How dare you touch Nikolai! I just bathed for first time!" - kill_damaged_1
    "Suck on these energy balls!" - kill_raygun_1
    "Oh looky there, it's a big rock!" - meteor_see_0
    "Just like Tunguska, only smaller, less destructive. Actually, it's totally different, not like Tunguska at all. Fuck you." - meteor_see_1
    "Hey when did that get there?" - meteor_see_2
    "A mine cart. I've always wanted to be an explorer, ever since I was a mini Cossack." - mine_see_1
    "Twice the shots! Could've helped me with second wife." - perk_doubletap_0
    "If I only had this during my fifth marriage." - powerup_insta_2
    "Why is there a crystal in the mountain?" - quest_step3_0
    "Hey, what's this rock do? Ooh, I feel very powerful." - quest_step8_7 (after picking up Focusing Stone)
    "That statue looks a little familiar, no?" - quest_step8_9
    "How did Richtofen's signature get there?" - quest_step8_10
    "You could not hit my fourth wife's ass with that aim!" - riv_resp_kill_headshot_4
    "I noticed that Richtofen has a rod in his pocket, he is up to something good... I think." - rod_0
    "Wheee! I feel like little boy again, except no vodka." - slide_0
    "I have been wearing same pair of underwear for two years now. Oh, and power's out." - start_2
    "I got out of bed today for this?! Time for nap." - crappy_4
    "Do I have to listen to that song again? It haunts my dreams!" - wpck_monkey_3
    "Because of fourth wife, I like pump-action best." - wpck_shotgun_2
    "Such seductive power, like fourth wife, only prettier... and sleeker... and quieter." - wpck_upgrade_0
    "What the hell is that golden rod Richtofen keeps stroking? I don't trust that man... I think he has issue." - wpck_upgrade_wait_1


    Takeo Masaki


    "Need to find more bullets like yesterday!" - ammo_out_4
    "Ooh, I will have your head for this, child!" - box_move_0
    "That girls laugh will be the death of me!" - box_move_1
    "Burn in Hell you stuffed, fuzzy demon!" - box_move_2
    "Your souls have been released!" - kill_explosive_3
    "It reminds me of the Shiraito Falls at Mount Fuji." - location_waterfall_1
    "I once cured man under waterfall... Was a good day." - location_waterfall_2
    "Giant rock on temple, looks like a meteor of Element 115. And it is big-sauce." - meteor_see_0
    "Bad funkshway." - meteor_see_1
    "Rock falls from heaven, scattering all before me... Hope my house, not hit." - meteor_see_2
    "What is the singing? Niki, is that you?" - mine_ride_2
    "It's no Lunar Lander, but it will suffice." - mine_see_1
    "When was last time this was used?" - mine_see_2
    "The crystal of honor is rising from the ashes of this ancient race." - quest_step5_3
    "Sculpting was a good past-time for me long ago." - quest_step6_3
    "Why does that statue resemble Richtofen?" - quest8_9
    "Nice signature Doctor." - quest_8_10
    "The Seven Kingdoms of Heaven were not pretty for a warrior such as I." - revive_up_3
    "Monkey Bomb? Seven Hells Nikolai, I hate you!" - riv_resp_monkey_2
    "We have arrived at the ancient temple that needs power turned on... Highly suspect." - start_1
    "Richtofen is scheming something... I think he's collecting tools for some purpose." - wpck_upgrade_wait_0
    "Dempsey is waking up, slowly but surely. Maybe he will remember someday." - wpck_upgrade_wait_1
    "Niki. Oh poor, drunk Niki. Your honor has been washed away." - wpck_upgrade_wait_2


    Dr. Edward Richtofen


    "Child, you think will stop The Doctor?" - box_move_4
    "I am coming for you Maxis!" - down_revive_4
    "Keep it away from Sam, Nikolai!" - hr_resp_monkey_2
    "Back to Hell!" - kill_insta_4
    "I need to craft wings for you!" - kill_shrunken_1
    "That's the concentrated element that I need for my project, but how do I get it all?" - meteor_see_0
    "I giant piece of 115 happened to fall exactly on top of this temple. How is that possible?" - meteor_see_1
    "I will put that rock in my pocket, in my pocket with the spleens!" - meteor_see_2
    "The voices... AH! The voices!" - mine_ride_2
    "Reminds me of my childhood. Stop talking to me!" - mine_see_1
    "I was conceived in a mine cart... or was it in a lab?" - mine_see_2
    "By the flames of the damned!" - napalm_kill_0
    "By the flames of the eternal pit, a Fire Zombie!" - napalm_spawn_0
    "What mutation would cause a Fire Zombie?" - napalm_spawn_2
    "The voices make me do it! Ahaha!" - ohshit_5
    "Surrounded by zombies again, just like my lab!" - ohshit_8
    "The voices. The voices!" - powerup_ammo_0
    "And a crystal arises." - quest_step1_8
    "I hear a crystal rising!" - quest_step2_4
    "There's a crystal in the mountain, that doesn't seem right." - quest_step3_0
    "Boom goes the crystal!" - quest_step3_1
    "They are all resonating! That would amplify the wavelengths significantly!" - quest_step8_2
    "The wavelength is amplified, the meteor will be mine!" - quest_step8_4
    "I saw a light, like the Fuhrer's flashlight." - revive_up_0
    "The voices! They're so loud!" - revive_up_3
    "I have the Golden Rod, now I just need the Focusing Stone, but how do I get it?" - rod_0
    "The voices are SILENT!" - sonic_dmg_4
    "We have arrived. This is the place we're supposed to be. Oh, and we need to turn on the power." - start_3
    "Hello? We are here. Now to make it to the switch to start the fun." - start_4
    "One for each voice in my head. Ahaha." - wpck_dual_1
    "It is a little gun, but has a long barrel, like my college roommate." - wpck_favorite_4
    "Mother said I shouldn't play with dolls... or myself, but I don't always do what mother likes." - wpck_shrink_3
    "I knew Maxis was working on such a device, but I had no idea he was successful." - wpck_shrink_4 
    "Now we go back to the lab my pretty." - wpck_smg_1
    "This temple looks very familiar to me, I especially like the large, decorative rocks. Haha, and the view is simply wonderful." - wpck_upgrade_wait_0
    "That archaeologist is a very strange man. I do not see how he could have made it this far." - wpck_upgrade_wait_4
    "Oh I do like the look of this temple, the layout is so perfect for killing." - wpck_upgrade_7
    "Fascinating. And look, there is a giant meteor on top of the temple. I must have it in my pockets." - egg_skit_travel_1_3
    "A time traveling temple, of course!" - egg_skit_travel_2_2
    "What a glorious eclipse!" - egg_skit_travel_4b_0
    "Perhaps we should wander around and find that strange man, and his servant." - egg_skit_travel_4b_2
    "What genius could build such a magnificent structure?" - egg_skit_travel_5_0


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