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    Tank Dempsey


    "Dempsey, I think you're improving with age." - kill_headshot_2
    "Dude, you know what I'd grow if I had a room like this? Hahaha." - location_biodome_3
    "Hey, check it out, there's a black egg. Wonder what it does." - quest_step2_0
    "Take that egg!" - quest_step2_1
    "So you're the little bitch that keeps moving that box on me. I promised I'd ground you when I caught you, just wait til I get you out of that tube!" - quest_step4_4
    "Uh, I don't know how to use this. Ask Richtofen, I think he built this place." - quest_step5_11
    "Uh, that's it? Seriously? All that work and all we did was blow up the Earth? What the fuck." - quest_step8_9
    "Let's rock this party like it's 1946!" - revive_up_2
    "Richtofen just can't get enough worship." - riv_resp_spawn_crawl_1
    "Samantha, Queen of Carnage!" - s_resp_kill_headshot_1
    "Ya know you never helped us much, why should we help you?" - s_resp_ohshit_1
    "Why did Richtofen bring us here?" - start_0
    "Ah, home sweet home." - start_1
    "Nevada, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous." - start_2
    "Why they call this place Paradise Ranch is beyond me, the desert sucks!" - start_3
    "Wish I could use Tak’s katana, must just be there for decoration right?" - wpck_bowie_1
    "I'm gonna buy one of these for my five year-old once this shit's over." - wpck_favorite_3
    "My own personal pocket teleporter, sweet." - wpck_gersh_device_3
    "I hate Dick-tofen. That guy's gonna get what's comin' to him, one of these days anyway." - wpck_upgrade_wait_2
    "Takeo has changed a bit since we first met, I'm probably rubbin' off on him some." - wpck_upgrade_wait_3


    Nikolai Belinski


    "Gah! I just washed my hair zombie, once a year!" - kill_close_0
    "This thing sucks harder than sixth wife!" - kill_gersh_device_4
    "Ahaha you're much cuter now zombie, like seventh wife." - kill_headshot_6
    "Ooh the electricity dancing on their corpses is so beautiful, like second wife." - kill_micro_dual_2
    "Wow he just swelled up and exploded, just like little Nikolai." - kill_micro_single_1
    "Shouldn't have kept them in that extra 30 seconds, like fourth wife... Ugly kid." - kill_micro_single_3
    "Smells like third wife's cooking... I loved it!" - kill_quad_1
    "Killed by the same magic that spawned you Hellpig!" - kill_raygun_4
    "Nikolai enjoys the slaughter, almost as much as my second wife." - kill_streak_8
    "Ooh I feel like young Nikolai again, then I get beaten from father." - perk_jugga_0
    "Thank god I can go home and tell seventh wife I now make double points... and about new girlfriend." - powerup_double_0
    "There is rotten egg on Moon? I thought it was made out of cheese." - quest_step2_0
    "Do not hit it to hard, a black egg does not smell so good." - quest_step2_3
    "Is she suspended in vodka? Pickled bitch, you cause so much headache!" - quest_step4_4
    "So that's what he wanted to do... I probably should have seen that coming." - quest_step6_13
    "Oh no, not that egg again!" - quest_step8_0
    "Uh, is it just me or did we blow up Earth?" - quest_step8_7
    "Haha! Goodbye wife number nine! I do not think I'll be able to top that one, she died when I blew up the Earth! Fun times! I will miss her..." - quest_step8_9
    "Wow! I can be space-man cosmonaut, like little Nikolai always dream of, right?" - teleporter_1
    "I have finally made it to the Moon. You were wrong fourth wife, you were wrong!" - teleporter_4
    "Sexy weapon for sexy Russian. Most women think so at least, fourth wife not so much." - wpck_favorite_5
    "It's been a while since I've had a chance to.. ehem, 'oscillate'." - wpck_favorite_upgrade_1
    "Hey, ray, remember when we first met? Times were different, no?" - wpck_raygun_1
    "Strong and powerful, like fourth wife. No, they were all big... They could plow field." - wpck_smg_4
    "I don't know what Richtofen's up to, but it cannot be good for me." - wpck_upgrade_wait_1


    Takeo Masaki


    "Bring me ammo, or bring me an honourable death." - ammo_low_2

    "Money wasted" - box_move_3

    "I will find you again box! And there will be a reckoning" - box_move_4

    "An egg of the Devil" - quest_step2_0

    "Your lifeforce is not put to good use in the machine" - quest_step4_0

    "The machine is filled with the dishonour of the dishonourable" - quest_step4_2

    "I will destroy you yet, Edward" - quest_step6_13

    "Ah, the egg of dishonour, bah" - quest_step8_0

    "I do not like this egg, it gives me a very bad feeling" - quest_step8_1

    "I promise to destroy every last remnant of 935! I will destroy them all!" - quest_step8_9


    Dr. Edward Richtofen


    "Your time will come to an end, little girl." - box_move_2
    "Nein! Death is not my destiny!" - down_revive_4
    "Tell that little brat I am coming for her!" - kill_gersh_device_1
    "Oh my, what have they done here?" - location_biodome_0
    "They never did finish my little cabin in the biodome." - location_biodome_2
    "My patience is at an end. You, were my patience (patients). Ahahah!" - ohshit_3
    "Nothing happened, at least in this reality." - powerup_antipts_plr_1
    "The voices! Make them stop!" - powerup_antipts_plr_2
    "The voices in my head, they scream!" - powerup_insta_0
    "Stop talking to me. Lalalalalalala." - powerup_insta_1
    "Damn it I hate doing this, where is Groph when you need him." - quest_step1_0
    "Ooh wonderful, I was wondering where that artifact went. Perfect timing" - quest_step2_0
    "I knew I should have invented an egg moving robot. Stupid Maxis with his rules and stupid accent." - quest_step2_4
    "Now to realign the Antikythera Mechanism. Just kidding, but it is pretty cool, look it up. I made it, mystery solved." - quest_step2_6
    "Of course! The machine is powered by life force. How silly, I should have remembered that!" - quest_step4_0
    "Child, soon I will kill you for good. But first, there is one more thing that I must do. HAHAHAHA!!!" - quest_step4_4
    "Ah good, the plate I was looking for." - quest_step5_1
    "Now where did I put the Casimir holder?" - quest_step5_3
    "We need to connect the Casimir Mechanism to the computer system." - quest_step5_6
    "The Casimir Effect only occurs when there is a vacuum." - quest_step5_10
    "Login: teddy. Password: isaliar. I'm not, but that's why no one would guess it!" - quest_step5_12
    "What is it with Groph's obsession with American women, all they do is play games! No matter, time to charge up the Casimir Mechanism. Carry the one..." - quest_step5_14
    "Maxis, how on Earth did you get into the machine? No matter." - quest_step5_19
    "You should never have kept the DG-2 from production, you should never have tried to steal the plans for the MDT!" - quest_step5_21
    "Indeed, and now you are dead. Your little girl is going to be next! She is the source of madness, not I." - quest_step5_23
    "And delete. Goodbye, Doctor Maxis." - quest_step5_25
    "I will kill you yet, Fluffy." - spawn_dog_3
    "Another reminder of Maxis' failure! Hahahaha!" - spawn_quad_3
    "This will draw the samples I need." - wpck_favorite_2
    "Ah Gersh, the builder of the Casimir Mechanism prototype. I will show you how to build a real one." - wpck_gersh_device_0
    "Dr. Gersh, he would have fit into my project had he been born earlier." - wpck_gersh_device_4
    "This V-R11 shall yield to me all their secrets." - wpck_hacker_2
    "The stole this from me!" - wpck_quantum_1
    "Now to use this to blast a hole in space-time and... what was I saying?" - wpck_quantum_2
    "Aha! Never again will my creations be used against me." - wpck_quantum_3


    Dr. Ludwig Maxis


    "Hahahahahahahaha!" - vox_xcomp_laugh
    "Access denied, Richtofen." - vox_xcomp_quest_step5_15
    "You fool! I should never have trusted you!" - vox_xcomp_quest_step5_18
    "I know what you are up to, and I will not allow you to succeed." - vox_xcomp_quest_step5_20
    "Stop the madness, Edward. We were supposed to help the human condition, not destroy it." - vox_xcomp_quest_step5_22
    "She is just a little girl, Edward! She doesn't even know what she's doing." - vox_xcomp_quest_step5_24
    "Greetings. If you are receiving this message, it means that Richtofen has entered the device. If you free me, I will help you minimize the damage that he will inevitably cause." - 
    "Good. Now that I am in control of the station, we have one last chance to sever Edwards link with Earth. I will calculate the position, retrieve the artifact, and take it to the launch platform." - vox_xcomp_quest_step7_5
    "I have finished the calculations, launch protocol initiated. Launch in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1." - vox_xcomp_quest_step8_4
    "30 seconds to impact." - vox_xcomp_quest_step8_5
    "Well, that was a much larger explosion than I anticipated. I have done all I can, I certainly hope those calculations were correct." - vox_xcomp_quest_step8_


    Samantha Maxis


    "Feed the Aether" - kill_gersch_device_2

    "Tell Edward to die!" - kill_gersch_device_3

    "You will never succeed in this, Edward!" (with demonic voice)- quest_step6_1

    "The blackness will swallow your pride! Something far more terrible than you can imagine lays here" (with demonic voice)- quest_step6_1a

    "I will destroy you for what you've done to daddy!" (with demonic voice)- quest_step6_2

    "This must be the artifact daddy was talking about- quest_step8


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