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    Tank Dempsey


    "You keep on laughin' little girl, when I find you you're grounded!" - box_move_0
    "Looks like part of the meteor." - egg_pedastool_0
    "Ah, a tale of two Dempsey's.  Starts slow, but has a happy ending." - egg_port_Dempsey_0
    "Hey, look, it's nobody!" - egg_port_empty_0
    "Droppin' zombies since 1945! Hoorah." - kill_streak_11
    "I think I just sent that thing back to 1946!" - kill_thunder_3
    "Oh yeah, Devil man!" - powerup_insta_2
    "Holy mother of Lucas and Aaron, that was disgusting! - rare_0
    "St. Deborah's drawers, that there's some bad goop! - rare_1
    "Jeremy's junk, that stunk!" - rare_2
    "That was sadder than the Ballad of Brandon's butthole." - rare_3
    "Wait, I'm not turnin' now am I?" - revive_up_1
    "Well, I see the future hasn't changed anything. Fucking box." - wpck_crappy_0
    "Element 115, concentrated into a single beam of pure badassery! Wait, how the hell do I know that?" - wpck_tesla_5
    "I'm gonna rock 'em like Thor!" - wpck_thunder_


    Nikolai Belinski


    "This little girl and her games, it's a sign of bad parenting." - box_move_0
    "First it takes my money then it disappears, just like my fourth wife." - box_move_3
    "Richtofen looks a little younger in this painting." - egg_port_richtofan_0
    "Good shooting Tank, next wide I call you." - hr_resp_kill_headshot_3
    "I like your monkey Dempsey, but not that little monster." - hr_resp_wpck_monkey_4
    "Ugh that smells disgusting, like my fourth wife! She pretty though... Pretty and smelly. Weird combo." - kill_quad_4
    "Electrocution, just like the Gulag! What fun, good times." - kill_tesla_2
    "Richtofen, your children are becoming annoying." - ohshit_9
    "My little sister shoots better than you Takeo." - riv_resp_kill_headshot_3
    "I will stab them in the back, like Stalin did me." - wpck_bowie_0
    "Dah, same weapon I used to kill my, oh, no, that was something else. I used iron." - wpck_flame_3
    "This must come from outer space, no?" - wpck_raygun_2
    "Must've drank so much I went to the future, haha." - wpck_raygun_3
    "Such pride, such power, must be Russian made." - wpck_thunder_


    Takeo Masaki


    "The box is no longer here! Maybe it never was.." - box_move_1
    "I found another rock. Maybe they stole this from Japan..." - egg_pedastool_1
    "Maybe what was is no more, but shall be again!" - egg_port_empty_0
    "Did you make that too, Doctor?" - hr_resp_wpck_monkey_0
    "I will rid the Earth of this plague!" - kill_quad_2
    "Oh that thing can not ever have been human!" - kill_quad_3
    "Back to nothing with you!" - kill_quad_4
    "Your soul will not survive this!" - kill_ray_0
    "I will not stop until you are all destroyed!" - kill_streak_1
    "Return to darkness!" - kill_streak_2
    "The divine wind carries you away." - kill_tesla_2
    "That creature is possessed!" - spawn_crawl_1
    "Hell has sent its hounds!" - spawn_dog_1
    "We need to bring light to this dark place." - level_start_4
    "Ah, blessings come from above!" - powerup_ammo_0
    "The spirits come to aid us!" - powerup_ammo_1
    "I have fallen into darkness!" - revive_down_1
    "That creature is possessed!" - spawn_crawl_


    Dr. Edward Richtofen


    "Samantha. Samantha, where have you run off to?" - box_move_1
    "That dreadful little girl continues to make my life difficult." - box_move_3
    "Samantha, didn't I teach you a lesson about this?" - box_move_4
    "I found a piece of the meteor!" - egg_pedastool_0
    "I found another rock, maybe they stole this from Japan?" - egg_pedastool_1
    "This one didn't photograph so well..." - egg_port_empty_0
    "Dr. Maxis almost had his undead army, if only he could have broken the trust barrier." egg_room_dress_0
    "I wonder if we can find any of the training videos anywhere?" - egg_room_lounge_0
    "Those seats, the screen. They wanted to implant the mind with instructions!" - egg_room_screen_0
    "You can take the Illuminati up on their offer, no?" - hr_resp_kill_headshot_1
    "Do you hear him talking to you Nikolai?" - hr_resp_wpck_monkey_4
    "Perhaps I can save its appendix..." - kill_crawler_4
    "Take them back Samantha!" - kill_hellhound_4
    "You have all been fooled, just like Peter! Ahahaha!" - kill_monkey_0
    "You must've heard the voices that time?" - kill_monkey_4
    "Transmutant, into nothing!" - kill_ray_3
    "Feel the power of the element!" - kill_tesla_3
    "Mother, is that you? You mustn't tell anyone!!" - kill_tesla_4
    "Oh what I wouldn't give to feel that kind of power." - kill_tesla_5
    "The force of nature at my fingertips!" - kill_thunder_1
    "I can't be sure but I think the active ingredient rots your mind." - perk_speed_0
    "A gift from Sam? But why?!" - powerup_ammo_0
    "Sounds like the handy work of the Mason's." - powerup_carp_3
    "I will please you now... The voices!" 
    - powerup_insta_0
    "Help me, they are displeased!" - revive_down_0
    "No, no, I'm not ready for Hell! I don't even have my good shoes!" - revive_down_3
    "Mommy said not to hurt animals anymore." - spawn_dog_2
    "My poor little accidents, stay away!" - spawn_dog_4
    "These must have been the failed experiment Maxis mentioned." - spawn_quad_3
    "I don't know who Jim Bowie was, but he must've been big and long and sharp." - wpck_bowie_4
    "Of course they still have the best weapon ever made here!" - wpck_favorite_0
    "You remind me of patient 13225, only you make less noise when I stick things in you." - wpck_monkey_1
    "I can save vials of their blood for later." - wpck_mg_2
    "The Illuminati will never get their hands on me again!" - wpck_raygun_2
    "What?! The voices are louder!" - wpck_smg_3
    "Their kidney's will be all mine, but not for you Dempsey!" - wpck_sniper_1
    "Ooh the element of power!" - wpck_tesla_2
    "Could it be, the DG-3?!" - wpck_thunder_0
    "So this is what Maxis was keeping secret..." - wpck_thunder_1
    "I've got something you need, demons!" - wpck_thunder_3
    "I will be the Lord of this wasteland!" - wpck_thunder_4
    "Can it be, the DG-3? The DG-3 that's just for me? Ahaha, hahaha." - wpck_thunder_5
    "So many gears, such German ingenuity!" - wpck_upgrade_wait


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