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    John F. Kennedy


    "This is not a contribution to the human spirit." - box_move_3
    "Stick that in your Warren Commission, Dick!" - kill_close_3
    "Executive Order 112477. Die!" - kill_crawler_0
    "Ich bein ien Berliner!" - kill_damaged_2
    "Back to the Stone Age, bubbas!" - kill_explo_4
    "To the Moon with you hellion!" - kill_headshot_1
    "Mankind must put an end to the undead, before the undead put an end to mankind!" - kill_headshot_4
    "Ahaha, winning the Space Race now!" - kill_ray_1
    "Ah, just like back in Roswell!" - kill_ray_4
    "Just like the Solomon Isles!" - kill_streak_1
    "I know there is a Devil, for I see a storm coming and his hand is in it!" - kill_streak_14
    "Worthy of Ben Franklin." - kill_tesla_2
    "Builds faster than a Communist building a wall." - powerup_carp_0
    "I'm coming for them, and Hell's coming with me." - wpck_favorite_upgrade_2
    "Time to deanimate the reanimated." - wpck_favorite_upgrade_3
    "Time for a Zombie Missile Crisis!" - wpck_launcher_2
    "Uh, whoever invented this must be insane." - wpck_monkey_0
    "Ancient weapons are no substitute for a Ray Gun at your side." - wpck_raygun_0


    Robert McNamara


    "Show them why you won in 1960!" - vox_plr_1_hr_resp_ohshit_4
    "Show us your insides, Devil!" - vox_plr_1_kill_explo_0
    "Shock therapy works every time." - vox_plr_1_kill_tesla_1
    "130,000 miles per hour, 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, a truly effective weapon." vox_plr_1_kill_tesla_4
    "Double-Tap; increases rate of fire by 30%. Execute." - vox_plr_1_perk_doubletap_0
    "Where have I seen this gun before?" - vox_plr_1_wpck_raygun_4


    Richard Nixon


    "Lenin would be pleased." - hr_resp_kill_headshot_4
    "Hahaha, I am closer to heaven than ever before!" - vox_plr_3_kill_close_4
    "Not even Dante can describe the Hell you've seen." - vox_plr_3_kill_monkey_1
    "This weapon can move worlds!" kill_ray_4
    "If it takes months, every one of these hell-spawns will burn!" - kill_streak_1
    "If only I had this at the Bay of Pigs!" - wpck_raygun_1
    "This gun arouses my spirit!" - wpck_thunder_0


    Fidel Castro


    "I wonder if this is covered by the Second Amendment." - kill_thunder_4
    "President Nixon is not part of a complete breakfast." - ohshit_0
    "I knew it! The aliens are real!" - wpck_raygun_0
    "Where was this made? I don't trust." - wpck_raygun_3


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