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    Tank Dempsey


    "Hey little girl, I'm comin' for ya!" - box_move_1
    "Finally. Ah, how do we open a portal?" - cosmo_egg_5
    "We did your portal already and now you want more power?! Blow." - cosmo_egg_6
    "Say hello to Sam for me!" - kill_gersh_device_2
    "Die you undead Space Monkey!" - kill_space_monkey_0
    "That creepy little girl has a weird sense of humor." - powerup_firesale_2
    "Say hello to Sam for me!" - teleport_gersh_device_2
    "Skullcrusher, that's what they used to call me back home!" - wpck_upgrade_favorite_0
    "Who would've thought a little girl could cause so much trouble." - wpck_upgrade_wait_3
    "Richtofen... I don't like him. I think I've seen him before Shi No Numa but, I can't quite remember. In fact, I can't remember much at all from before." - wpck_upgrade_wait_4


    Nikolai Belinski


    "Guess I'll have to use my bare hands, like with my fourth wife... Always taking." - ammo_low_2
    "You are like third wife, always asking for more." - cosmo_egg_6
    "Like my first wife; useless." - wpck_crappy_2
    "I have sister who used to make these... She's bitch." - wpck_dolls_4
    "This brings back memories, only I forgot what they were." - wpck_favorite_upgrade_4
    "I have black hole... Like my third wife. We won't talk about that." - wpck_gersh_device_4
    "I used this to kill a bar once... She was my first wife." - wpck_shotgun_1
    "Ah, a sickle is a perfect weapon, for a Russian farmer!" - wpck_sickle_0
    "Dempsey, I like him because he's brave, like third wife. He's going to die one day, but he'll take many with him... Like fourth wife." - wpck_upgrade_wait_1
    "Takeo, he is quiet, that makes me suspicious... and thirsty. He's up to something, like playing with that evil stuffed monkey." - wpck_upgrade_wait_2
    "Richtofen, I don't know why he likes me so much, maybe he's trying for a free drink heh. I don't give free drinks." - wpck_upgrade_wait_3


    Takeo Masaki


    "To Hell, you box!" - box_move_0
    "That dark-hearted bear has frayed my last nerve!" - box_move_4
    "I hope you, in turn, free someone else who needs it." - cosmo_egg_9
    "What once was, is no longer!" - kill_gersh_device_1


    Dr. Edward Richtofen


    "Usually the voices sound so angry!" - cosmo_egg_0
    "I wonder if we should be helping this... thing." - cosmo_egg_1
    "Fascinating, this Casimir Mechanism is so intriguing." - cosmo_egg_2
    "Casimir? Could this be related to Hendrik's work?" - cosmo_egg_4
    "There is so much power here already, and you need more?! I like the way you think." - cosmo_egg_6
    "Oh I hate it when that happens before I'm done!" - cosmo_egg_7
    "1.21 GIGAWATTS! Where have I heard that before?" - cosmo_egg_8
    "Fascinating, a dimensional rift. Goodbye Gersch, it would've been good to know you!" - cosmo_egg_9
    "I will be coming soon Nikolai! Oh so soon." - hr_resp_ohshit_3
    "Your gift of creation is almost as good as mine!" - hr_resp_spawn_crawl_2
    "I think it's saying something. The voices!" - hr_resp_spawn_crawl_4
    "I do the dissections around here!" - kill_damaged_2
    "Ich bin ein DEATH!" (I am DEATH!) - kill_explo_2
    "Aveal zen my children! - kill_gersh_device_2
    "They're all disappearing into the black hole. Sad." - kill_gersh_device_3
    "I harvested your soul!" - kill_sickle_2
    "Look at the tail! I want the tail!" - kill_space_monkey_4
    "If given enough time I could create a generator from spare parts, why is it black and white now?" - level_start_1
    "Where does this man with a hammer hide?" - powerup_carp_2
    "Yeah, yeah! Send me more patients!" - powerup_insta_2
    "Ah marvelous, I teleported." - teleport_gersh_device_0
    "An instant handheld teleporter, Gersh the genius!" - teleport_gersh_device_1
    "If only they could have perfected that so you knew where you'd end up." - teleport_gersh_device_3
    "Oho, ah, that makes my stomach feel fuzzy!" - teleport_gersh_device_4
    "I used to crush these when I was a child to hear my sister cry in anguish." - wpck_dolls_2
    "Mother never let me play with dolls. Now, they are mine!" - wpck_dolls_3
    "Why is there no Richtofen Device?" - wpck_gersh_device_1
    "This future is such an interesting place." - wpck_gersh_device_2
    "A black hole, at my will? Haha, joy!" - wpck_gersh_device_3
    "Nothing is better than a personal black hole." - wpck_gersh_device_4
    "Just like my favorite instrument in my lab!" - wpck_sickle_0
    "How does a Russian make such a long, powerful weapon?" - wcpk_thunder_1
    "I've always disliked Dempsey. He's just a meat head, nothing's changed no matter how often we did it." - wcpk_upgrade_wait_0
    "Nikolai, maybe it was his drinking that made it take so well, or maybe what we did gave him his drinking problem. Oh well." - wcpk_upgrade_wait_1\
    "Takeo has always been so quiet. For some reason, no matter the pain, he was always so respectful. I hate that." - wcpk_upgrade_wait_2
    "The voices, dah! Leave me alone!" - wcpk_upgrade_wait_7




    "Please, help me, she's coming.  The mechanism, it must be repaired." - egggame_start_0
    "*inaudible* No!  Stop it!" - egggame_egg1_0
    "You've done it.  Now, it needs as much power as possible.  Hurry, she's getting nearer!" - egggame_egg1p1_0
    "There needs to be more concentrated power for this to work!" - egggame_egg2_0
    "Yes!  YES!  Almost there.  Hurry, she's coming!  *inaudible*!!" - egggame_egg3_0
    "The Casimir Mechanism is active!  Quickly, open the portal!" - egggame_egg4_0
    "I can see the outline, but there isn't enough power!" - egggame_egg5c_0
    "No!  So close, keep trying!" - egggame_egg51_0
    "Oh yes, I'm free.  I cannot thank you enough for releasing me from that, that horrible place." - egggame_egg6_0


    Computer System


    "Stage 3 initiation complete, lunar protocol online." - vox_ann_after_launch_
    "Warning: Centrifuge malfunction.  Please follow all posted safety regulations." - vox_ann_centrifuge_spins_
    "Warning: Centrifuge activation in progress." - vox_ann_centrifuge_spins_1
    "One." - vox_ann_countdown_1
    "Two." - vox_ann_countdown_2
    "Three." - vox_ann_countdown_3
    "Four." - vox_ann_countdown_4
    "Five." - vox_ann_countdown_5
    "Casimir Mechanism activation in progress.  Error.  No power detected." - vox_ann_egg1_success_
    "Power rerouted to Casimir Mechanism.  Node 1 activated." - vox_ann_egg2_success_
    "Power rerouted to Casimir Mechanism.  Node 2 activated." - vox_ann_egg3_success_
    "Power rerouted to Casimir Mechanism.  Node 3 activated." - vox_ann_egg4_success_
    "Power rerouted to Casimir Mechanism.  Node 4 activated. Full power achieved." - vox_ann_egg5_success_
    "Casimir Mechanism safety protocol initiated; shutting down power systems." - vox_ann_egg6_success_
    "Warning: Casimir Mechanism overheating, system overload imminent." - vox_ann_egg6p1_success_
    "Warning: Launch in progress." - vox_ann_engines_firing_
    "Lander refueling in progress.  Lander system offline." - vox_ann_lander_cooldown_
    "Lander sequence initiated." - vox_ann_lander_current_
    "Lander incoming." - vox_ann_lander_current_1
    "Lander refueling complete.  Lander system online." - vox_ann_lander_ready_
    "Security Protocol 13255 received.  Performing integrity check.  Awaiting launch initiation." - vox_ann_landers_used_
    "Initiating launch protocol.  Systems check nominal.  Status update complete." - vox_ann_launch_button_
    "Warning: Re-entry detected.  Security personnel on high alert." - vox_ann_monkeys_begin_
    "Security level normalized, system defenses offline." - vox_ann_monkeys_end_
    "Main power online.  Auxiliary power deactivated.  Rocket approaching disposition." - vox_ann_power_switch_
    "Initiating lunar navigation systems.  Awaiting Security Protocol 13255." - vox_ann_rocket_anim_
    "Main power offline.  Auxiliary power activated." - vox_ann_startup_0


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