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    Song lyrics



    Falling slowly

    Drifting coldly

    When will the night end

    So little times gone by


    Lightly drifting down below

    snowing and foaming falls

    (Falling in form)

    Into the midnight

    Deep horizon

    Beyond the shore where 

    we all go


    Shaking, all that's gone

    Involuntarily awry

    (Warily belies)

    Intensity of pain

    Incensed in me

    A cold flame

    A fire, my one way out


    Waking inside of a dreamscape

    that shows me the end of my life

    A flash before

    My eyes restore

    The more painful way that we go


    And I drift down

    A little farther down

    Into the great unknown


    And holding back from

    Breathing in from

    Letting go and giving in I'm


    Drowning in silence

    Breathing in violence

    Dying alone I know you never knew me

    I'm sinking all the way down

    In darker, deeper, colder water


    Drowning and silent

    bleeding in violet

    dying alone can't even kill this feeling

    I'm going all the way under

    I'm darker deeper down and drowning


    Distance and all that comes

    with it invariably arrive

    (Variably alive)

    Invent a truth to say

    You sense in me a new way

    A why, away without


    Convince me I'm not in a nightmare

    I've just seen the end with my minds eye

    I clearly see

    what looks like me

    but without from within like before


    And I drift down

    A little further down

    Into the great unknown

    I'm drowning


    Holding back

    the will to breathe and

    willing my heart not to beat I'm


    Drowning in silence

    gasping and violent

    crying and cold I know you never knew me

    I'm thinking all the way down

    In darker, deeper, freezing water


    Drowning and silent

    make me inviolate

    dying alone won't even give this meaning

    I'm going all the way under

    Understand I'm dark deep down and 

    down too deep for you to see


    I've fallen

    further than they don't know

    how much further I can go


    I don't know why

    they watch me falling further

    knowing nothing, nothing further down


    Drown me in silence

    damaged and eyeless

    rigid and cold I know you never knew me

    I hear a far away sound

    that's softer, stranger, fainter when we're


    Drowning and silent

    feigning inviolate

    trying to swim against our destination

    We're going all the way under

    Understand we're dark deep down and 

    down too deep for you to see

    We've fallen down

    and now we're drowning deeper down


    It's colder even now



    Right Where We Belong


    As we go sailing 

    Floating onto the sea

    We'll be especially blissful 

    Effervescent and free

    As we sail along

    Champagne all night long

    We're happy 

    Right where we belong


    Out on the ocean

    With the sun on my face

    We'll couple up our dancing

    Cheek-to-cheek embrace

    As we drift along

    Nothing could be wrong

    We're happy

    Right where we belong


    The sea is rolling

    The weather is fine

    And the dinner bell's tolling

    Supper time

    Down the grand staircase

    By the twosomes

    They're going through some toothsome transformations

    Things may be different someday

    But just for now

    We're happy

    Do we mean it, how


    Flowing into the nighttime 

    At an elegant soiree

    Laughing into the morning 

    As the darkness rolls away

    And as we drift along

    Sipping all day long





    At sea 

    We're free

    We are so happy here

    We're happy, right where we belong

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