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    Song lyrics



    A warning carved in a figure

    Run before they see you

    Lead you all away

    Run before they know


    (This image)

    Can't be real


    Make me feel


    (I fall away)

    Like crumbling away

    Where are all the names


    A warming wind in the distance

    brings a colder morning

    Mourning day and night

    brings a darker light


    (This shadow)

    Over me

    (Is growing)

    Now there are nine


    (I'm crying out)

    De profundis clamavi

    Bleeding from the darkest

    beating heart


    What is this I'm looking for

    Who am I beyond this door


    Show me something that I 

    recognize Show me 

    answers to all this mystery


    A warring cry of resistance

    sings to sleep a monster

    howling with the loons

    And tolls an April bell


    (I hear it)

    In my mind

    (I fear it)

    It won't stop ringing


    (Time wear away)

    Time is rust wearing away

    Greater than all grains

    of sand you see


    Who is this I'm looking for

    (who are you)

    What would I believe beyond 

    all these doors

    (Now show me)


    Show me someone whom I 

    recognize Show me

    Show me someone 

    I can clearly see a mystery


    What is this you're looking for

    (who are you)

    Who are you behind this door

    (who are you)


    Show me something 

    that you recognize Is it me

    Knowing that you can now see

    Clearly see everything


    Clearly see everyone there

    I can be anyone anywhere


    And I'm waiting for someone

    to come here and kill me and 

    become a part of me

    Break them and make them me


    Why am I here and 

    who am I now

    (Who am I)

    What would I believe inside my mind

    (Who am I)


    Show me somewhere I can 

    realize Show me

    Show me somewhere 

    I can clearly be My mystery


    Where was it you were before

    (Where are you)

    Who are you and

    where are you now


    Show me someone

    that will never die

    Die like me


    I'll show you something that is 

    always alive and

    dying to find and

    Mine is a mystery

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