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    Doctor Richtofen


    Ludwig Maxis: They are fools... ignorant, petulant fools. They blindly follow him, sheep herded by a false shepherd, a wolf bearing human flesh. They must know not to trust him, it's instinctive. In the darkest recessives of their minds, a voice screams out. Warning them. But they don't know why, they don't know what he did. They were all prisoners of war, left to rot. Nobody cared if they lived or die, so we took them; Group 935. We just didn't know how far he takes the experiments. The amount of Element 115 he pumped through them... I'm surprised any of them survived Siberia. And now, they follow him. Taking orders, the very man who broke them, fried their brains. The MPD, the Aether... it corrupted him, as it did my Samantha. As it does anyone who touches it. The temptation of unlimited power, it will destroy everything. If Richtofen gains control, there will be no turning back. I will be forced to take drastic measures. But they can stop him now, put an end to this madness. They just need to make sure he doesn't make it back here. If only they remember... but they won't, will they? They will help him until the bitter end, beyond the point of no return. Because that is the nature of sheep.


    I just want to go home


    Samantha Maxis: Hallo? It is so quiet here, it's always so quiet. I have been alone, alone for so long. But it is also so loud! All these voices! There are so many und they speak all at once! They are angry, always so angry. They say these things about the future and the past, so many worlds... Daddy, I'm scared. I miss you. I want to be with you and Fluffy. (cries) Please don't be mad at me daddy, I didn't mean to hurt anyone, I don't want to play anymore. I-I just want to go home! But he won't let me, this is all his fault! Bad Edward! Evil Edward! Teddy is a liar! Teddy, bad LIAR! He made me do these things, he took everything from me. Edward wants to come here, the Aether, Agartha. Oh but Edward can not come here, this place is not meant for him.


    It's so quiet


    Samuel J. Stuhlinger: Hello? Is this thing on? Richtofen? Hey Richtofen! You've been gone from my head a really long time. I gotta be honest, I'm freaking out a bit, man. It's... it's so quiet. I can actually hear myself think, you know what that's like? It's not nice at all. So, listen, buddy, oh pal, we gotta talk. You sent us here of all places but you forgot to tell us what to do! It's dark, it's damp, it's just really filthy. I-I think the roaches are crawling with roaches, how is that even possible?! Wait. Shoot! Am I even talking to the right Richtofen? Oh, it could be the other one, right? Or you're the other other one. Yeah, you know what just, just go talk to your Richtofen pals at the hoity-toity Ricky gang clubhouse and find out what the (static) we're supposed to be doing!


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