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    Project Broken Arrow


    Cornelius Pernell: This is Groom Lake station chief, Cornelius Pernell. Personal log, March 11th 1961. After being unable to get McElroy or Gates to see the light, I hoped my meeting with McNamara would fare better, but I had no such luck. For years now, DoD runs experiments with their 115 division but we are the ones with all the supply. I told McNamara, we have the Fort Knox of Element 115 right next to our nuclear testing site. If we combine resources and work together instead of simply bartering resources, Groom Lake could receive the funding to properly mine the materials and expand experimentation. (sigh)... But no, McNamara was uninterested. Another Secretary of Defense, another bust for project Broken Arrow.




    Cornelius Pernell: Personal log, February 23rd 1963. The construction of the moon teleporter ongoing, number of scientists from the Pentagon's 115 division have been stationed on-site here at Groom Lake. Doctor Schuster, head of the operation, continues to be full of surprises. Been telling me these stories about an evil little girl named Samantha, that she can control the undead. I asked Colonel Sawyer about it, he told me to pay it no mind. Apparently everybody's been laughing off Schuster's stories for years now. But then, yesterday, Schuster says he has proof. He claims this Samantha is responsible for several outbreaks over the last 20 years. Rattles off a bunch of names and one of them was the Rising Sun facility. I lost a good man there, Peter McCain, and never got an explanation for it. I decided to investigate this further.


    To combat Sam


    Cornelius Pernell: Personal log, July 29th, 1963. I spent the last several months combing through archives and conducting extensive research. And I can't believe what I'm about to say. But this is real. This girl creature, entity, th-this being possesses a very real and very dangerous power. Fortunately, as of now, her attacks have been contained. If she were to choose to unleash... fury, she could wipe us off the map and not just the United States, she could destroy everyone. But there is an opportunity here. To combat this threat, the Pentagon's gonna need to significantly increase their 115 operation. To support that, they'll need greater access to our goldmine at Groom Lake. Project Broken Arrow is the key to all of this, two birds one stone. We'll combat a threat to national security and I'll secure the funding for my program and its operations. Drafting a report on the incidents. Plan to present it to McNamara in the coming weeks.


    Opening new worlds


    Cornelius Pernell: Personal log, September 3rd, 1963. The discussion with McNamara was a resounding success. His plans for it are bigger than I ever thought possible. (chuckles) Fools... It was so easy, all those hawks over there think about is war. I offered them a morsel, a nugget and had the meeting out of the palm of my hand (laughs) Yeah well good riddance! They'll get their war and I'll get my riches. You want to destroy this Samantha... so narrow-minded, why destroy her when we can take her power and harness it for ourselves... Ugh... the amount of Element 115 buried down there, just imagine what we can do?! We can mold the Earth anew, created in our image. A toast, here's the Doctor Schuster for gifting me this opportunity. When we get the excavator up and running at the test site, I'll be sure to get him access (chuckles) and here's to Broken Arrow and to opening new worlds.


    Repair the Broken Arrow


    Cornelius Pernell: Broken Arrow! Dream of mine for many years. When I joined the company, do you know what I did? When I cut my teeth on? I sent men to their deaths. I was a handler. First for the OSS and CIA. Oversaw ops and I sent in men to die. I was a bow, they were my arrows. Smokey, John "Banana", Peter McCain, "Tank" Dempsey. The list goes on... and on... so many men lost. But my ops were good. Job well done! Pat's on the back for Pernell! So climbed the ladder and eventually became station chief here and spent much of my time now that I think about it, in this very room after we'd mined the Element 115, we'd stored it in here, I would stare at it for hours. (chuckles) And then one day it just clicked. I had to do what Group 935 failed to do. I would build a program to harness its power. I was tired of killing, I wanted to create technological marvels, help humanity improve the human condition and who knows maybe even bring the dead back to life. (laughs) Repair the broken arrow... if you will. Now... I have the perfect test subject.


    Unexpected arrival


    Cornelius Pernell: This is Cornelius Pernell. Report 6:39, August 3rd, 1963. Earlier today while Doctor Schuster was performing test number 11, we had an unexpected arrival through the teleporter. We've been unable to verify what year they came from, our struggle with temporal anomalies during teleportation is well documented. But we are certain of where they came from, the Moon. This event alone is baffling enough and is without explanation. But it becomes downright absurd when you take into account that I know two of the four individuals. Corporal "Tank" Dempsey of the United States Marine Corps who I knew personally and was declared KIA after a failed rescue op to recover Peter McCain and Dr. Edward Richtofen from Group 935 who went missing weeks after we formalized the agreement to initiate Operation Stapler. I didn't recognize the other two, but they and corporal Dempsey were in a delusional near catatonic state. Medical evaluation shows they've suffered from excessive Element 115 exposure and quoting our medic I'm not even sure how they're still alive. As for Doctor Richtofen, initially we believed him DOA. Upon closer examination, we discovered his body is very much alive, just zero brain activity. How it came to be that these four men were on the Moon? We may never know. However for the immediate future, we'll be keeping them here at Groom Lake. They are ideal candidates for additional 115 testings.


    Zombified Richtofen


    Cornelius Pernell: This is Cornelius Pernell. Report 7:15, October 13th, 1963. I'm filing this report on behalf of Private Gordon. Private Gordon was working graveyard in Hangar 4 where our new test subjects are being kept. At 0300 this morning, Private Gordon reports a "bright blue oval-shaped light beam materialized in the room". Out of said light beam step and I quote "a zombie dress in a World War II German military uniform". This zombie did not interact with Private Gordon but instead slowly walked up to the comatose body of Doctor Edward Richtofen who up until now we've been unable to resuscitate. Private Gordon then observed this zombie touching the body of Doctor Richtofen at which point the zombie... turned to ash and Doctor Richtofen immediately let out a guttural shriek and began cackling. I cannot verify Private Gordon's story but what I can tell you is that as of this morning, Doctor Richtofen is very much alive and he is very animated. So much so we've since had to have him sedated.


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