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    Operation Stapler


    George Sawyer: Major George Sawyer, personal log. January 20th, 1946. After speaking with Major Staver this morning, I can confirm Operation Stapler has been a resounding success. While our officers met with the Soviet representatives to negotiate the fair split of Group 935's research, our operatives quietly extracted 40 of its scientists and their families. In the coming days, they're to be officially hired as War Department special employees. To our knowledge, the Soviets have yet to realize what we've done. Since the discovery of the depository near Groom Lake in '37, our progress has been minimal. Our hope is that these scientists will provide us the edge we desperately need for our Element 115 research program. All of this would not have been possible without the help of one doctor, Edward Richtofen. When he reached out to us last August, he promised unfettered access to Group 935 research, exchange for providing safe harbor for its scientists. While we may not have secured all the research, we did get the scientists, the brain trust. If we do ever locate Doctor Richtofen, I would like to shake his hand and thank him personally for the great service he has provided to the United States of America.


    Employment at the Pentagon


    Schuster: This is Doctor Schuster, personal log. June 27th, 1947. With the help of Major Sawyer and Operation Stapler, I began employment at the Pentagon. I'm assigned to their 115 division which focuses on R&D of the element. While I am grateful for this opportunity, I have my reservations. Element 115 is a resource that's potentially infinite applications. Yet the only thing these scientists, and the Pentagon, seem concerned with, are our undead experiments. I made it clear to them that my own work with Group 935 was primarily focused on its teleportation technologies. If they wanted my help of that, I would gladly oblige, but the idea of resuming undead experimentation horrified me. The room went silent. Clearly they were not satisfied with my answer. Finally, Major Sawyer asked why. I was blunt, perhaps too blunt, and told them what happened at Griffin Station, about Maxis's daughter Samantha, about the M.P.D., about the undead outbreak, about everything. If we resumed experimentation there was no guarantee she wouldn't take control of them just as she had done the others. More importantly, there was no guarantee she wouldn't kill us all as her father instructed her. I told them all this, and do you know what happened... They laughed.




    Sawyer: I'm just a little confused, Doctor Schuster, you've already successfully established a teleporter link between the Pentagon and Groom Lake.

    Schuster: (sigh)... The Pentagon to Groom Lake is child's play, a distance of 3,890 kilometers. What we're talking about now is a distance of 380,000 kilometers.

    Sawyer: But it can be done!

    Schuster: Of course, Colonel Sawyer! But I had two years to perfect the link to Groom Lake. The timetable you've given me to establish a link to the Moon is far more... aggressive.

    Sawyer: Do I need to remind you what we're up against? Doctor Richtofen told us about Griffin Station back in '45. From what we've discovered, he told the Soviets the same thing. The Soviets achieved teleportation two years before we did. If they get to the Moon first, they get to claim Griffin Station.

    Schuster: Yes, yes, I know all about your adorable space race, but need I remind you that if this teleporter becomes operational even a single mathematical error could lead to catastrophic results. Yes, it will take you to the Moon, I have little worried over where it would take you. I worry about when.

    Sawyer: What?! Time travel? Give me a break!

    Schuster: Precisely, if the specifications are not exact, we could create temporal rifts with ripple effects that will undo the very fabric of space-time itself. Simply put, dont' rush. Science moves at its own pace.

    Sawyer: (sigh)... Just get it done, Doctor. You have two weeks before we begin testing.




    Robert McNamara: Washington's words have lingered with me these last few days: "To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace". Mankind has always prepared for war because we face an enemy we know intimately. Our fellow man. In a way, we are the only enemy we have ever truly known. But now, I sit here with the Groom Lake report in my hand and I contemplate an enemy beyond our comprehension. An entity with the powers of a god that can manipulate time space and the very nature of other beings. The evidence is clear, a trail of carnage can be tracked. October 21st, 1945, the Rising Sun research facility. October 28th, 1945, Group 935's Der Riese facility. April 25th, 1956, the Himalayas. Now, I am no stranger to undead experimentation nor their outbreaks, I've read Pernell's reports on the airfield and asylum incidents. The undead may be a concern but they are not the threat. Without a leader, they are mindless and uncoordinated, but the idea of a being that commands an undead army with seemingly unlimited resources that gives the marching orders to strike at any time and any place... (sigh) How do you prepare for war with that? How do you protect America? How do you protect the planet? One of the scientists we acquired from Group 935, Doctor Schuster, I believe is his name, claims to be familiar with the entity. He says her name is... Samantha, this Samantha may be the greatest threat our nation has ever faced. Certainly more than that from the Soviet Union or Cuba for they are just... men.




    McNamara: And my contacts on the ground now confirm it. On October 28th, the entity known as Samantha attacked an abandoned theater in Berlin. This marks her first attack in nine years. The location she chose is interesting. In 1940, the German High Command repurposed it as a Group 935 facility, that makes this the third Group 935 operation that's Samantha has targeted. The Berlin incident has forced us to reevaluate the recent Pentagon outbreak. We had previously assumed it was a contained affair but must now acknowledge the possibility that Samantha played a role. I've made arrangements for the President and Castro to discuss the Broken Arrow initiative. If Samantha poses as greater threat as it seems we must put aside our differences, no nation alone can defeat her. An alliance must be formed, we must reach across the metaphorical aisle. The meeting will be held here the Pentagon in the coming days. Dick will be joining us... for some reason, Jack requested he attend. Regretfully, I'm forced to admit that Pernell was perhaps correct. If we use the Broken Arrow initiative to harness the power of this Element 115, we could build a better world and be prepared for war with this Samantha. I've given Roebuck the coordinates of the Berlin incident for safekeeping, he'll log them along with all the others.


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