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    Tank Dempsey


    "Oh come on Tak! This little scratch took you down?"


    "Faith, who's got any of that these days? You shoot till the ammo runs out that's all there is. People like us anyway"


    "This doesn't make you grow more body hair does it? Already have trouble getting my pants on"


    "A spoon, really? You gotta be really mad to kill a guy with a spoon"


    "Nik, if you don't get up I will shave your mustache"


    "Hey don't play me I'm only human. With half a school education"


    Nikolai Belinski


    "The Warden is very unhappy with us! Time to put final nail in coffin"


    "When I vaporize hellpig, where does it go? I will look closer next time"


    "Haha so much blood! I know I shouldn't laugh but he just....poof!"


    "That is big mechanism. Big enough to make portal?"


    "Have a nice trip, send postcard!"


    "Dempsey my friend who knocked you over? I'll help you find vengeance"


    "Such wealth is not possession of one man. It belongs to the people"


    "I think Takeo sees Emperor's face on each and every hellpig"


    "Hello spirit comrade, I don't think kitchen is open right now. Come with us, Nikolai might find you nice bowl of borsjtsj"


    "Na zdorovje! (Cheers)"


    "They even put dogs in Hell-prison? That is not okay"


    Takeo Masaki


    "I hear whispers in the walls of this prison. Spirits lost and suffering"


    "Hear me now, my name is Takeo Masaki, and I will release you if I can"


    "Another turn off the light, and another spirit awaits our help"


    "It would take more than weapons to break this cycle"


    "Do not kill all of them Nikolai! I too have a thirst"


    Edward Richtofen


    "Ja, let's build a lab under Alcatraz. It's just a twisted little pocketdimension, what could go wrong? Facking Illuminati"


    "This must have been the runway site for Sal and the others"


    "Ahaha that face! Nikolai always makes the same face when he lines a headshot, heh, like he just finished partydrinking!"


    "Water seems so calm, such a shame that any attempt to cross it will delete us from existence. I'm tempted to let Nikolai try"


    "The lighthouse! She moves!"


    "But the mechanism is ready und the time is ripe. We've tilly tellied in this purgatory quite long enough. Nikolai has another self to kill"


    "What a lovely spoon! Fork! Nein, something in between! A fpoon!"


    "Haha, empty! Like the contents of mein beaten broken heart"


    "Was that a lung or a spleen? Who knows it is such a mess in there"


    "Nikolai will you stop trying to relive the battle of Stalingrad?"


    "Maxis! Stop it Edward... This may be just another delusion - It must be. Surely, I would never lead myself into such a... Such a...? Mein Gott! Everything could change!"




    "Alcatraz! Rise and greet our guests properly!"




    Prompt and responses


    Richtofen: Okay, change of plan: We should be looking for the other Nikolai, but, apparently, I have messed it up. When I say I, I mean him. Me.

    Nikolai: What now, German? Surely you do not seek to torture me further. I know all too well what lies ahead.

    Takeo: Enough riddles, Richtofen! Have I not already given you enough?! My blade, my honor, my soul?!

    Dempsey: Everybody just pull your shit together, or I’m gonna start freaking out too!

    Nikolai: So let me see if I understand: Richtofen copied entire plan from special book, special book change its mind, and now it wants, what, our blood?

    Takeo: Of course, we all heard the Doctor. Fate now demands our blood as well. I have never seen Richtofen this way. The threat is real.

    Dempsey: Man, you guys are killing me with this doom and gloom stuff! If that book changed once, it can change again. So let’s buck up and get to work already!

    Richtofen: Ahem! Gentlemen, please, calm yourselves! You must forgive me. I- I forget how frustrating I can be sometimes. Heh-heh. Nevermind the Kronorium, or this silly blood business. I have something entirely new in mind.



    Nikolai: Richtofen knew exactly who that monster in cell-block was! I could see it in his stupid, wide-open face.

    Dempsey: Yeah, that big guy with the club, was he a prison guard or something?

    Takeo: That thing was no ordinary guard. I believe he was an agent of a much darker force.

    Richtofen: The Warden. I have known him to take many forms. Each one used to torture the souls of both the damned and the doomed. He’s not very nice.


    Richthofen and Stuhlinger conversations


    Stuhlinger: Twelve thousand forty two bottles of beer on the wall… twelve thousand forty-two bottles of beer… you take one down, you pass it around, twelve thousand forty-one bottles of beer on the wall- wh- oh!
    Richtofen: Samuel?

    Stuhlinger: WAH! What the fudge? Doctor Richtofen? Is that you?

    Richtofen: This is a 115-based illusion. You are in cryo-stasis back in the lab, how could you… the lighthouse… it must have triggered a chain reaction in the Aether.

    Stuhlinger: It is you! (laughs) Whoa whoa whoa whoa hold the phone! Do you mean to tell me I’m a voice inside your head now?! (laughs) Ain’t that a kick in the dick! (laughs)

    Richtofen: Ugh, I do not have time for this, nor the strength.

    Dempsey: Time for what, Doc? Who the Hell’s Samuel? Everything… okay?

    Nikolai: Neither does Nikolai, is your German brain still working?

    Takeo: What is happening, Richtofen? Are you feeling alright?

    Richtofen: Oh no, not at all. In fact things are much worse now.


    Stuhlinger: Yeah, that’s a shame, he doesn’t trust you guys!

    Richtofen: And what exactly about it, Samuel? Hm?

    Stuhlinger: Geez, touchy touchy. Ever since you guys switched on the lighthouse, I’ve been hearing all kinds of freaky-deaky chatter in this place. Haven’t been able to make out much, but that little bird… he chirps pretty loud!

    Richtofen: Brilliant, Samuel. I was unaware you were fluent in seagull.

    Dempsey: Is that your special buddy again? You got anything to share with the rest of the class?

    Nikolai: Out with it, Richtofen! Who or what is Samuel?! If you are losing mind, we deserve to know!

    Takeo: You are communing with a spirit, aren’t you, Richtofen? What does it say?

    Stuhlinger: Oh! Tell ‘em! Tell ‘em! I’d love to meet your friends!

    Richtofen: It’s a mild und irritating delusion, nothing more. All the stress und threat of total annihilation, you understand.

    Stuhlinger: Oh, ouch, man. Mega ouch.


    Stuhlinger: You could have just tried asking him to give it back.

    Richtofen: Reason with a phantom seagull… I suspect your brain may still be partially frozen.

    Stuhlinger: Har-dee-har! Whose fault is that, anyway, huh? You said you stuck me in this tube to keep me safe, but now I’m thinkin’ you did it just to shut me up!

    Richtofen: Ladies und gentlemen, I believe his brain is beginning to thaw!

    Dempsey: Wait a second, frozen brains? Are you having a chat with one of those guys back in cryo?

    Nikolai: Wait a moment… you said frozen brains. You are talking with someone back in lab freezer, aren’t you?

    Takeo: Frozen? Could it be you have established a psychic link with one of your captives in the lab?

    Stuhlinger: D’Oh my god, that’s exactly right!! You guys are sharp, LET ME THE HECK OUT!

    Richtofen: Complete and utter nonsense! I was merely contemplating permutations of an alternate timeline. I colder one.

    Stuhlinger: Ah! Dangit!


    Stuhlinger: Ohhh man, all this talk of that food is making me hungry.

    Richtofen: You have no need of food, dummkopf! Your digestive tract is frozen! Now, unless you have anything useful to say, kindly silence your brain.


    Stuhlinger: Atta boy, Ed! Way to give that spoon-stabbing so-and-so a dose of industrial homicide!

    Richtofen: Refer to me as Ed again, Sammy, und I will press the pulse button on your cryo-pod, repeatedly.


    Stuhlinger: Hey, hey, Richtofen! Buddy! Remember when I used to, uh, like, pull levers and jump through portals and get fancy books for ya? Yeah, I could still do all that stuff, man!

    Richtofen: Nein, you can’t, Samuel! You are frozen in ein pod in mein lab. Just accept it.


    Stuhlinger: Oh, man, that was… that was beautiful! You guys, wha-, what you did for that man, I mean, I wish you were half as nice to me!

    Richtofen: Aww, would your immortal soul be somehow able to activate the Warden’s mechanism? Because if it is, I would happily toss your pod into the bay.


    Stuhlinger: Oh, encore, encore, encore! (laughs) Fuck yeah, Richtofen, oh man, you guys should start a band!

    Richtofen: Of all your idiotic suggestions, Samuel, that one is the least offensive!


    Stuhlinger: I- I got something. (chuckles) Guess what, Richtofen? I can speak seagull! And he says-

    Richtofen: NOT NOW, SAMUEL!

    Stuhlinger: The- the bird! Icarus! He said it’s a trap! He said-


    Stuhlinger: Richtofen! RICHTOFEN! Oh, please don’t be dead. Don’t be dead, don’t be, please don’t be dead!

    Richtofen: I am not… dead. Thank you for your concern. Please stop shouting in mein brain.

    Stuhlinger: Oh, jumping fucking Jeremiah, you’re alive! Oh-hoh, woo! Man, do you have any idea how scary it is, huh? Thinking you’re gonna be stuck in a box with your own thoughts forever?

    Richtofen: Yes, Samuel. I’m afraid I do.


    Stuhlinger: Oh, wait a sec, I hear something! Atta bird, Icarus! Wh- what, what’s that? Slow down! Oh- oh okay, oh- oh- okay, I’ll tell ‘em! Yeah, Icarus says RUN!


    Stuhlinger: Way to go guys! Ghost guys and you guys! Yeah, Warden’s definitely kicking and screaming though, yeah, yeah they can’t hang on forever, but I know you’ve got a plan! Yeah you do!


    Richtofen: There is… something we must do before we face the Warden again. It is the only remaining option.

    Stuhlinger: Yup, Samuel J. Stuhlinger. It’s me, right? Heck yeah, coach, put me in! Oh, I’ll kick that Warden square in his rotten berries!


    Stuhlinger: What about my fate, huh? All day I’ve been helping you out, buddy, but, nooo… you’re gonna defrost that-

    Richtofen: Samuel… if we succeed, you will be safe. Please, trust me. Und keep quiet.


    Stuhlinger: Wait, wait, what?! Y- You can’t mean…

    Richtofen: Goodbye, Samuel.


    Stuhlinger: Uhhh, Richtofen? Y’know, I don’t fully understand what you guys did to that mechanism thing, but the ghost crowd is going bonkers!

    Richtofen: As well they should, Samuel! Thank you for informing me, you have no idea how refreshing it is to be appreciated.

    Stuhlinger: Aw, yeah, don’t- You got it, buddy. Congrats! Yeah, they are really losing it man, that- that is great. Hey, listen, um, before you guys go, could we maybe… talk about a… defrost? … Uh, hello?


    Dempsey and Richthofen crossfire


    Dempsey: Still with me, Doc? Lookin’ a little pale, paler than usual, anyway.

    Richtofen: Yes, of course, it’s nothing. The climate of this dimension is stifling, it’s probably all the fire… ugh, und the brimstone.


    Dempsey: So this Warden guy, any idea why he’d want to trap us here?

    Richtofen: What do mad men ever want? That was rhetorical, but just for the record, we are not ‘trapped’, Dempsey. We’re simply confined to one place… against our will… but it’s not permanent! Pinky promise!


    Richtofen: Dempsey, did you hear that?! A voice, just now! No… voices! Whispering in the shadows!

    Dempsey: Kind of hard to hear anything over the shrieks, explosions, and gunfire. But, if I start hearing voices, you’ll be the first to know.


    Dempsey: Richtofen, I know your plan’s probably way over my head, and I know I’ll forget half of it later, but you’ve got to give me something!

    Richtofen: There is no plan, Dempsey, is that what you wish to hear? We were supposed to pop in, get the blood, und leave. But things have… changed. Now we must improvise und adapt. You are a Marine, surely you can manage that.


    Nikolai and Richthofen crossfire


    Richtofen: I see your accusing glances, Nikolai. Is there something you wish to say to me?

    Nikolai: “Why bother?” That is what you always say, eh? All will be forgotten anyway.


    Nikolai: Daaaa, it was stroke of genius to build secret lab in Hell dimension. Because that could never end badly.

    Richtofen: We will end it, one way or another, und rest assured, Nikolai, I would not deprive you of the chance to kill your other self.


    Nikolai: So this Warden, he needs your special blood, da? Maybe three of us make side deal and just, hmph… give it to him.

    Richtofen: The moment you travelled through space und time, your blood became special as well. No, my dear Nikolai, any attempt to bargain with the Warden would not go well for you.


    Nikolai: Richtofen! I cannot stay silent. You do not have plan! For once in your life, admit it! And tell us what we are facing!

    Richtofen: Annihilation! As always! If I believed, for an instant, that you could comprehend so much as a phrase in the Kronorium, I would hand it over! But no, that is my burden to bear. My way, Nikolai, is the only way.


    Takeo and Richthofen crossfire


    Richtofen: Stop looking so damned morose, Takeo! This place was not created to be your own personal Hell!

    Takeo: Was it not? Fate willed it into creation, and fate has delivered us here as we attempt, once again, to disrupt the natural order! The scales will be balanced.


    Takeo: The spirits of this island awaken in your presence, Richtofen. It seems as though they desire something from you.

    Richtofen: Doesn’t everyone? The voices of the damned und the doomed can get in line behind you three, the Warden, the Keepers, und the numerous other Richtofens now placing demands on my time.


    Takeo: Richtofen, I must ask: Do you still reflect upon your other self? The one you… destroyed? Or did it end the moment you pulled the trigger?

    Richtofen: That Richtofen was evil, Takeo. What he had just done to Maxis, to Samantha, to reality… he needed to die for the good of all… und that… was all.


    Richtofen: I could use a little optimism from you, Takeo! I truly could! I’ve gotten us out of worse places than this, have I not?

    Takeo: You have, and you may yet. But I do not fear death, Edward. I fear what winning may cost.


    Dempsey and Nikolai crossfire


    Dempsey: Hey Nik, d’you catch what Richtofen was saying what he read that Kruller-eh, er, Kronic-... evil book thing?!

    Nikolai: Kronorium. He said that pages changed on him. Judging from face, it was not good change, so now we fight for lives! This is what we get for trusting German!


    Nikolai: Something must be done, Dempsey! Richtofen is leading us deeper into this Hell pit! You and I, we could take command and-

    Dempsey: Hey if you got a portal stashed in your pocket, by all means open it up. Meantime, following that lunatic is our one and only play.


    Dempsey: So Nik, I’ve been thinking, we came all this way to get this blood as some kind of insurance policy, yeah? Back in the lab, Richtofen said something about our blood?

    Nikolai: I heard this as well. The blood holds some sort of power, power that this Warden seeks to take from us. Perhaps we could use it against him?


    Nikolai: We have been comrades for long time, have we not, Dempsey? If something happened to Richtofen… comrades can depend on each other, da?

    Dempsey: Look, I think I know what you’re gettin’ at, Nik, but you need to stow it, rickey-tick. Turning on your own teammate? That’s bad fuckin’ karma. Looks like there’s enough of that going on around here.


    Dempsey and Takeo crossfire


    Dempsey: Listen, Tak, I know where you’re at, doin’ what you had to do… What we had to do. It fucks you up.

    Takeo: It was my honor to end the suffering of my other self. The anguish I feel is his. The responsibility for my sins is mine.


    Takeo: You are a true warrior, Dempsey. You focus your pain into action and press ever onward. It is both an honor and a terrible curse.

    Dempsey: I love you too, Tak, but could you not poke me in the emotions right now?! I’m trying to break out of Hell.


    Dempsey: You hear ‘em too, right Tak? The whispers all around this place? I’m starting to think all your spirit talk might not be bullshit after all.

    Takeo: I sort of appreciate that. And yes, we are being watched.


    Takeo: Dempsey, does Richtofen appear to be acting strangely to you? The deeper we delve into this realm, the more I sense the weight on his soul.

    Dempsey: Now that you mention it, he does seem a bit squirrelier than usual. But, if all the fucked up shit in this place doesn’t get to you, then you’re probably as twisted as that nut-job Warden.


    Nikolai and Takeo crossfire


    Takeo: I understand your anger with Richtofen, Nikolai. But you must not allow this resentment to destroy you! We have come here to serve our inevitable purpose!

    Nikolai: This is not fate, Takeo, this is Richtofen! Playing games with reality and our lives! I had hoped you would be wise enough to see this.


    Nikolai: Takeo, comrade, you can feel as well as I that Richtofen’s plan is but an errand of fools. How can you be so calm?

    Takeo: Acceptance is not weakness, Nikolai. Only by accepting what is can one decide how one wishes to proceed. Moment by precious moment.


    Takeo: Do the spirits of this prison disturb you, Nikolai? You should know that they too have suffered at the hands of this Warden.

    Nikolai: I have seen men broken by gulag, and death was mercy for them. In this place, Takeo, without death to release them, I fear what men can become.


    Nikolai: I confess, Takeo. I fear this might be end for us. Every step of Richtofen’s plan brings us closer to doom, not salvation! If we fail, and Warden gets blood-

    Takeo: I think that it is not failure in this realm that you fear, Nikolai. It is your success in the next. I do not blame you. Should we claim the life of your other self, you will not bear the burden alone.


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