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    Song lyrics

    I am the Well


    Begin again 

    the ultimate 

    beginning end

    A broken piece 

    imbued with fire 


    our descent

    Up in the air 

    it fell to earth 

    I know not where

    In the water 

    our reflection 

    compelling us 

    to stare

    Captivated by 

    the beauty 

    we waited for 

    too long

    Our golden pins 

    are falling 

    into the dark

    Who will want 

    them when 

    they're muddy

    Or find them 

    when they fall

    What was the 

    lasting meaning

    If we're 

    dead and gone

    We're all dead 

    and gone


    I am the well

    I am the 

    Ever After

    And after ending 

    we'll wander 

    where we will

    The reason why 

    I cannot tell

    but this is 


    and know this

    Is knowing 

    and know 

    full well


    Drink and 


    and by the brink 

    we live again

    Leaves of 


    in destruction

    for times we're 

    out of mind

    And her hand 

    it had the power 

    to unbind

    Crossing oceans 

    of existence 

    without distance 

    in time

    Have we waited 

    too long to see 

    if we've seen this 

    all before

    The later lies 

    before us and 

    the latter 

    is the fore

    Sometimes something 

    comes from nothing

    and nothing 

    leads to more

    Sometimes something 

    isn't something

    when there's nothing 


    to this and 

    nothing's shore 

    exists within the 

    core abyss of 

    knowing what we're for

    With water 


    Bleed until 

    we're drowning


    I am the well

    I am the water 

    they're drinking 

    and drowning into

    Will it rain in the 

    night from the 

    sky and will the 

    meaning matter

    Knowing is nothing 

    and no one's 

    enough even 


    Given all that 

    you gave and 

    give in to

    And the water is 

    welling and 

    bleeding through

    Seeping under 

    the surface it 

    feeds you

    Water washing 

    the wonder 



    I am the well

    I am the one 

    way the water 


    And know full 

    well the way 

    down through 

    the night

    Into the Ever After 

    running from 

    something that 

    never stops running

    from you

    Living off of the life 

    left within you

    and the water is 

    welling and 

    bleeding through

    Seething under the 

    surface it needs you 

    wasting away to

    Wading your 

    way through 

    taking what 

    they knew


    They don't know 

    their way through 

    knowing that 

    they knew

    I am the well

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