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    What is taking you so long?


    Maxis: Richtofen! Richtofen, are you there? Edward I do not know if you are receiving me, but this was the best connection I could establish. I cannot triangulate your exact position. Edward, what is taking you so long? According to my calculations, by now you should have completed your mission and delivered the souls to the house. He is getting anxious. Dr. Monty suspects that you are acting against his wishes, plotting against him. I have assured him this is not the case, but his level of worry has me curious... there might be something more to his plan. I shall investigate further, old friend. I will let you know what I find.


    Monty's plan


    Maxis: Richtofen? Edward, I must assume you are receiving me. We must discuss Monty's plan. If you are to follow through and deliver the souls, it will not resolve the paradox. Yes, the children will grow up and live in their perfect universe. But the blood vials: they will not break the cycle as you believe. They will perpetuate an endless loop. All those affected by Element 115 will continue to be trapped and tortured by the Aether's power. It would never end. The world will always break. You will always try to fix it. You will always travel to the house with the souls. You will always drink the blood, and then the cycle will repeat. I suspect Monty knows this. Perhaps the true cost of fixing all of reality is too great, even for him. I will reach out when I have more information.


    Destroy the Aether


    Maxis: Edward! Infernal transmitter... work! (static) Oh, that is much better. Everything is so complicated now, Edward. Remember when the world was a simple place: No time travel, no multiverses, no paradoxes, no existential crises. It is the Aether, Edward. Once it touches something, that thing is forever corrupted. It cannot be undone. Do you not see, Edward? Dr. Monty never planned on fixing anything! He could only start over... well, he could fix it. But the cost of this would be too great, even to him. We were doomed the moment Element 115 came to Earth. The only way to prevent all of this, the only way to halt the unraveling of space and time, which, need I remind you, we are both directly and indirectly responsible for, would be to purge Element 115 from existence before it ever encountered humanity. How one would do this, how that would even be possible, I do not know. Dr. Monty must know this is the only true way to fix everything. Yet, he chooses not to do this. There must be a reason, I will find out why.


    Destroy Agartha


    Maxis: By this point, I must assume you are receiving these messages. I hope you are, especially after what I’ve just learned. I believe I have uncovered why Dr. Monty will not destroy Element 115. The Aether is inextricably linked with Agartha. They are one and the same. Agartha, the physical space, is constructed and exists of the Aether. From this we can surmise there is no way to destroy the Aether unless Agartha itself were to be destroyed. Now, the ramifications of destroying Agartha are not yet clear. After all, it’s interwoven into the fabric of all realities, meaning its destruction would impact all of existence. It could very well reset all of time and space! Imagine, restarting the universe but without influence of the Aether. Yes, this, this is the reason. This is why Dr. Monty will not truly fix the paradox. Destroying Agartha... it would mean the end of him.


    You will hear from me


    Maxis: Richtofen! Richtofen! Damn you, I need to know if you’re receiving this! It would be problematic if (static). I may need to resort to drastic measures. Standby... wait on my signal. You will hear from me, very soon.


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