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    Brigadier General Sawyer: I'll admit I've had my concerns, Cornelius, but if what you say is true, MKAlpha could transform interrogation practices.

    Pernell: Not just transform, Sawyer, revolutionize. Using the A.P.D. to harness the power of Element 115, we'll be able to interrogate subjects from within their own subconscious. We can access their thoughts, manipulate their emotions, rewrite their memories! We can procure any confession! Brigadier General, what I'm offering you is mind control on a level MKUltra could never dream of accomplishing!

    Brigadier General Sawyer: So what's the hold up? What am I missing?

    Pernell: Providing power to the A.P.D. is proving... well, difficult. The design's based on Group 935's analysis of the MPD... which means its source of power is-

    Brigadier General Sawyer: If you're about to suggest what I think you are, the answer is no.

    Pernell: It was the only way Richtofen's men were able to charge the Moon Pyramid Device.

    Brigadier General Sawyer: I am not, and I repeat, not letting you kill soldiers to harvest their souls.

    Pernell: We prefer the term... life force, actually.

    Brigadier General Sawyer: Call it whatever the hell you want. We're not Group 935. We're not killing people to power your pyramid. Find another way Pernell, or I'm shutting this down.


    A.D.A.M. Life Force


    Pernell: You had something for me, Dr. Hale?

    Hale: Yes, Director. Weiss, bring me another one. This morning there was an incident with an A.D.A.M. It short-circuited and broke down. We're not quite sure how or why, but I think what happened next will have your attention.

    Weiss: Here you are, Dr. Hale.

    A.D.A.M.: Hello, how may I be of service?

    Hale: The A.D.A.M. died right next to one of the life force fuel canisters.

    Pernell: And?

    Hale: And... Weiss?

    Weiss: Yes, ma'am.

    (Weiss cocks gun and fires at the A.D.A.M.)

    A.D.A.M.: Malfunction! Malfunction! Power failure...

    Hale: Watch what happens...

    (Sound of life force entering the canister)

    Pernell: Remarkable... Dr. Hale, I'm not sure how this is possible... but you may have just saved this project.


    The Pentagon Thief


    Yuri Zavoyski: I swear... I tell you what I know...

    Pernell: (speaking with an altered voice) We've only scratched the surface. The night of November 6th, 1963, you gained access to the Pentagon. How?

    Yuri Zavoyski: I do not know... I just appear. I do what she is saying, I just appear!

    Pernell: Who is she?

    Yuri Zavoyski: The girl! The little girl! She was in my head, in Yuri head for so long! Злая детма (evil child)!

    Pernell: Why did she send you? Who was she targeting?

    Yuri Zavoyski: I... I do not know...

    Pernell: You lie...

    (Electricity is heard and Yuri is screaming)

    Pernell: Tell me who she was targeting.

    Yuri Zavoyski: People... people who try to stop her. She send me to stop them, I obey! Try to stop them, I take weapon...(starts breathing heavily) Get out of my head! I can feel you!

    Pernell: Not until we're finished. Did she tell you about her next attack?

    YuriZavoyski Next... attack?

    Pernell: What is her next attack.? What's she planning?

    Yuri Zavoyski: She... she said many many things... about past, present, future... Oh... She see all time the same. That is how she travels. She show me... (Yuri begins chuckling)

    Pernell: What did she show you? What did she show you Yuri?

    Yuri Zavoyski: She show me Moon... and she show me this place, heh, secret government facility! (laughs)

    Pernell: Is she planning to attack here?

    Yuri Zavoyski: Not for long time... 50, maybe 60 years. There will be big boom, then she attack...

    Pernell: Don't play games with me.

    Yuri Zavoyski: I never play games! I tell you what she tell me! She tell me you will be there too, Pernell. (laughs)

    Pernell: How do you know my name? Terminate the session, end it now!


    Yuri's visions


    Pernell: What else did she show you, Yuri? What else have you seen?

    Yuri Zavoyski:  I see... different worlds. Universes. Past and Future. (scoffs) These things are meaningless because all paths will be taken...

    Pernell: Different worlds?

    Yuri Zavoyski: You think this place is only place, ha ha, this is one of many. And in each, four men are trapped.

    Pernell: What do you mean four men?

    Yuri Zavoyski: Four men: split in two. Beginning and end. First and last. Alpha and Omega. Primis and Ultimis.

    Pernell: What the hell's he talking about? Who are they, Yuri? Their names, Yuri, what are their names?

    Yuri Zavoyski: (giggles) They are trapped, I see them! For years they are trapped in an endless cycle. No matter how they try to break it, there is no escape. Cycle always begin anew. It is the Aether. Once it was above all worlds, but then it corrupted one. And like virus, its corruption spread.

    Pernell: What more do you know about the Aether?

    Yuri Zavoyski: I know what she tell me... and what they tell me.

    Pernell: Who's they? The four men?

    Yuri Zavoyski: Nyet, two angels. They come to me in dream.

    Pernell: That must be code or something. Yuri, what are the two angels?

    Yuri Zavoyski: They come from place above existence. Agartha.


    Yuri's warning


    Pernell: Yuri, this is very important: How do you get to Agartha?

    Yuri Zavoyski: Why? Do you hear the voices too?

    Pernell Zavoyski: Answer the question!

    (Yuri is electrified and screams)

    Yuri Zavoyski: It is not for you! It is not for anything of us!

    Pernell: Answer the question!

    (Yuri is electrified again)

    Hale: Director, we should halt the interrogation. His levels are fluctuating rapidly.

    Pernell: We're done when I say we're done! Tell me how to get there Yuri.

    Yuri Zavoyski: I do not know. But even if I did, I would not tell you! You... you have been marked by it! You are cursed! I hear it in your thoughts, I can feel it. Its... corruption.

    (Yuri is electrified for a very long time and he screams and cackles)

    Pernell: I can do this all day, Yuri. Tell me what I want to know!

    Yuri Zavoyski: Get out of my head! The confluence! Gersh! The children!

    Pernell: How do we get there?

    (Yuri is laughing)

    Yuri Zavoyski: You do not possess power to withstand its embrace! Even if you find way to ascend... heh heh, you will not comprehend what you are saw. It would destroy you! (chuckles)

    (Yuri is electrified once more, screams shortly before he turns silent)

    Pernell: Dr. Hale? Report.

    Hale: One moment, Director...

    (Flat line sound from a heart rate monitor can be heard)

    Hale: He's gone, sir.


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