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    Groph's speech


    Dr. Groph: Group 935 has defied all those who doubted our cause!

    *Applause can be heard*

    Dr. Groph: Since the discovery of Element 115, we’ve achieved so much. Our weapons program alone has advanced beyond even our wildest expectations!

    *Applause can be heard*

    Dr. Groph: Furthermore, the fact that we have been able to establish a permanent base of operations on the Moon itself makes me filled with optimism for the future! We can, literally, do anything!

    *Huge applause can be heard*


    Contact lost with Dr. Richtofen


    Dr. Groph: Given that it is now but two weeks since contact was lost with Dr. Richtofen, along with the fact that all intel would appear to suggest that the Der Riese facility itself may have fallen to the enemy, I am forced to take drastic action. As of now, and for the foreseeable future, I have decided to assume full operational commands of Group 935. All further tests involving the MPD are on hold until such time that we can guarantee the safety and security of all personnel currently based at Griffin Station. And so it pains me to say, we have to assume that Operation Shield is unlikely to succeed as originally planned.


    Corrupted cognitive processes


    Dr. Groph: I have a very good memory. At least, that is what Richtofen's said on more than one occasion. Myself, I am not so sure. Recent events have led me to conclude that exposure to the MPD may in fact be corrupting and clouding our cognitive processes. Speaking to my own, personal experiences, I'm reminded that I had a dream about Maxis’s daughter, Samantha. The child may have been a frequent visitor to Eagle’s Nest, but the idea that she could be here on Griffin Station, the Moon, defies explanation. It is essential that we re-establish contact with Eagle’s Nest in order to fully understand our current... predicament.






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