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    "Gah, I hate the smell of lightning"." avogadro_above

    "You picked the wrong girl to pick on, lizard man!" avogadro_flee

    "Hey Stupinger, there is someone here who wants to meet you" avogadro_reveal

    "Just once I want some of you so-called men to carry your share of the load." avogadro_stopbus

    "Ahahaha, this ain't a gun this is a boobprocessor." bjetgun_0

    "The wheels of the bus go round 'n round" bus_ride_0

    "Sure what could go wrong with a rotten old computer driving" bus_ride_3

    "Stuhlinger, why don't you just stick your head up and see if anyone's on the roof?" bus_zom_roof_3

    "Hmm, now that sounds like it might be important." find_secret_0

    "Hold still Marly, I'll kick that lightning thing!" avogadro_attack

    "Good job, Marlton!" kill_headshot_0

    "Oh, you scared Marlton? Would you like a hug?" map_in_2forest1

    "Oh, keep an eye out for corncircles, Stupinger! Haha, you believe in that junk, right?" map_in_corn3

    "Ah, the smell of a farm. Not quite the same since they came around." map_in_farm1

    "This place is bringing back all kinds of good memories" map_in_farm2

    "There is even a clothesline like mom used to have" map_in_farm3

    "This place feel wrong. Really wrong" map_in_power2

    "Dirty, smelly and wet. Are we inside Crapinger?" map_in_tunnel1

    "This place just gets creepier and creepier, just like you Stuhlinger?" map_in_tunnel2


    Samuel J. Stuhlinger


    "I need more ammo....and cheese! I need more ammo and cheese! ammo_out_4

    "I heard they put something in the water to make you forget to count your bullets. It's the game..." ammo_out_5

    "Stay back electrofreak!" avogadro_arrive_2

    "Holy snaggies it's an alien!" avogadro_reveal_2

    "He must have probed the bus to death" avogadro_stopbus_0

    "Someone over there must be getting probed" avogadro_storm_0

    "Oh, I know what those aliens are doing inside their flying disks! Oh I heard all about it" avogadro_storm_1

    "Glowing lights, disappearing conspiracy crates, alien ass probers and whoever keeps whispering in my head, they are all in on it!" box_move_4

    "So long, conspiracy crate, guess you're after undermine freedom for your masters." box_move_5

    "If this ain't right, I'll just hide it so no one will see it! Genius!" build_final_2

    "Oh, that didn't surprise me, no, I know all about those things. I read about how they plan them everywhere." earn_achievement_0

    "Oh come on Stuhlinger do something! It's killing big Russ!" avogadro_attack_4

    "Good job Russ, you couldn't have timed it better!" crawler_start_4

    "That is some nice shooting Russman!" kill_headshot_2

    "Oh you nailed them! I'm gonna call you Russ the nailer!" kill_headshot_3

    "Russ! Nooo!" surrounded_2

    "Now that's a score, wow, that supernatural box from Atlantis must like you. Oh well, Okay I've said too much" monkey_3

    "That box of lies comes right out of the Bermuda Triangle, I read." monkey_4

    "You find the best reading materials at bus stations" map_in_bus3_0

    "Corn? Wait, corn grows out of the ground? What? No, no way!" map_in_corn2_0

    "See you, corn!" map_out_corn_0

    "Oh this is so cool! I don't think I've ever been to a real farm before." map_in_farm4_0

    "Let me tell you, this place is paradise compared with the place I come from" map_in_town1_0

    "A forest! And this one got trees! Too bad we can't stay." map_out_2forest_0

    "Neat seeing you mister Tunnel!" map_out_tunnel_0

    "I wonder if I should trust this supertechnology. Everyone knows it comes from the Hollow Earth." pap_arm2_3

    "Late at night, when no one is around, I get up the book, and read all about what's really going on." pap_wait2_0

    "Everybody is always talking, saying I'm crazy, saying I talk to myself. I don't do that, I never talk to myself! I'm not crazy, they're crazy!" pap_wait_0

    "I am not crazy, I'll kill anyone who thinks that. And I can hear what you are thinking too so don't think that!" pap_wait_1

    "What don't you judge me just because I get hungry? Im a big man, I need my proteins." pap_wait_4

    "Hey, tell you what, you take care of her and we're even, okay?" avogadro_attack_1

    "Ah, women, always faking it with me." screecher_attack_2

    "Unless it's faked, I suspect that this fight is faked. And I'm gonna wait right here to find out." screecher_attack_3

    "Sorry, I'm not impressed by your so-called equal rights and your so-called headshot." kill_headshot_2

    "Yeah....I'm comming to get ya.......inch by inch.........step by step........yep......here I come" surrounded_0

    "Oh, I have received a gift from the magical voices" ray_1




    "Ain't so easy to kill a Russman, eh?" - avogadro_flee_1

    "Scared of this old man? I would be too!" - avogadro_flee_2

    "Get that electric bug off the bus!" - avogadro_onbus_1

    "Ahah, magic blowing box that gives us free stuff....I know the Devil's work when I see it!" - box_move_2

    "Knife it, Stuh, knife it!" - screecher_attack_0

    "I'm gonna use your corpse as a coat!" - kill_close_3

    "When I see a zombie, I explode that motherfucker" - kill_zombie_4

    "Too many trees for this city boy" - map_in_2forest1

    "No monsters in this here field I bet. Bullshit I bet!" - map_in_corn1

    "Secret-ass hillbilly house in the corn? No thank you" - map_in_farm1

    "I don't like the class of people who frequent this rathole!" - map_in_power3

    "Just a bed, all Russman ever wanted was a bed. And power" - map_in_town3

    "Tunnels, why does it always have to be tunnels" - map_in_tunnel3

    "Hmm, something fishy going on here" - pap_hint1

    "I got a funny feeling about this place" - pap_hint2

    "Damn, this is gonna take longer than the last time I pissed a kidneystone!" - pap_wait2

    "I give anything to taste my mommas cooking right about now. Too bad she's been dead for 15 years." - pap_wait2_4


    Marlton Johnson


    "I'm used to Russman being a fool, damn Stuhlinger but Misty, you're doing fine. Run!" avogadro_stopbus_2

    "Russman, run to the storm and see if you can meassure the gigawattage!" avogadro_storm_0

    "It is not the fasted way of locomotion, but it is certainly better than walking" bus_ride_0

    "Misty, uh, while you are there get me a sample!" avogadro_attack_2

    "You're perfect, I mean, you're aim. Is perfect!" kill_headshot_4

    "Wunderbär! That is Spanish for 'you are lucky' " wpck_monkey_2

    "Great, Tesla coils!" power_core_2

    "Now, I am become death, destroyer of worlds!" wpck_dsr50_2

    "Oh, I would not trade this for all the tea in China. If there even is a China anymore" wpck_saiga12_1

    "You see, to any underdeveloped mind, science is indistinguishable from magic." wpck_ray_2

    "Yes who is the man? It is moi! I believe I have myself proven to be the man!" kill_streak_0

    "They ask me to leave? I was the one reporting this disgusting behavior! Makes no sense." pap_wait2

    "What an interminable waste. Just because one is different is not a valid excuse to simply banish him." pap_wait3




    "Passenger's must restrain small children while the bus is in motion." zombie_attack_4

    "Please pay the bus fare in exact change." zombie_enter_2

    "Holy crap the bridge is going down! Wait, it stopped, let's just test its structural integrity by continuing to drive this heavy bus over it, shall we?" bridge_collapse_1

    "What could go wrong in a darkened diner with gasoline covering the ground?" near_diner3_0

    "What could go wrong in a darkened diner in the middle of no where?" near_diner4_0

    "Now approaching the rundown gas station and diner filled with undead things which want to kill you!" near_diner5_0

    "Everyone off at the charming country cottage covered with creeps." near_farm3_0

    "Rural cannibalism is on, coming up next!" near_farm5_0

    "Abandoned power facility just ahead, what could go wrong?" near_power3_0

    "Abandoned power facility up ahead, you should bark and light up the neighborhood why don't ya." near_power4_0

    "I'd warn you about this place but I doubt you'd listen." near_power5_0

    "New-route announcement engaged, now approaching Consolidated Coach Corporation Bus Depot." near_station3_0

    "Next station; a grounded bus stop filled with undead." near_station4_0

    "All up for a one-way trip to Doomsville!" near_station5_0

    "Count taker stop, get off now for shopping, movies, dining, *inaudible*." near_town3_0

    "Everyone off for the rotten burnout hellhole, crawling with the undead. Yay!" near_town5_0

    "Oh what a beautiful small town. Oh wait, no, it's just that burned out wreck again." near_town4_0

    "New route learned. Cross-referencing mapping software. Automatic Route Guidance still in effect." near_tunnel2_0

    "If you look to your left, you'll see the river of lava that we appear to be moving into. Time to panic!" bridge_collapse_4

    "All passengers must remain behind the yellow line at all times." doors_close_3

    "Thank you for riding Consolidated Coach Corporation Bus Lines." doors_close_4

    "Doors engaged!" doors_open_2

    "Please do not hurry the driver." doors_open_3

    "Welcome aboard Speedway Bus Lines!" doors_open_4

    "Clear the road ahead, move up to Deluxe Coach!" hint_upgrade_1

    "More accommodations available on Consolidated Coach Corporation Double-Decker class!" hint_upgrade_2

    "Mysterious and dangerous forest just ahead." near_1forest3_0

    "Hey, perhaps you should disembark and explore this darkened forest, I'm sure nothing bad will happen." near_1forest4_0

    "And yet another mysterious and dangerous forest just ahead." near_2forest3_0

    "Please display courtesy to the automatic driver." 1attack_0

    "It is unsafe to distract the driver while the bus is operational." 1attack_1

    "Warning. Warning. Software failure imminent." 2attack_2

    "Stay behind the yellow lines at all times, or you'll be sorry asshole!" 3attack_0

    "WOOOOOAAAHH did anyone else feel that?!" bridge_collapse_2

    "Door privileges have been fucking revoked!" pissed_2

    "Ladies and gentleman, please remove your possessions from the seats next to you, to make room for new passengers." ride_generic_3

    "Error. Self-repair protocols inactive. All passengers must disembark upon pain of slow, agonizing death." stop_generic_1

    "Danger! Persons damaging Consolidated Coach Corporation Bus-Lines property will be reported to authorities." zombie_attack_1

    "As we drive over this collapsing bridge, please remember there is no afterlife that your loved ones will be joining you in." bridge_collapse_3

    "Please do not board or exit the bus while the bus is in motion." zombie_enter_0

    "Danger! This bus is not equipped for rooftop sight-seeing." zombie_roof_0

    "As a friendly reminder, passengers must restrain small children while the bus is in motion." zombie_roof_1

    "Warning! Local police officials have been alerted to unruly passengers." zombie_roof_4

    "Broken bridge to nowhere, coming right up!" near_bridge3_0

    "Everyone off the bus! It's time to get murdered underground." near_tunnel5_0

    "Vandals will be ejected without a refund." 2attack_0

    "Fuck you! Now I am not stopping." pissed_0

    "Fuck you! Get your ass off my bus." pissed_1

    "These beautiful green rolling grass covered hills are home to thousands of *inaudible*." ride_generic_1

    "This bus is out of order. A replacement driver has been notified and will be here in approximately 123 years... You're all fucked." stop_generic_0

    "No free rides. Bus fees will be punished severely." zombie_enter_3

    "*immitating terminator voice* GET BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE, OR RISK TERMINATION." zombie_enter_4

    "*immitating terminator voice* NO FIGHTING ON THE BUS." zombie_roof_3

    "Please step clear of the closing doors." doors_close_0

    "Consolidated Coach Corporation Bus-Lines is pleased to deliver you to your destination." doors_open_1

    "Consolidated Coach Corporation Bus-Lines invites you to upgrade to first class." hint_upgrade_0

    "Go ahead, get off here. See how long you last." near_1forest5_0

    "Oh fuck we're all going to die! Goodbye cruel world, goodbye! Oh... we made it. Consolidated Coach Corp would like to remind you to stay calm in any emergency situations." bridge_collapse_0

    "Tear out the windows in terror as we navigate the broken bridge." near_bridge4_0

    "Interfering with proper bus control is unsafe for all passengers." 1attack_2

    "Hey asshole, I'm telling you to stop or I'm driving you off a cliff!" 3attack_2

    "Welcome aboard, please have a seat! Thank you for choosing Consolidated Coach Corporation Bus-Lines. We know it's a big decision who you ride with and we are privileged to have been chosen." enter_0

    "This vehicle is equipped with anti-vandalism response." zombie_attack_0

    "Passengers who engage in violence will be forcefully ejected." zombie_attack_2

    "We reserve the right to deny service." zombie_enter_1

    "Danger. Doors closing. Please clear the doorway." doors_close_2

    "Consolidated Coach Corporation Bus-Lines is not responsible for your safety." zombie_roof_2

    "Corn maze. Disembark for the dizzying corn maze... that you'll never get out of." near_corn3_0

    "Go on, disembark and get some corn! What's the worst that can happen?" near_corn5_0

    "Authorities have been alerted to your destructive actions." 2attack_1

    "Please excuse the delay, rush hour traffic alerts are now in effect. Please expect a 12-minute slowdown." ride_generic_2

    "Error. Error. Transport is under attack by city population. Engaging emergency riot software." zombie_attack_3

    "Please keep the doorway free of hands and feet." doors_close_1

    "Error. Error. Global Positioning System navigation error. Maintain current course. Implement Automatic Course Upgrade protocols." exit_tunnel1_0

    "Secluded wooded areas perfect for hiding corpses or quiet murders coming right up." near_2forest4_0

    "Prepare to disembark and be eaten!" near_2forest5_0

    "Falling down deathtrap of a rotten bridge ahead. Been there, done that." near_bridge5_0

    "Keep fucking with me. See if I don't crash this bus and kill you all." 3attack_1

    "Farewell, I hope you enjoyed your journey with us. May I suggest you run." exit_0

    "Road conditions are contributing to an overall bumpy ride. Please bear with the highway repairs." ride_generic_4

    "End of the line. No seriously, this is now the end of the line." stop_generic_2

    "Pismo Beach. There's nowhere quite like Pismo Beach." near_diner2_0

    "Now arriving Groom Lake. Last call for Groom Lake." near_farm1_0

    "Grand Central Station. End of the line, Grand Central Station." near_farm2_0

    "Bohemian Grove. Put on your hoods and disembark at Bohemian Grove." near_power1_0

    "Yellow Stone Park. Step off the bus to see beautiful Yellow Stone Park." near_power2_0

    "Welcome aboard. Please secure all personal belongings and take your seat, now departing for the H.A.A.R.P. Research Station." near_station1_0

    "Harvard Yard. Everyone off for Harvard Yard." near_station2_0

    "Ladies and gentleman, we are now arriving at the Fast Flux Test Facility." near_town1_0

    "Santa Monica Promenade. Ride the Ferris wheel, surf the pier." near_town2_0

    "Now approaching tunnel entrance for Dulce Base." near_tunnel1_0

    "Attention passengers, next bus stop is the island of Hawaii. We're all going to drown." near_2forest2_0

    "Tehachapi Range, just ahead. Please gather your biohazard suits if Tehachapi Range is your stop." near_bridge1_0

    "Grand Canyon dead ahead. Now crossing the Grand Canyon!" near_bridge2_0

    "Greenbriar Resort. Every one off for Greenbriar Resort." near_corn1_0

    "Houston Astrodome. All riders off for the Houston Astrodome." near_corn2_0

    "Error. Error. Bus transponder not operational. Default into program route cycle, now arriving Savannah River Tritium K Reactor." near_diner1_0

    "If you look out the windows on your right, ladies and gentleman, you will see the beautiful Great Slave Lake, the cleanest freshwater lake in the region." ride_generic_0

    "Please gather all Top Secret files, and disembark for Deep Springs Gravitational Anomaly." near_2forest1_0

    "Darkened hole in a cliff, just ahead." near_tunnel3_0

    "Attention passengers, please active clean-suits and disembark for Mount Weather." near_1forest1_0

    "Darkened hole in a cliff, just ahead!"

    "Everyone off for the majestic Mount Rushmore." near_1forest2_0


    Dr. Edward Richtofen


    "*cough* Ah, excuse me, I'm just getting used to the Aether. Wrecks havoc upon the pipes" - first_drop_0

    "Ah! Good job! Wonderful! You've done well, my friend, but this is not a sprint. This is a marathon. Of your group, you are the only one who seems to be able to hear me, so you must convince your deaf friends to heat up the obelisk! Setting a puny fire will not be enough; it must reach an extreme temperature. Now, if only you knew how to build a portable engine of some sort which might grow very hot. Hm... some sort of jet engine with an afterburner? Oh what, you do? Oh goody goody. So, why are you still standing here listening to the voices in your head? Get to it schweinhund or Maxis will kill you all!" sidequest_power_on_0

    "Oh, that is the last piece! Now you have everything you need to build the jet engine. Quickly!"

    "Excellent! Your skills are superb. Now get this thing to the obelisk! We must hurry for Maxis is a busy little beaver, and the dam he built will kill you all! Trust me!" sidequest_jet_complete_0

    "Now we need the 115, and the only place to get that is from the flesh. THE FLEISCH! You must wrest the 115 from the undead by killing them. Oh, boy, do you need a bunch of it. Get busy!" sidequest_jet_empty_0

    "Ahh that is the last piece! Now you have everything you need to make the jet engine. Quickly!" sidequest_jet_last_0

    "Nein swastika! Try again! The obelisk must be as hot as you can make it! So hot...!" sidequest_jet_low_0

    "Ah, this is good. You have accomplished much. But to activate the computer you must have the little NavCard-thingy, which plugs into the computer-thingy. Don't worry your little brain about what it does or how it works. Just go find it!" sidequest_jet_terminal_0

    "Eins, zwei, drei, vier! Jawohl! Reduce the electricity now, 'till you're the only ones." sidequest_near_light_0

    "You fool, the obilisk must be hot, very very hot! *laughs* Like me, oh. sidequest_blow_mag_0

    "Oh wunderschön, but now too much power is flowing into the obelisk. You must reduce the incoming power by a factor of four!" sidequest_blow_nomag_0

    "Idiots, you must have missed a step somewhere! First the hot, then the flesh, then the electricity. You are almost illusive! If I wanted a mindless thing to save the Earth I would send a zombie! sidequest_emp_mag_0

    "Ja! Ja! Jawohl! It's so hot that it's burning up! Oh! Sexy! Sexy!" sidequest_terminal_on_0

    "Sometimes my pretties need help: Attack!" sidequest_zombie_drop_0

    "Drop one of these here und.." sidequest_zombie_drop_1

    "Pick up a zombie, put down a zombie. It's hard!" sidequest_zombie_drop_2

    "Here zombie let me help you" sidequest_zombie_drop_3

    "That is a large group of Armee Untoten. Now lure them to the obelisk. Then make them ka-boom!" sidequest_zom_lure_0

    "Yeah! Yeah! I can feel the tingling in my toesies!" sidequest_emp_off_0

    "Allmost, all four must do it simulatious. Together, idiots, together! Must I do everything? *inhearable* It's the least you can do to save your pathetic planet. I swear some people no ability to work as a team." sidequest_3emp_mag_0

    "Ja, ja, you did it! Soon this beautiful planet will be healed once more, and the flesh will cover the Earth! *Gasps* What a glorious day that will be for you! You will be the hero that has saved all of the Earth, for me to play with! *Laughs*" sidequest_4emp_mag_0


    Not used in-game, but can be found in the files:

    "He's not going to say anything about wodka? Ah! You guys are boring!" bar_0

    "Blah blah blah, wodka wodka, blah blah. Ahh, I think I'm starting to miss that drunk" bar_1

    "Trying to take a break I see?" crawler_0

    "Now, which one of you is going to take care of that little bastard while everyone else runs around?" crawler_1

    "Now go look at Everything!" crawler_2

    "You know, I think I'm starting to miss the other three" early_0

    "Even a stupid American und drunken Russian could do better than that!" early_1

    "Oh look! You've got the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Ah! Just kidding! Hahahaha" fakeout_0

    "It's like playing Don't Touch The Lava - but with real lava! Hahaha" lava_0

    "It's that all the damage those missiles did? I was hoping for less ground and more lava" lava_1

    "I remember doing that just to anger that little girl!" monkey_0

    "Ooohhh his screams are so delightful!" monkey_1

    "Ah this building looks familiar" nacht_0

    "No power, no juggernog. You have it easy compared to how they had it" nacht_1

    "That gift was just for you! Und you throw it away! .. I think I'm offended" powerblink_0

    "It looks like a Max Ammo but I can't be sure. I can only see everything at the same time" powerdist_0

    "You know I never liked it how that little brat never told us how anything worked. So the secret to survive is to yadayadayada aha and that's how you win, ahahahaah!" silence_0

    "You know I used to be in your shoes....then I became an all-powerfull omnipotent being!" silence_1

    "Speed Cola! Oh how I miss that invigorating taste!" speedcola_0

    "The best drink of them all!" speedcola_1


    Dr Ludwig Maxis


    "You've done well, but yet we need more energy" avogadro_emp_0

    "The creature is too far away, you need his energies, or all your effords are for nots" avogadro_far_0

    "The creature is near! Lure him to the Spire!" avogadro_near_0

    "Nein, don't do that! We need the creature's energies, killing it will only set back your progress!" avogadro_stab_0

    "This is a great powersource, although it will have to be amplified. With any higher output, our communications will likely be cease. We will require a burst of tremendous voltage." build_complete_0

    "You have done well, but we need more energy. This is but the tip of what need three signs. Now, create the tricontomous system!" emp_nolight_0

    "Nein, the electromagnetic pulse has ward off! You must act with pace, the electrical creature is interferring with my signal!" emp_off_0

    "That is but one of the required three points to complete the design." first_pole_0

    "Nothing to see here for now. Maybe down the road we will revisit this place. Such a lovely place." future_dlc_0

    "It seems a new cargo is on board that needs to be delivered" future_nav_0

    "The Spire, the Spire is nearby!"  near_corn_0

    "This power is too ingentle for my purpose. I cannot communicate while it is *gets cut off*"power_interference_0

    "Yes outstanding! Now we can continue our other tasks" power_off_0

    "Excellent! You have freed it! But now, you must turn off the power. An active power grid will disrupt all communications between us and make it impossible to accomplish the mission I have for you. Shut down the power." power_on_0

    "Nein, that makes him stronger, no!" avogadro_shoot_0

    "Excellent, you have activated the 2 obtuse vertices of the sailing, quickly complete the tertiary node!" turbine1_light_0

    "Yes! The spire is online. Now, if the other sites can only be likewise empowered, then perhaps there is still a chance to complete that which was begun so many years ago. Your help has been invaluable. Farewell." terminal_on_0

    Not enough power. Bring out the new energy systems!" turbine_1tower_0

    You have done well. Now activate the Spire's power. Are you circumcised? Oh hold on."turbine_2lights_off_0

    "Good, the tricontomous system is now complete." turbine_2lights_on_0

    "Yes, power, we need more of it! But only power which is portable and possibly even alive!"turbine_2tower_0

    "Kill the creature! Kill it now, so we can capture its essence!" turbine_2tower_avo_0

    "That's it! Now, complete the device. Do it!" turbine_final_0

    "You have constructed the Control Mechanism, but to program the computer you will need to secure application NAVcard. You will have to seek it out so return here and activate the Spire to save mankind." turbine_terminal_0

    "Ah, your power supplies are drained, now start again. Portable power devices are running out. You will have to redo a step, hurry! You have led power to drain below acceptable levels. Return to previous locations." turbines_out_0


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