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    Ciphers & Scrap Paper



    Though Edward's work was integral to our initial analysis of Divinium, the rift between us grows deeper each day. I fear his loyalties lay only with group nine three five and their insatiable desire for yet more devastating weaponry. I myself can no longer continue on this path in all conscience. Though my actions will inevitably be viewed as treason. I am more concerned with just how Edward will react when I tell him of my contact with the allies...


    A higher power


    The breadth of the Ancients' knowledge is humbling. I find myself questioning not only my understanding of the scientific world, but also the true nature of the universe itself. For the first time in my adult life, I find myself open to the possibility of a higher power...


    Edward Richtofen


    From his very first day studying at Heidelberg, Edward displayed an intellect and maturity well beyond his years. However, the impact of his parents' death has affected him deeply. Though I have tried to provide him with some sort of father figure, I fear his choices may be increasingly influenced by his new found friends within group nine three five.




    I know some would think me mad but I am nevertheless forced to conclude that Samantha herself may be the key to everything. For reasons that I struggle to comprehend, it appears that she somehow holds dominion over this realm.


    Warn Messines


    Warn Messines
    Something blue in the earth
    Not clay
    We grew weak
    Thought it was flu
    Men became beasts
    Blood turned to ash
    Liberate tute de infernis (Latin: free yourself from Hell)


    Scrap Paper




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