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    Marlton Johnson


    "They ask me to leave? I was the one reporting this disgusting behavior! Makes no sense."

    "What an interminable waste. Just because one is different is not a valid excuse to simply banish him."

    "This device will prove my mental superiority once and for all."

    "No! My electronics are ruined!"

    "The forces contained herein shall make me unstoppable!"

    "Grow a pair of eyes already, there are zombies on the damn roof!"

    "Execute them before they overwhelm us!"

    "The air is thick with the sounds of carnivorous beasts."

    "Visibility here is near zero, what is the point?"

    "I cannot believe this is the best route to where we were going."

    "The air is thick with the sounds of carnivorous beasts."

    "Please respect my personal space!"


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