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    Samuel J. Stuhlinger


    "It's aliens, it gotta be aliens" box_move_d_0

    "Hey, did that lad had a German accent? You all heard that voice right?" box_move_d_2

    "This must mean something, but what exactly?" find_secret_d_0

    "Ah, Russia" gripe_russia_d_0

    "There was something on the floor, blood or banana, I am not sure which" heal_revived_d_4

    "Go for the geek, he's stronger flavoured!" leaper_attack_d_3

    "You are just another weird thing in a weird, weird world" pap_wait2_d_4

    "You are just another weird thing in a weird, weird world" pap_wait2_d_4

    "Damn diary, voices" pap_wait2_m_1

    "Oh, it's this book! It's cursed!" sidequest_samuel_self_d_4


    Dr. Edward Richtofen


    "Vital energy flows for all things, living or dead. My ability to manipulate these walls is fragile and limited. That is why I need your help. [laughs] Dummkopf!"

    "We must neutralize any errant energy fields in order to prevent Maxis from enacting his plan. Take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the sources do not fall under his control, [laughs] if you can find them!"

    "Yes! The energy fields are growing, but further manipulation is need before we achieve… ah… control."

    "The balls! It's all about the balls! You must purge their energy before Maxis interferes! Perhaps a rapid liquidification will suffice, yeah? Then do it!"

    "Yeah! Make those balls wet, you whore! More! Keep going, oh [mutters to self]."

    "Oh, that was good. Maxis will no longer be able to get his filthy hands on those balls, those, oh, so wet balls. Now, the real fun can begin."

    "Oh, look at you. So clever. The machine can automate the undead's destruction."

    "Keep going! More machines are needed."

    "[Laughs] I'm so excited. And so pleased. Keep going."

    "Oh, I love it when we plan and come together… What were we doing?"

    "Only with your combined power we can control the Tower."

    “The spire, it needs the energy of the undead. We must find a way to make our blood sacrifice.

    "Look at them go!"

    "More blood! More blood!"

    "Holding back! Holding back! We're so close. We're so close. We're so close. [Laughs] I can feel it! Only with your combined energy can we fully control the tower. You need a conduit for the electrical energy contained within your living flesh. Any ideas? Oh, I know. How about those electric, knuckle-punchy things?"

    "Good work, Samuel. Look to the dragon. The energy flows! Oh how it flows on my face."

    "Keep your ears open, Samuel Stuhlinger. You will hear me, again… again… again… again… [Laughs] That's the echo effect. I'm still here."

    "Sometimes my pretties need help: Attack!"

    “The spire, it’s so beautiful. Und it is mine! It’s all mi-ours!, I mean it’s all ours.”

    “Who knows where? Who knows when? That’s why it’s so fun ya?”

    “Here zombie let me help you.”

    “There is much to do, you must listen only to me, Sammy boy! [Laughs]”

    “Ok, you seem new to this or at least you seem a bit nervous, no? Ok, tell you what. I will keep my pretties from overwhelming you too much, so….relax!”

    “Pick up the zombie, put down the zombie. It’s hard!”

    “Hmm let’s see. Ahh, I can help you up and over pretty one, this is how she did it. I always knew she was cheating!”

    “Ah, joyous news my kind helper, the first spire has now been activated! Together we will thwart Maxis once and for all!”


    Dr Ludwig Maxis


    “Without the control of the first spire, my communications are increasingly fragmented.”

    “Do not lose faith. Do not listen to the word of others, less you face eternal damnation.”

    “Form a stand, charge in hand. Only then will the spire be ours.”

    "The energy fields are no longer disrupting my communication via electrical devices. You will hear me, and you should listen."

    "You will need the weapon you hold in due time. Make sure you guard it with your life."

    "The alignment has begun. You are on the right path. Please, continue. You must trigger the symbols in the correct order, an order that only trial and error will reveal."

    "Excellent! The energy fields are changing, transforming, flowing. Ah, you are on the right path. You must look for objects of steel. With the appropriate weapon, their energy fields can be manipulated."

    “The spire must be energized with fire and light. Create a field with which to bind it.”

    “You must keep going, the spire of it’s energy.”

    "It is working! The sphere has relocated! Now, one more must be found."

    "The energy within the spheres is in flux. Fear not, we will need them in due course. Now, find the enlightened one. A blood sacrifice alone is not enough. Reincarnation is key."

    "The regenerative powers of that device are vital to our success. Ensure you do not lose it!"

    "Yes, yes! Keep going. More blood!"

    "Reincarnation will reveal the way forward."

    "Ah, yes! Do you see? The energy of their broken souls has been released! Their energy fields remain in flux. Matter must be transformed before it can be contained. The Spire must be energized as fire and light. Create a field with which to bind it."

    "You must keep going! The Spire awaits energy!"

    "It must be flanked by fire and light."

    "It is working! We are near our goal. Four must stand, charge in hand. Only then will the Spire be ours."

    "Excellent work, humans. Your allegiance brings us one step closer to our goal."

    "You have taken an important step. The Spire has been activated. Now, you must locate and activate the others, if we are to prevent Richtofen's plans from reaching fruition."


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