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  1. So apparently in the latest patch, the notes stated that their was a bug fix with the main EE of SOE. Anyone know what it is??
  2. According to the thread, which also has video proof, it shows a solo player using one bow to do all 4 keeper circles. However, if you play solo and decide to upgrade 2 bows, then you are bound to that bow as well. Same goes for 2 players. If 2 players upgrade 3 bows, the keeper circle can call for that 3rd bow.
  3. So on the Reddit thread there is a post about only needing to use one bow which is generating alot of confirmation. Anyone know about this. If so, does this mean we only have to do one keeper circle or just do all 4 circles with one bow??
  4. I know it's early and only a day since this EE has been beat but the big issue comes down to the DG4 and needing 4 people to get to the boss. Has anyone tried with 2 people yet? 1) how many spikes do you get when you get the weapon this drives me nuts that Blundell pretty much did the exactly the same thing as in SOE, leading solo players on a multi step quest that ends in nothing
  5. Not everyone has the time to put a team together. This is no different then if I played campaign and then on the 2nd to last mission I got blocked. So retarded.
  6. I am hearing that they totally F#$cked SOLO players right at the last step again too. Something about using 4 gravity spikes at the pyramid. Total BS.
  7. As I am painstakingly watching from my Steam slemuber as PS4ers have all the fun I was wondering if there is any indicateion that this EE can be done Solo. I mean I guess the big thing is the bows. Can a solo players do all 4 bows??
  8. I was just playing and shot the ww in the pap room by a margwa and got the audio cue Gwanath Id gun gwanath. Somebody should try brining the robot into the pap room and get kills with the ww after that audio cue
  9. I think the name is random too. But I as much as you may disagree about the "zornath" instead of Gwanath, all the other chant words are from the main board treyarch showed us. The one that really gets me is "grapple robot"
  10. Here is what I think.. I have just dumped all 4 audio cues into pro tools and slowed them down and compared them to the language board we were given. I am thinking this: Maybe when you get the gun, the name of the gun corresponds with what needs to be done to get the 4 audio cues to upgrade the weapon. After closely listening to these audio cues I came up with this: 1)transform zombie/perk- this makes me think of that video when the guy threw widows wine into the abyss and a weird looking zombie came out and a ppurple circle appeared powerup id gun- this seems pretty meat and potatoes. either it means get kills or put the WW in the pap when its ready Robot Id Gun Robot- shoot the civil protector with WW or near him. open robot/grapple robot. There is no way to open the robot. But I wonder if you get all three audio cues, and then go into beast mode and try to grapple the civil protector, maybe he upgardes the WW or that's just the last step. Just some thoughts. I am pretty sure on those audio cues though
  11. I agree, now that we have 4 names and 4 meanings or instructions, we should experiment on which ones go first. I am willing to bet that the audio cues definitely signify a completed step. we should slow down the cues to try and hear what they are saying. Maybe its that simple. Ill give it a shot. I run a studio and have protools
  12. I was watching mcsportzhawk last night painfully trying to get the WW upgrade but to no avail. Then I started reading this new language they gave us and noticed from another post that the WW name changes. Maybe there are 4 different ways to upgrade it which corresponds to the name on the WW or the 4 steps.. For instance: 1. Kor-Maroth 2. Mar-Astagua 3. Nar-Ullaqua 4. Lor-Zarozzor Not Upgraded Translated 1. Elemental-Margwa 2. Margwa-Spend 3. Id Gun-Consume 4. Survive-Transform 1) Elemental Margwa may mean kill a Margwa in a certain area or use a certain element (air, fire, earth, water) to kill one. 2) Margwa spend makes me think you need to get the WW out of the box while a Margwa is present 3) ID gun consume is a bit tricky. the only gun that consumes is the WW itself. As far as Identifying the gun, maybe we need to zap symbols in beast mode that correspond with the gun. or maybe those purple symbols that pop up on the ground have symbols that you need to consume zombies inside those purple circles that have corresponding language to the WW 4)Survive Transform has me a bit confused too. Does survive mean survive a round?? Transform must mean beast mode. Im open to suggestions. Think about this guys. It is no mistake that they teased the fans with the language in the new trailer. They realize that this EE is having trouble being found so they threw us a bone. I believe upgrading this gun has everything to do with the language.
  13. Not sure if this was already found but if you throw armies at the beast mode torches you get a Samantha laugh.
  14. I think we just need to focus on what the goal is of the last step. Its to kill the humongous octopus. You really think the Solo game ends with that thing remaining over the city?? I just don't buy it. There is probably a different way for solo players to kill it, its just we are tunnel visioned on shocking the trains etc..
  15. Ok so played last night Solo and got to the Shadowman kill step in the Pap room. I think i was on round 20. I had Jugg, Widow, Double Tap, Arnies, 2 PaPed weapons. What is the best stratehy for this step?? I walked in to the PaP room and interacted with one of the gatekeepers, and the screen flashed white. i am assuming that starts the step. Is it better to just kill all the Zombies first and then try to take down Shadowman?? I think I made the mistake of trying to shoot him and take care of zombies at the same time and got cornered. FML:)
  16. Ok, I know it sounds like we are beating a dead horse here, but has any one REALLY searched around after killing the shadow man on Solo. Does any one else think its odd that the last step is cut out, yet it automatically brings all 4 swords into the PaP room even though you did nothing to upgrade them all. You guys think maybe the last step is different for Solo and we just haven't found it yet. Like maybe there is a different way to kill the giant octopus on Solo and everyone is stuck on the fact that there NEEDs to be a giant gateworm at the junction. Just thoughts. I am gonna jump int a solo game now and hopefully kill the Shadowman and hunt around. Maybe its one of these out of place grapple areas in beast mode.
  17. So finally the team Ive been playing with had the time to get together and make another run at this EE. We were kicking ass. We were at the flag step at round 15. All of a sudden the flag just would not turn into a max ammo. it dinged, it glowed red, but just stayed that way until it ultimately got blown up by meatballs. It just kept doing that every attempt. Anyone have this happen?? I know the civil protector helps, but do you guys have a sound strategy to deal with this step?? Just seems like stuff is just flying everywhere
  18. I am totally open to the idea that there may be more to The Giant. Maybe the answer is right in front of our noses. The map is called the Giant and we have a giant robot head. I know it is used for the perk but maybe something more. I think the annihilator is used for something too. But to just repeat the map and redo the fly trap, with some added gobblegum just doesn't seem right. I would start pack a punching things and start shooting around at the very least. Just think of how small the panel is to activate the Fly Trap. Keep that in mind on how easy we could be missing something. Just a thought. On a side note, if anyone can help abrother out on SOE EE on PC add me: TheBiggerMuff
  19. The calling card is not the issue. Shutting it down on solo players at the end is the issue. You would think they would listen to their community after BO2. Prime example, To get the big ending in Buried, every other map had to be done with other players. It is just stupid and excludes a number of players who preferred Solo. So Solo playershave to settle for smaller map Easter Eggs and can't even fully participate in the big story. This causes every Solo player to approach every map in the same way, as a high round survival game and not a quest because its not available to them. Ultimately the player gets bored. Give the solo player the same oppurtunity for cutscenes, storyline, reward etc.. and they will retain and create a bigger fan base Im a PC player:TheBiggerMuff
  20. Yep, just seems like people at Treyarch have this idea that just because you can play the game with 4 players, you are required to have a team to get a full experience. Like you are obligated to recognize all the work they put into a 4 player environment. Thing is not everyone wants that. You can easily tweek every easter egg to fit a solo environment. If a step normally requires 4 players to do, make it that a solo player only has to do his part but it has more difficulty, or like i said before if its time based step, give the solo player more time. I never really liked the COTD seperate achievemnts. Origins was a step in the right direction but it took forever solo. SOE could of at the very least, gave you the calling card after killing the shadow man on solo
  21. Ok, I'll rant. I love Zombies. I am an older guy in his 30's with a kid. Hard to find 3 hours and a team that isn't retarded to do these EEs. This particular map pissing me off alot about taking a solo player all the way to the end and not letting them take part in the final step solo. Its just dumb. Its ok to have to upgrade your sword using all 4 players ritual spots when you are playing solo, but another step (the last one) can't be done on solo. This could have been as simple as letting a solo player have more time to shock everything etc... I am just tired of not having the same oppurtunity as a 4 player game does. You already have a team based environment, it called multiplayer. I just don't feel the need to give a multi player game in Zombies more access to a storyline then a solo player. If they made it equal, it would draw so many more people to Zombies.
  22. I still am not sold on the no Solo EE thing. Come on you can get 4 worms and do all 4 rituals and get 4 swords all on solo, but the last step doesn't work.. Retarded
  23. Thats freaking BS.. Treyarch could have easily made it possible. I hope this doesnt carry over to The Giant where you need that Stone. So dumn, they let you get 4 worms and swords but not the end. Just doesn't seem right
  24. It just doesn't make sense that you can do 99% of the Easter Egg on solo except for the last step. Doesn't make sense
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