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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. i just wanna say how funny i find all of this. after the last (2) threads you made about confirmed real easter eggs (where you got rightfully put in your place), you pretend like it was just your mistake and you understand why people got upset; then you make another confirmed easter egg thread... and of course it isn't... followed by more random thoughts. i don't think you get what "confirmed" means in reference to easter eggs. it means "hey i have visual in-game confirmation that i performed an action \ triggered an event and was able to reproduce it, and here is said proof of egg-istence".
  2. i was curious about the changes to perk-a-colas over there years. i am making my own perk-a-colas from some online tutorials, and i wanted to know about how the perks, and their logos, have changed over the years. obviously as the graphical improvements were made to the game, the bottles and logos were updated slightly, but there was some obvious changes over the years (most notably double tab -> double tab II and sleight of hand -> speed cola). is there any other changes that have been made to any of the perks throughout the games? i have seen lo
  3. i just typed out the message of the location for each gate worm but realized the post above me explains it. i was playing yesterday in a 2 man game and did this. i didnt hear anything special, but i dont know about any other combinations of steps that i did correct\incorrect in your theory. if i recall it was the front left boxer, back left magician, front right cop, back right dancer. personally i think you are going to have to decipher more of the language to understand what to do. i think people haven't really fully compiled a list of symbols observed yet. i saw plenty on the pap w
  4. probably referring to the perk machine hidden in the snow mound
  5. i believe he is right about the 9-35, however they will likely unlock a new prestige with each dlc
  6. One more thing about how game companies measure stuff. I hear a lot of "it's probably just some scribble on a piece of paper". This is unlikely. The reason they know that there are undiscovered Easter eggs, is because there is likely some hidden code flag that they keep track of so they can identify who has completed what. Just like keeping track of kills. They don't have this ability for things like pieces of paper, it would have to be something trigger able like a radio. Whether ta tranzit or another map who knows, but I virtually guarantee its more than that.
  7. i love the concept of buildables but wish they would make them more interesting. i imagine they could have like 20+ items on one map. then you could combine them together to make different items. you could make part of the easter egg figuring out what parts to build to unlock certain parts of a map, or use them to make various weapons\tools. what if instead of a stationary machine gun turret like in tranzit, you could use the fan and make it a rotating turret. what if you could have used the jet engine on the bus to make it go twice as fast... things like this.
  8. i think its important in-so-far as there may be small easter eggs on these maps that were never discovered, or that there may be really small links\clues to the events of the main map. like if 4 players with each of the perk with colors corresponding to the bowling-alley lights were shot then you get a small easter egg like the popcorn alien thing in extinctions first map.
  9. i just think they should add in a group pause ability. like one player presses select and then pressed pause, then a small box will pop up on each remaining players screen with the ability to press a non-important button within 5-10 seconds to pause (e.g. the select button or whatever they call that shit on xbone now). i also wish they would add in the ability to vote to boot a player out of the game. if you have 3 players who all agree the other is screwing up the game, you should be able to vote kick them.
  10. im sure its all for not but, apparently you only see the glowing orbs at the box if the active player has blue eyes. which means, all four players probably need blue eyes to be able to coordinate the next step. which is why nobody has probably figured it out yet.
  11. I stopped looking a long time ago, but I was thinking about those troll tweets from Jimmy Z's twitter account: a train car is a train car... Unless derailed, that is...Then it's junk... Right? If you go there now something will be up and running...But stay to the path. Don't go hunting. So the first tweet seems to indicate something to do with a train, or derailed train car. I went and looked at the derailed trains near power and never really figured anything out. Then it occurred to me, maybe the BUS is the train car (i.e. its just going around in a circle on a track... unless its deraile
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