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    FINALLY! Confirmed game glitch cause samantha laugh

    i just wanna say how funny i find all of this. after the last (2) threads you made about confirmed real easter eggs (where you got rightfully put in your place), you pretend like it was just your mistake and you understand why people got upset; then you make another confirmed easter egg thread... and of course it isn't... followed by more random thoughts. i don't think you get what "confirmed" means in reference to easter eggs. it means "hey i have visual in-game confirmation that i performed an action \ triggered an event and was able to reproduce it, and here is said proof of egg-istence".
  2. i was curious about the changes to perk-a-colas over there years. i am making my own perk-a-colas from some online tutorials, and i wanted to know about how the perks, and their logos, have changed over the years. obviously as the graphical improvements were made to the game, the bottles and logos were updated slightly, but there was some obvious changes over the years (most notably double tab -> double tab II and sleight of hand -> speed cola). is there any other changes that have been made to any of the perks throughout the games? i have seen logos of 'quick revive soda' and just 'revive soda', but i cant seem to find any in-game images of "quick revive soda" just "revive soda". does anyone have a link to the logos, or the textures from the game files. i am also curious if there was any material changes to the way the perks work. as i understand double tab 2.0 use to consume your ammo for each extra head shot, but now it just doubles the bullet fired.

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