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  1. Happened to me yesterday! Was playing on The Giant with 3 of my friends when I was just walking around at the end of a round (I had quick revive, Jugg, Speed Cola, Double Tap, and mule kick from the free perk gumball and I just suddenly went down. I was swatted by a zombie ONE TIME and when my friend picked me up, I still had my PAPED Dingo and PAPED WunderWaffe when it started to cycle me through those two guns and the starting pistol. I then lost both guns and my 8,000 points. Couple rounds later THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO MY FRIEND.
  2. Nothing to do with easter egg as we know. Just something to stress you out :)
  3. - Well, we are inching ever so closer to the release of BO3. First off, I just want to say this. What in the hell are we about to get into. - SOE is supposedly related to MOTD more than any other map/character group, so what does this mean? I believe it means that the SOE characters will be locked in an outside world, a sort of hell like the MOTD prisoners, I would say. The shadowman will function as the warden did, and punish them for their sins. I feel the Shadowman will be more forgiving however, as the Warden (A.K.A. Brutus) was just enraged all the damn time. This has not been brought u
  4. What about Brutus from MOTD? I know his voice is different, but in MOTD he was always filled with so much rage it was hard to understand him. Maybe this is a calmed down version of him?
  5. T-Rex


    - First off, I think I want want to say one thing. WAW, BO1, AND BO2 ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAMES ZOMBIE WISE. In WAW it was so simple. You get your perks, and a ray gun from the box, and you try and survive. No EE's. - In BO1, we had more maps with pack a punch, more thing to do (such as easter eggs), you had to deal with george ramero, an astronaut zombie who always screws you over, and don't forget insane training spots like the Kino stage or the ascension landing platform by PhD. (Storyline started to get crazy too) - Then we have BO2. The monster that IS black ops 2. Crazy new charac
  6. - I think we all know that the WAW zombie maps went in this sequence; Nacht Der Untoten, Verrukt, Shi No Numa, and then Der Riese. - WAW zombies DID NOT have four map packs, as it is believed that kinoder toten was supposed to be Map Pack 4, but was put into BO1 instead along with five, being the only reason we have two maps. - On the Kino Der Toten loading screen, if you read the panels as they are supposed to be read in a comic book (the correct order) , the first panel is Nacht Der Untoten, which makes since being first because it was the first map. Now we have a panel picture of Verruk
  7. T-Rex

    I am T-Rex

    Hello! My forum name is T-Rex, in case you didn't know. I love playing zombies, weither its high round attempts, having fun, exploring new maps, etc. Unfortunately, I recently bought an xbox one because I thought BO3 dlcs would be early for that system again. Lol. PS3- t-rex_dinosaur Xbox one- T Rex Spicy
  8. The blank or "mystery" portrait can be a couple of things: - It could be of Dr.Maxis, but because Richtofen did not like him, he could have blackened out his picture. - The one I think it is, is that it represents YOU, or whoever is playing. Its a blank portrait because in a way the player is a part of the crew, because they control them. - It could just be there for decoration, or Treyarch could be trolling us by putting it there to make people talk about it.
  9. Welcome to the forums T-Rex :)

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