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  1. EDIFICE by PASHAN and PROxFTW DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wrtbeba8x1d47fw/Edifice(2).exe Features: - BO2 guns + A custom modeled PPSH - ak47 - b23r - barret - blundergat - claymore - dsr - fal - fiveseven - galil - executioner - lsat - m14 - m1911 - m1927 - mcs870 - mg08 - minigun - mtar - olympia - pdw - raygun - raygun mrk2 - rpg - s12 - uzi - PPSH (custom Gun) - Perks + Double Buy (increases their effect) Perks: - Quick Revive - Juggerna
  2. i'd say none, no one likes EE, it's one of the most hated things in zombie, i'd say treyarch is stupid if they put in EEs for zombies for BO3..... treyarch was also stupid for not having a bus in their other maps.... as they lacked the exitment teh bus created! :)
  3. I doubt this will happen but imagine..... all the old maps, remastered for next gen! so on the disc, there should be 1 BIG AWSOME EPIC NEW MAP and the remasters.... Maybe even u have to unlock old maps by leveling up in zombies? so ass you level up u unlock maps in order? Just would be nice to play old maps on my ps4....
  4. I think exo suits are okay for campaign and mp, but not for zombies. Agreed
  5. They always need someone to make the coffee, so yeh why not? Is the what u really think? if so, okay!
  6. do u guys think i have a shot?
  7. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/89pa5u10vu2rkxg/Raze_V1.1_-_Pashan.exe Features Black Ops Weapons. Fire Sale Zombie Blood Thunder RUM (When you knife a zombie, the zombie gets stunned.) Volatile Diet Tea (All the flavor with 0% chance of lasting) (A new power up where the player receives a random perk for one minute. If the player has all perks, then the player is given godmode) Fixed Deadshot, PHD and Stamina-up New Power Fixing quest!!!! Double PAP The REAL Double Points (If the player has double points and get a nuke or Carpenter, The points the player re
  8. Welcome to the forums pashan :)

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