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  1. LOL, i was jsut playing on call of the dead with a 42 year old women and some other guys and her boss is gonna get me banned because i didn't work with the team xd (Because i opened te door from the lighthouse :P)

    1. DeathBringerZen


      Well... you did open the lighthouse door, and that is taboo in CotD, so... yeah, I hope you get banned! :P

    2. Taiko


      Haha! I did it because she was sitting on that lighthouse stairs and in the lobby she said to her friend that her boss bans people that glitch/hack.

    3. DeathBringerZen


      Well, in that case you are a hero my friend. Love messing up a glitchers game. :D

  2. New origins high-score! (Round 31)

    1. NinjaNick


      Good job! I got to 24 on it a while ago. No perks or WW

    2. MegaAfroMan


      Nice job!

      Solo or Co-op?

  3. Well it's my favorite map for BOII what else can i say? And the music was amazing! both the EE Song and the trailer song.
  4. Round 30 with NinjaNick!

    1. Taiko


      Freaking elevators >:(

    2. NinjaNick


      I know right? Hate them.

    3. Boom115


      Nice job guys!

  5. Taiko

    Hi CODZ!

    Alvast bedankt! En nee jammer genoeg speel ik voorlopig geen pc meer, Mijn gaming-pc is afgelopen jaar kapot gegaan en heb om het moment geen geld voor een nieuwe of reparaties.
  6. Taiko

    Hi CODZ!

    Hello CODZ! My name is Kobe Im 15 years old and im Belgian. My native language is Dutch but I Understand, read and write english pretty decent (My speaking isn't that good but you still understand me .) I Play Black ops and Black ops 2 zombies on Playstation 3, and i love it! I'm not the best zombie player i'm more the type of team-player. (I got all Zombie maps for black 1 and 2.) Greets Taiko!
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