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  1. So I was trying this strategy I thought of when the worst happened. Time bombs are necessary for this one. I got all my guns and built the tramp near jug. Round 19 with one walker left I grabbed a new tramp and put it down at my spot, then I threw the time bomb. Killed zombies till a max ammo would pop up then blew the time bomb. Grabbed the max and laid down a fresh time bomb, rinse and repeat... Round 19 with 4500 kills. Then i hit the time bomb and it sends me to 19 but I'm stuck in the time warp mode where i couldn't move, the screen just kept flexing. Ended up just leaving the
  2. You just make another wish at the fountain. I found it helpful to get Leroy to hold a crawler while you do this because when I did it the people I was playing with sucked. They couldn't get all the targets, randoms. But Leroy held the crawler for like an hour before one of the guys backed out. But to answer your question, no you don't have to go another round.
  3. I'm also having a problem with the table. Currently I have 2cards. When I put the buried card in transit it didn't disappear, it stayed on the screen. I then picked up the transit card, which I've already put in die rise, and it let me hold both. I then went to die rise to get that card and it switched out for the transit card. I can't get rid of the buried card and I'm not sure if that's why it won't accept the die rise card at the buried table or not. Ive done it all in solo and multiplayer matches. Any thoughts would be appreciated
  4. When I was in a lobby last night with a couple random. They wanted to do the ee so I said sure. I got stuck with weasel. I was stockedup with the VW, papd ray gun, gold spork, and redeemer. When we made the last trip to the island, we revived ourselves and that's when things got different... I think I was weasel and I've done this ee before as weasel. When i did it the first time i could swear that the "KILL" emblem popped up above everyone's heads. When i did it last night i didn't get the "KILL" emblems, instead they were skulls with what appeared to be red circles around them. Not
  5. Its been like that. Nothing new
  6. I think what ur hearing is the place the box spawns at. Real quite whispering. I'm confused by the voodoo music
  7. Anyone realize the retrievers orange and the redeemers blue? EE related maybe?
  8. Alright, sorry bout that. Can someone close this
  9. I was trying to let these ppl know what that achievement is, but if it isnt worth a thread then take it down.
  10. No problem here. Is this the wrong place to put this or sumthing
  11. I've searched around and haven't seen any info on this so i figure I'd post it. Me and a couple randoms were playing tonight and decided to do the pop goes the weasel EE. When we made the last trip to the GG bridge wile in purgatory the guys started taking bets on who was gunna kill me, since I was weasel. So when we got over there and revived ourselves i put sum space between us and got ready for em. I ended up killing all 3 of em and the game ended. I got "pop goes the weasel" and "break the cycle" achievements. Tried to save the vid but it didn't save
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