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  1. When I was in a lobby last night with a couple random. They wanted to do the ee so I said sure. I got stuck with weasel. I was stockedup with the VW, papd ray gun, gold spork, and redeemer. When we made the last trip to the island, we revived ourselves and that's when things got different... I think I was weasel and I've done this ee before as weasel. When i did it the first time i could swear that the "KILL" emblem popped up above everyone's heads. When i did it last night i didn't get the "KILL" emblems, instead they were skulls with what appeared to be red circles around them. Not sure if it's ee related it i figured this is the place to find out
  2. Anyone realize the retrievers orange and the redeemers blue? EE related maybe?

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