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Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

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  1. couldn't add hellswarrrior, don't know why, but it never went thru. try to add me instead, RippedCargo, my gamer tag. got a group that tried and of course, someone killed the zombie and the end of 4 rounds. Killed off time to build and set up for next rounds. actually fiiied a soul box with zombies from round 3 and some of 4. that's when it all went to crap! players come apart, when playing with limited fire power, no jug and very little $. lets try and get this game date set. We can do this!!!!!! added Boomyeah and way2g00. hit me back here or xbox. thanks...... added Choppernator aswwell
  2. hording, meaning... traing zombies, and using them where needed. just keeping the zombies from bum rushing that player who's getting something major done. it's sunday and looking for a reply for this play date?
  3. Well, well...12 huh? Oh comon, your wasting so many zombies, 10 is the goal! look at my layout again, almost evey zombie is accounted for, no room for error here. Drop me an invite on xbox live GT=RippedCargo. it's a matter of having player that can evade and horde zombies on rounds 5,6 and 7. being able to get everyone on the same page, seems to be the hardest part of this challenge. getting in agartha, as soon as the panzer dies. hording while other player get oden bombs, not killing the last zombie! It's Pure team work! so yeah , i'm in on a play date, sunday works, someone post something o
  4. OK... um kkilling zombies on the tank track, between jus and escavation. at the moment this happened there was no zombies around me, close to end of round. i heard a laugh, like when you throw a monkey bomb out of the playing area, then i went down and died within a second, no revive time or a downed yellow flag. yeah... iwas like wtf. and my team just saw me die. nothing they could do. this has happened to a few players i know. maybe it's a spawning zombies, gets it's hands on your feet and pulls down, then eats you, befor anythin can be done, your gone! What do you think?
  5. yeah, waytogo, it's under 10 round challeng "steps to completion", listed in another post. hey if your on xbox live, hit me up. RippedCargo is my gamer tag on xbox live. i believe it can be done to.... thanks
  6. the rest of this is in 10 round challenge completion!! and i think it peeks even more intrest after a team completes it on round 10. check the plan and comment. that's how you have to do it, please read. thanks!!!!!
  7. Hi Guys! So what's the "10 round challenge"? Well, in the cut scene, close to the end. You see the round count for Samantha and Eddie! Sam has 10 and eddie has 20. What if there is more to do? But do it Quickly! Complete the whole easter egg on round 10! Crazy right!! But think, there's a lost girl achievement, what about a lost boy one aswell? Remember, eddie gets to make the rules tommorow! (reminder) as the rounds change so does the weather, (most of the time) so, it's like the days are changing also. Real goal, completing it twice on round 20! hahahahah!!!!! Sorry, but i know this sounds c
  8. Now your mind is zooming, right!! ok, only 1 player needs airstrikes! see what um saying! takes some jukin, and some commication, and it can be done by 10. got a lot of the zombiies being killed out side of where there needed. and plyers that can't leave an area without blasting a few for points and stuff like that. But i believe the zombies are there. high count, 225 zombies between 4 players killed at end of round 5. 200 hundred zombies, you do the math. it can be done!!!! it shall be done!!!!!
  9. ChopperNator, thanks for the reply! round 11, solo! Nice! Now that makes it posible by round 10! get 4 players and play a solo run, with them helping along the way. ya get more zombies with 4 players. and ya can get more done a little faster, i'd think! thanks again. looking to prove the other repply wrong, in a challenging fashion of course. oh ok just the u-staffs. i only put in so much of my plan, in that post. still working on getting it done. step 2 coming later. This can be done? i think? no, no i'm sure it can!!!!
  10. goto 10 round challenge(steps to completion) this is no longer needed! can an admin please remove this posting, thanks............
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