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  1. After watching this part in the trailer over a couple times, it looks like a hellhound jumping out of a fiery portal of some sort?
  2. This is what got my buddy 2000 downs. He played it non-stop for the first week of the DLCs release, he didn't notice until I ask him what his Kill/Down ratio was.
  3. So I've been thinking, is it possible for the next map to be located in Germany? It seems like "The Greater Force" has the ability to teleport the group anywhere around the world. The easter egg will most likely be something to do with charging a tower. After going reading over the entire storyline, I've come to the theory that Richtofen and Maxxis are having the group activate towers at all the previous bases that Richtofen used to experiment with Group 935. Is it possible that the final map could be the Moon once again? Maybe after all the towers are charged, "The Greater Force" will bring the group to the moon to meet Richtofen? These are just some theories I haven't really developed into too much detail.
  4. I don't think it was glitched. I got this achievement my first try and the last thing I did was PaP. I believe you were forgetting to buy Who's Who.
  5. Will be trying this later. Hopefully gonna earn some of the No Mans Land medals on the site!
  6. Wow. That is a huge thread. Looks like I'm gonna be up late tonight.
  7. Hey guys, I'm Skazizzles and I've been a die-hard zombies fan since the very first days. I heard about this site from Strwrsbob on his Youtube channel "Niikthatgamingshow". After hearing him talk about it a few times in some of his livestreams and videos, I decided to look into the site. I've been scanning through the site for around an hour now and decided to register. I hope to be a very active user on the site and to meet tons of new people! -Skazizzles P.S. - What are these medal things I keep seeing under peoples profiles?
  8. Sorry if my title is misleading. I was wondering if anyone has a link to a thread or a video that goes in to extreme detail on the entire zombie storyline, from the start of the zombies to the current map Die Rise.
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