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  1. Thanks guys! And as for PC, I will play it as often as people request me to, also willing to download custom maps.
  2. Hey guys my name is Travis but I'm usually known has travieman9 on all systems. I've loved to play Call of Duty Zombies from the start in WaW and continue to play in Black ops 2. I play often on Xbox an also occasionally on the PC. I own Black ops 1 and 2 on Xbox 360 where my gamertag is travieman9. I also own World at War on PC where my steam name is again travieman9. I play both casually (high rounds or challenges) and complete or help complete Easter Eggs. I'm willing to play any of the three games I own when I'm available and will play with virtually anyone intent on having fun or accomplishing something. Feel free to add me and maybe mention you are from here and I will definitely accept requests for friends or games. More Info: -I currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) -I'm 18 and attending college for Computer Security and Forensics ( I know not important lol) -I have one or two semi-reliable friends that are usually willing to jump into some games as well or I can join alone (I also play solo) -If you have anymore question just ask on here in reply, add me, or message me somewhere!
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