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  1. do you know how to obtain it. Is it just the spoons you retrieve?
  2. There are some spoons you can retrieve with the hells retriever, I thought they had something to do with the EE but looking at the last video posted he did nothing with the spoons. If you retrieve a spoon with the retriever, it changes your knife to the spoon. Anyone know what this does? NGT Zombies has a video that shows them with the spoons as melee weapons.
  3. I watched NGTZombies easteregg steps, first steps they did was retrieve 5 crystal skulls with the tomahawk. They then threw the tomahawk through the poster in one of the cells. After that you have to find 3 spoons I believe and retrieve them with the tomahawk. When you retrieve the spoons the voice will tell you the prisoners numbers that you have to put into the number machine that let down the rope for the plane. After that there will be headphones that look like drops leading up to the roof. After you receive all the headphones and listen to the history, all players need to go to the back of the plane and take it to the bridge. On the bridge your bodies will be at the electric chairs, revive your players, and kill the weasel. It then ends your game. Pop goes the weasel
  4. My guess if it was only the Blungergat, I would assume the acheivement would be "upgrade the blungergat". I am assuming that we can use some type of kit on our weapons instead of the PAP. With the possibility of having a PAP as well. Has anyone seen the PAP on any of the trailers?
  5. I believe the Hells Retriever is the actual flaming beast. Think Golden retriever but a flaming Hell version.
  6. I got my one Knife back yesterday after a 24 round 3 player die rise Custom game. Kills/15040 downs/305 headshots %31 revives 107 accuracy 70% Not sure how that adds up. My KD would be 49
  7. If you are in the Buddha room, you can put a trample steam on the pillar that you use to jump across to AK. If you walk to the end of the pillar and turn around put the trample steam down, they will run up the pillar and get killed by the tramp.
  8. I believe that you can use both batteries on the pack a punch at the same time (you have to add the one for the electric trap first), but I do not believe that it actually does anything as far as making the guns stronger. I cannot confirm because I have not tried it.
  9. You can check this link to a thread here. Lots of people are having trouble with this glitch. viewtopic.php?f=139&t=29835
  10. Nice find. I'll have to try it tonight. Probably get killed a few times first, but nice!!!!!!
  11. Hey everyone. I am Dave, I am probably on the older side of gamers here (34yrs). My PSN is Eggman7679. I have lurked on this site for a while, and have seen some great posts so I decided to join and help if I can. I am not the best zombies player in the world, but I give my best effort everytime and will not quit. Thanks
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