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  1. This theory actually makes a lot of sense, good find For quite sometime, I believed that the majority of the loading screens really have nothing to do with the actual storyline. But after seeing this I'm going to do a double take on the loading screens. The idear of the MPD being inside the temple that was uprooted by the tornado and sent into space until it landed on the Moon, then sometime later the Nazis (Groph, Schuster, etc.) discover it and destroy the pyramid, leaving only the MPD is very plausible. Keep up the research and maybe you'll find out more secrets in the load
  2. Are they free? Well no, at the end of the EE theres one more radio that brings Brock and Gary full circle They're unfortunately stuck in a time loop (weird that Die Rise and MotD have a similar thing going on with loops, just released that)
  3. ok so lets just say with ALL the out of the ordinary stuff that happens within the wonderful world of Cod Zombies, whos to say Earth isnt eclipsing the Sun at that point? but again i just pulled this outta then air :roll: Okay, I must admit, you got me there. Now that you've shown me some evidence that, possibly the Earth was doing the eclipsing, then okay you win this round BUT I realized that we've gotten off topic of the original topic. But this argument of WHERE Shangri-La was a good one. :D
  4. Ahh, but you're forgetting the thing that people seem to forget when they say that Shangri-La was moved from Mars. Mars Moon(s). You are stating that Shangri-La WAS ONCE on Mars, no? Well look at the Loading Screen and look at the Solar Eclipse occurring in the background. Both of Mars' moons (Phobos and Deimos) are not big enough to even fill up the sun during a Solar Eclipse. So tell me how can Mars' two moons, not the right size to cover the Sun during a Solar Eclipse, be covering the Sun completely in the loading screen? :roll:
  5. ^ This. is. beautiful. Although I did say "I personally believe it occurs during the 60's" that's only because of things that are in game that show it occurred during that time period. Now, I am willing to hear other theories that it occurred in a future time period. This thread's point was for me to hear what your believes are. As much as I am an advocate on it occurring in the 60's, there are, indeed, things in-game show that its in the future. BUT Does anyone remember Nuketown's level description? Mass-energy equivalence, secret tests, crash-landing perks. Surv
  6. Thank you, you are (I think) the only one, on this thread who helped disprove the Mars theory. I remembered that Tac had a thread about the Mars theory and either he was the first to find it out or second (behind Telixion) http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=22842 I have nothing more to say.
  7. Okay first of all, I just want to see what others think Moon/Nuketown occurred. That's the point of this poll, to see what they believe in. I didn't say "vote for 60's" I said "I personally believe that it occurs during the 1960's" because that's my opinion. And there you go contradicting you're self on what you just said.
  8. Sorry about that, its just that I felt that MMX was disrespecting me on my own thread and I was mad at him for doing that, you know? But lets try to forget about that and move on with what this thread is really about shall we?
  9. Well, looks like we do indeed have our differences (I'm talking to MuderMachineX BTW) Again this is my first thread on the website and I rather not get a bad taste in my mouth (metaphorically) about this site. Thank you GRILLS , I just want to say that I see many theories here on the site and I'll state my opinion because I see holes in the theory (not to be rude, but just in general for theories I just so happen to scroll by) or I agree with the theory. BTW GRILLS, now that you read my theory, when do you think Shangri-La takes place, in your honest opinion?
  10. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Shanghai?file=Shangai.jpg http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Shanghai?file=Shangai_Die_Rise_Zombies_BOII.jpg And that's where you're wrong. If Die Rise where to be in 2025, I'm pretty sure it would've looked futuristic. 3Arch, as anyone should know by now, reuses texture files and other things just so that they don't have to create new ones. Also the SDC isn't the new government, its a East Asian Chinese-led strategic military alliance. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Strategic_Defense_Coalition Next time, try to get your info corre
  11. The Mars theory doesn't really make sense for couple of reasons http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=32827 Heres my thread on why that doesn't make sense/when it could occur (the events of Shangri-La) But the spelling of Mars may or may not be intentional, after all, 3Arch did say that everything that put into the game is there for a reason Heres a possibility that we may go to Mars for DLC4, because BOII's DLC is going in a pattern with BOI's DLC Up: Ascension, Die Rise. Big Name Actors: Call of the Dead, Mob of the Dead. Mytholog
  12. Most people believe that the events occur during the 1960's (provided by Tac) Others believe it occurs in the future (provided by Stop mocking me0) I personally believe that it occurs during the 1960's Let me know when you think it happens.
  13. Well, the Mars theory is something I don't really agree with, neither do I agree with Shangri-La being transported to another location. Reason why I say this for the second theory because for the most part, the loading screens (for the majority of the maps (this excludes Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino der Toten, Five, CotD, Green Run, Die Rise and MotD) really have nothing to do with the actual storyline. (EX. We've never figured out who are the astronauts on the Moon loading screen nor have we figured out where or how the pyramid was just floating around in space and then it lan
  14. Uhmm, I'm not sure if Tac every found this out, but Province 22 is Jilin The dark blue is Jilin, when you search 'Province 22', you'll find out that it's north of North Korea and its nowhere close to where Die Rise is really located. There's a flag in Great Leap Forward (located near the escalator by the buyable door in the spawn room) ^ Can't posted the picture by itself it rather too big. The flag shows the skyline of Shanghai. Shanghai is not part of any province, but rather its a Province-level municipality. Its called the Municipality of Shanghai.
  15. You know what? That's your opinion on your theory and I can understand. So 3Arch might of messed up on the way while creating the radios, but its always a good thing when you start to ignore the little mistakes and see the big picture. The design is similar the Zoom H4n (if not spot-on) and its pretty close to what we have in real life. One more thing, where are your sources? You never really did tell me your sources of this sleek, colored design of the handheld radios. I gave my sources and why I believed it what the year Brock and Gary arrived in Shangri-La. I even gave my sourc
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