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  1. 1st u don't need explosives to kill them under the pylon. 2nd u can do the EE Richtofen side with 2 Peepz tricky though use the same sensivety when jumping in the teleporters. grtz did maxis side with 2 players as well if u got the galvanuckles and u can do this one in Round 3 already ;)
  2. indeed die rise nav card i didn't have the tranzit navcard anymore though because i putted in the navcard machine in die rise, the thing was it was accepted and next i replayed Tranzit what did pop up behind the busdepot the navcard again... very strange though
  3. What are Gibs? are these the wooden Planks u repair on Windows? because i can't find any translation for that word. Thanks for the reply ;)
  4. jups nice, just finisched Richtofen side of the EE so u just need to shoot random around with the balistic knife thing in the room ? greetz
  5. i don't know but i think if somebody else is the host u can redo the EE, same like in tranzit once u did the EE u cannot do it over i guess? correct me if i'm wrong. ;)
  6. [*]Yeah Thats Right Normally i'm away all week but still calm in the transport at the moment, so i'm home, but you're right about the fact after a whole week of work/driving etc put the xbox on and Zombie time indeed it gives u a boost to begin the weekend Cheers and thanks
  7. Hiya, i'm always willing to do Richtofens side as well did maxis side in wave 3 the achievement popped up but i wanted to do richtofens side as well let me know if u still looking for an extra player Xbox GT: TheAggr3ss0r
  8. Hello Guys, little introduction My name is Pieter 27 Years Young. I live in Belgium i like to play the zombies and MW i work as a Truckdriver. thats a bout it i think greetz
  9. oh owkay is this info 100% sure if yes u can close my topic ;)
  10. Hello Guys i was wondering, i did de EE in Tranzit, my Navcard was accepted in Die Rise, my friends wanted to add their navcard in Die Rise as Well but it didn't work out? did u need to do the EE in Tranzit before u'r Navcard Gets Accepted in Die Rise? Thanks for u'r heads up. grtz
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