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  1. We have seen some of this before. On ascension, there was writing in Ukrainian that translated to infected, similar to contaminated, there was writing about a dosimeter, and there was writing talking about a baby, much like there is writing about a child on the silo.
  2. Well I'll be a sonuvvagun, looking at the picture of the nuclear storage facility from the Hanford site, I was reminded of the supposed braille from Die Rise. Maybe this is in fact not braille but instead a reference to some sort of nuclear waste disposal facility.
  3. Alright, I have found some significance behind another zombies name. Belinski, as in Nikolai Belinski, is the last name of Russian theoretical physicist Vladimir Belinski. He, along with two other physicists, created the BKL singularity, a model of the universes evolution near the initial singularity, the big bang. Now part of the BKL singularity theory is that the entire universe, not a small part of it, is affected by a time singularity. This means that in the entirety of the universe, as the value for time reaches a very large or very small number the direction of the flow of time changes. Now I don't fully understand this theory, not by a long shot, so if anyone is able to understand it fully feel free to correct me. I may in fact be getting this all wrong, so bear that in mind. Now, if I am correct, Vladimir Belinski and this theory has a lot to do with the time travel and time altering aspects of CoD zombies. There is the possibility that this reversal in time could play a part in the future of zombies. Either Maxis or Richtofen could try to reverse the flow of time in an attempt to make it that they always had power over zombies or somehow gain power in another way sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Belinski http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BKL_singularity
  4. Looking at Dalek's video, I'm starting to think not only that Stu was a member the Flesh but also that the man who abandoned the Flesh was Stu. Stu says that he does not want the others (the other 3 in the group) to know about the flesh, and I used to think that just meant Stu eating zombies or maybe humans. But now, I think that Stu doesn't want the other three to know about the flesh because he himself was part of that group. If Stu was in fact part of the flesh, now that he is now with the other three says to me that he left the flesh. Thus, the abandoner that the man on that radio is talking about could be Stu. If so, then the fact that the man on the radio seemingly making a big deal about this abandonment would suggest that Stu was high ranking member of the Flesh, or was otherwise important to the Flesh.
  5. Notice that Maxis's ingame communications are always through an electronic device. For me that confirms they are Maxis's followers, not Richtofen's. Everything I marked in Red has to do with Richtofen's messages and group called The Flesh. - Mix Mix you are right, I mixed up . The staticked out part that you marked in red could be the man from jackass saying that the only people who could hear Richtofen are those who ate flesh. Also, the man from jackass is saying that one who communicates through electronics (Maxis) is unclear in what he want, much like how we don't really understand what Maxis's goals are with the towers and giving us orders.
  6. because the quote in green about instructions says that they are receiving them through electronics seems like they are Richtofen's followers, while the ones in red seem to be Maxis as the man from jackass flats may be saying that "The other voice cannot be heard by humans who have not turned off the power. this would confirm that the second group follows Maxis, not Richtofen.
  7. This "lifeforce" or power that some tribal cultures receive by eating the corpses of their enemies could in fact be the points from zombies. By killing the zombies we gain their life force (points) and then sacrifice it to make us and our weapons stronger (perks and pap). Occasionally this consumption of life force would reward the characters in a more immediate way, in the form of drops. Maybe the flesh eaters in zombies hope that they can gain these powers by eating the flesh of zombies. Some form of demon could be the unintelligible voice that is heard in the opening cut scene. Also, when pack a punching a weapon on Ascension, Takeo sometimes says "Pack-A-Punch, work your Black Magic!", almost as if the PaP machine is demonic in origin. on the nuketown zombies loading screen, in the bottom left corner their is part of a gum rapper that says "uhtli." Now this seems the ending of the name Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death. The worship of this god sometime involved ritual cannibalism, and there are accounts from European explorers and conquerors as well as evidence from archaeological digs that the Aztecs practiced cannibalism, though to what extent is still debated. In addition to this, Mictlantecuhtli is associated with the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday in which the living visit their dead relatives and the souls of the dead are encouraged to speak with the living. This could very well mean that the flesh eating could lead to a map set in Mesoamerica and that is related to the Aztecs and the Aztecs' religion.
  8. Wow, very impressive. I was inspired by your discovery that Stuhlinger was the name of a Nazi rocket scientist and decided to see if there was some significance to the names of the other zombies characters. Briarton, as in Abigail "Misty" Briarton, was part of the pseudonym "General Briarton" used by the author Reginald Brentnor when he was writing the Ferdinand Feghoot series of vignettes about time travel. I know it is a very minor link between these two, but still it's better than nothing.
  9. we've seen from the Die Rise opening that the Earth is broken into a bunch of pieces, maybe the heroes will have to use this "black box" to put the earth back together.
  10. Given that the first experiments with 115 took place at Shi No Numa by the Japanese, there may be a small chance that Takeo was involved with, or had experience with Shi No Numa. This may come in handy in the future. The problem is, we don't know much about Tak other than he was a member of a Japanese noble family, is an Imperial fanatic, and is well educated. Also, according to the Call of Duty Wiki, "Takeo has a strong relationship with Samantha Maxis." In the future, this could prove useful if Takeo needs Sam's help.
  11. Okay, I'll give you that. Nikolai could very well be very important to the upcoming story. I apologize for making such a big deal over whether Nikolai is crazy or not.
  12. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Nikolai_Belinski if you read the bio of Nikolai from WaW map pack 2, presented here at the call of duty wiki, it appears that Nikolai became an alcoholic only after he was sent to the front lines. So his violence is not a result of alcoholism. Also, during the Stalin's reign as leader of the USSR, he would execute anyone who even slightly opposed him politically. For Nikolai to threaten him so much that Stalin has to send him to the front lines, he must have been crazy, otherwise Nikolai would have been to afraid to threaten Stalin.
  13. Also, mockingme, Nikolai killed multiple wives, murdered his way up through the ranks of the Russian army, and was sent to the front lines on Stalin's orders because Stalin was afraid of Nikolai, he was that violent. In my book, that makes Nikolai crazy.
  14. One problem, Nikolai is kept alive by a vodka based serum, so we can't get rid of the liquor.
  15. I don't that there is a crater on the moon over Shangri-La. That looks like an illusion created by the sun's light from behind the moon. http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/7068 ... e_full.jpg here is a photo of an eclipse of the Earth's moon and you can see the same effect of an apparent crater or missing part caused by the light of the sun.

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