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    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    just went into the game to check on this (maxis side completed) and everything that comes out of richtofens mouth still sounds the same, well at least the announcements he makes as i could not for the live of me get anything alse out of him!) the only thing that seems to change are the tones of the moaning (wich most people say is richtofen awell)
  2. vvmichael15

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    these voices sound nothing alike to me, plus the motives that richtofen has do not compare to the one heard from the "moaning", richtofen can only be heard by Samuel so how is he supposed to tell the others aboout the "flesh" sam ate? "mend the rift(s)" is the quote to go by here, richtofen is making rifts rather than fixing them (teleportation and possibly time manipulation). plus why would Samuel stand up to richtofen now? the main reason i have for the moaning being a new entity, is this new group with the motto " as they consume us, we shall consume them". (will continiue later got to go.)
  3. vvmichael15

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    Good thought, however seeing as in the Die Rise cutscene it's shown that the low, grumbling voice Samuel is hearing was just Richtofen changing his voice like Samantha did before. It could be that the zombie-like voices in his head are this new entity, but according to the CoD wiki it's Samule himself who is making these zombie noises, which I don't believe. i can not seem to find this part in the cut scene were it is revealed the moaning voice is actualy richtofen! has this been confirmed or are we still speculating about it?
  4. vvmichael15

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    i mainly think that Samual is not hearing just Richtofen anymore, a new "deity: has entered (or is trying to enter) his mind!
  5. vvmichael15

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    My theories so far: Samuel’s change: This is different from turning back from a zombie to a human!(like with the VR-11) this seems more like ingesting flesh (and thus 115) and gaining zombie like abilities! to me that explains the moaning you hear, you hear the 'souls' or rotting thoughts of some of the zombies you fight! and going on the transmission you can hear on the tv i would think more people ingested zombie flesh and are now forming a new group! The dying in the opening cut scene: To me this is just treyarch breaking the 4th wall and finaly explaining the old question of respawning after you die (end of a game). Nothing more to it, it gives us info on the storyline and explains respawning. i must say this gives me great pleasure to think about and work on :P

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