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  1. *sigh* if your going to take the trouble at least use the actual quote from the game!
  2. Off topic: just had to mention it, your dog looks like Bolt :P
  3. True, but any digital watch i know of has a seperation between the numbers! this watch however does not! it presents it to us as a whole number! Edit: motion withdrawn.... after some searching i found a post made by Tac wich had e clearer picture than what i thought i saw in-game! viewtopic.php?f=136&t=25513 scroll down a bit to see :P
  4. An-94 and the SVU have been produced since 1994, your argument is invalid!
  5. this symbol is also used for one of the teams in Multiplayer!
  6. So as you can see i found Jack-sh*t... but i just cant believe something like this was put into the game with no relation to anything! thats why i posted it here, i know there are some brilliant minds on these forums!
  7. so after getting bored speculating on die rise i went back to something i found a few months ago and never took the time to analyze/research! Marlton’s watch-calculator reads 190438. What could this mean? Here is what i found so far, As a Date: Historical Events - 42nd Boston Marathon won by Leslie Pawson of RI - Phil Emmett Mueller & Dodger Ernie Koy both homer in their 1st at bat Famous Birthdays - Jonathan Tunick, composer Famous Deaths - Henry John Newbolt, poet/author (Studies Green & Gray), dies at the age of 75 The total number of days between Tuesday, April 19th, 1938 and Monday, November 12th, 2012 (release day of BO2) is 27,236 days. This is equal to exactly 74 years, 6 months, and 24 days. This does not include the end date, so it's accurate if you're measuring your age in days, or the total days between the start and end date. But if you want the duration of an event that includes both the starting date and the ending date, then it would actually be 27,237 days. 27,236 days is equal to 3890 weeks and 6 days. The total time span from 1938-04-19 to 2012-11-12 is 653,664 hours. This is equivalent to 39,219,840 minutes. You can also convert 27,236 days to 2,353,190,400 seconds. As a number: 190438 (one hundred and ninety thousand, four hundred and thirty-eight) is a very special number. The cross sum of 190438 is 25. If you factorisate the number 190438 you will get these result 2 * 95219. 190438 has 4 divisors ( 1, 2, 95219, 190438 ) which a sum of 285660. 190438 is not a prime number. 190438 is not a fibonacci number. The convertion of 190438 to base 2 (Binary) is 101110011111100110. The convertion of 190438 to base 3 (Ternary) is 100200020021. The convertion of 190438 to base 4 (Quaternary) is 232133212. The convertion of 190438 to base 5 (Quintal) is 22043223. The convertion of 190438 to base 8 (Octal) is 563746. The convertion of 190438 to base 16 (Hexadecimal) is 2e7e6. The convertion of 190438 to base 32 is 5pv6. The sine of 190438 is 0.80550353387943. The cosine of 190438 is 0.59259096930999. The tangent of 190438 is 1.3592909369128. The root of 190438 is 436.39202559167. As a Hex color: In a RGB color space, hex #190438 is composed of 9.8% red, 1.6% green and 22% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 55.4% cyan, 92.9% magenta, 0% yellow and 78% black. It has a hue angle of 264.2 degrees, a saturation of 86.7% and a lightness of 11.8%. #190438 color hex could be obtained by blending #320870 with #000000. Closest websafe color is: #000033. so basicly a deep purple!
  8. ^^ this the original map is called Nuketown 2025 so either it takes place after that time or someone did a realy nice job at patching the place up!
  9. fair enough, vvmichael - to each his own. I just find it kind of strange that they basically made a second version of Tombstone - this perk is very out there, by far the strangest perk encountered in zombies. I think it could have significance to the story (especially regarding the solo cutscene) - but we won't really know until it's all on the table. on a completely different note - WELCOME TO CODZ! First off: thank you kindly for the welcome to me this perk is better than tombstone as you are not forced to wait an entire round( wich can be very long when in high rounds). we are no longer forced to rely on team mates, and going on most randoms i enqounter: who better to revive you but yourself? ( i had people leave after not being revived, even when there was clearly no oppertunity to do so). given that it is indeed a very weird perk and they could have just put tombstone in the game and i would have been just as happy. this perk just has that extra zing to it, i just cant put my finger on what it is yet Edit: after watching the intro a few times, i can not find a solid connection to the perk! yes we see people dying and getting reincarnated/respaned by richtofen, at no pooint do we see a double running around! as much as people claim that who's who is reincarnation, it is not! it's only reincarnation when the original body dies and you receive a new body (wich is not what i assume the perk was intended for!)
  10. Or..... Richtofen was known to hear things others did not and possibly losing his marbles, i think that this new deity that Samuel hears is the same thing that had an influence on richtofen! therefor letting Samuel receive small hints of the future, this would explain hearing the "accept your fate" quote twice! Edit: maybe not hints of the future but more along the lines of what richtofen is thinking? maybe a psycological link between the three? as i mentioned in my post: to me it does not make any sense for richtofen to speak in two totaly different voices to the ONLY person that can hear him! i know richtofen is a first class nutjob but that would really take the cake!
  11. I think this perk was put into the game to help the player out!(Duhh) there has been a lot of complaints about team mates not reviving downed players (most coming from random lobbies). if you are a player that likes going into games with random people, this perk can save your butt, hell... even in solo it saves my butt (just run around till quick revive kicks in, by then i have led the zombies to the other side of the map and can easily recover from a down!) even in a well coordinated team it can be quite a hassle to revive or even find the downed player (more than on any other map, unless you are way to far from your team on Tranzit ofcourse). you can even get simmilar quotes when buying other perks, "are we sure this stuff wont rot our brains?" is one i have heard a lot when buying either speed cola or mule kick.
  12. he does say this on several occasions during the EE, even when going down while holding one of the orbs i have heard that quote. lol a bit harsh on his part don't you think? ye at that point is was like: well screw you then, ill go help richtofen if ur gonna be a d*ck about it :P
  13. he does say this on several occasions during the EE, even when going down while holding one of the orbs i have heard that quote.
  14. i think marlton is just being himself with that quote! he always has something to say regarding his intelligence!
  15. He said something along the line of: maxis cant use them now! wich would make sense as we just prevented the "energy source" from falling into maxis hands.
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