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  1. Never mind, got it. Just use the Maxis Drone once you get the achievement. It'll fly up and a light will come down, hold X on it and enjoy.
  2. My team and I managed to get the easter egg completed, but we cannot get the cutscene to activate. The top of agartha is opened, How do we continue/finish it?
  3. Can you recall whose body was found last? Also, how far was it? Did you find any bodies within the house/church/mineshaft?
  4. Where do you find the bodies? I know it's random, but perhaps you know of general locations you've found each character?
  5. The ghosts bit is the most challenging thing about the achievement. I haven't done it yet, but I'd guess that a friend can run through first? Or perhaps the Olympia is strong enough to one shot them at round 1.
  6. It changes every round from what I've noticed. I don't think there are a whole lot of patterns to it, however; as I've noticed the same two quite a few times.
  7. Devilfire111

    What is this?

    Someone else posted it was showing the Easter Egg progress. It seems like a legitimate answer, but the reason it disappears is beyond me.
  8. Gain enough money on round 1 to use the box, get a Time Bomb, place it, continue the rounds, opening every door and path with the big guy, but ignoring the chalk drawings of the weapons. Once you have all the doors and etc opened up, revert to round 1, and use the chalk drawings to make enough money to use PaP, then go through to the PaP.
  9. He says on Twitter he cannot speak English, but he seems to understand some of it.
  10. As I said earlier, they do not have the achievement for it. I'm not sure if they have officially finished it. Sure the dragon is all lit up, but perhaps the EE continues after that? We can't be so certain, as only one group has "completed" it and they won't mention anything. I'm going to say there's more until the achievement unlocks.
  11. It's the same team that did Call of the Dead. However, he does not have the achievement for completion of the Easter Egg. You can check his GT - TheDualRevolver if you're interested.
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