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  1. This is probably the part I am most excited about, really. It feels like The Editor could be one key part to link the story together.
  2. Can't tell if you're being serious or not, but... Greek - Hades Roman - Pluto Celtic - Samhain, Egyptian - Osiris Mayan - Yum Kimil Christian - Satan Buddhism - Yama Shinto - Shinigamis (multiple) Babylonian - Ereshkigal and Nergal Norse - Freyja Hinduism - Mara Islam - Azrael Etc, etc, etc.... Well, no one really knows how the zombies are controlled now when they have red eyes. It could be the origin and controlled by the Lord of the dead, depending on where you are. Just like there is different types of zombies.
  3. Very, very nice, my gentleman. I sat last night trying to read up as much as possible concerning the Purgatory. As others said, A lot of what you have here matches great. I will keep this thread as my starting point from now on! What have you found out about the Purgatory? This Mictlan place you're talking about might be something I could see myself jumping deep into. "Purgatory is, according to Roman Catholic teaching, the state or place of purification or temporary punishment by which those who die in a state of grace are believed to be made ready for the Beatific Vision in Heaven.
  4. Just imagine how much research you could've done instead of arguing about something so stupid. Just drop it? New, major pieces of the zombie storyline is at hand. :)
  5. The thing that bothers me about this being Russman is the Timeline. If we strictly go by the Timeline then this wouldn't be possible. Mob of the Dead is the absolute first encounter and map of the Zombies. But then we come in to Timetravel, teleportation. Previous maps we have encountered these mechanics. I do not know if someone has found something to support this, but if someone would travel back in time to Alcatraz then I'd feel they would've made it more clear about it actually taking place.
  6. Could you link me to it? I can't seem to find it anywhere. >.
  7. I am also very sceptic to Al being the ceator. But when it comes to Al being surprised could just be an act. After all, he's a weasel. About him actually being the creator without the knowledge to control it could easily be explained with a qoute from Batman; "Some men just want to watch the world burn." and he seems to have some issue, according to his journal, with someone not believing in him. Perhaps it could've affected him earlier which made him create it. But, yes. It seems highly unlikely. The most characters being called the weasel, snitch, rat ain't really the type that would co
  8. I wrote a bit about this in a thread of my own. I looked at the Zombies wikipedia and discovered that all the four characters status is "Dead (Alive After Purgatory)". What I found out about Purgatory is that to some it is a place after death to decide your final destination. Heaven or Hell. I always thought the sentence "Where are we going from here?" and "Where do we go?" pretty much sums up the story. In the beginning (Intro of the map) they have decided to make a run for it, to leave this place. But something i obviously wrong, hence the whole "Where are we going from here?" tog
  9. Introduction: Hello! I took a shot at this during the countdown of Die Rise (http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27459) and I had a blast trying to scrap up some decent information about my thoughts and theories. Some were correct, some absolutely weren't. To start this of I just want to explain that when it comes to an actual concrete theory there basically is none. But don't snap or turn this down! I want to start a discussion with you guys. The last time I tried this out, there were just a wall of text (just like this again, sorry n_n) but this time I want to go ev
  10. my god, the pictures! I love them and it makes me wanna dig even deeper. :DDDdd oh, btw PINNAZ, that China's great leap forward-thread is just of the charts. Crazy good stuff. :D
  11. Hi there! (Basically just copy-pasting this now since I've been rewriting it couple of times now. AND YES; I know there's alot of people theories out there now, but hey, I feel confident about this!) So, to start things off I just want to say that I'm new to the actuall zombies community and this will be my first post. I normally just sit in the shadows and watch everyone elses process of the easter eggs and achievements. But after the trailer and the different breakdown videos of the new Die Rise map I felt obligated to make my own kind of effort, for all of us, to perhaps come a bit clo
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