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  1. Why does everyone hate on the multi EE reward, full clip mr6 for max start points and rk5 to deal with noob window stealers ?!?! lovely!

    1. AetherialVoices


      Because on solo it glitches out so when you go down instead of Death & Taxes you get the RK5.

    2. Spider3000


      Disappointing reward for going through all Easter Egg's really.

    3. Smok3y


      Understand where Aetherial is coming from, that doesn't effect me so much but understandable, especially at higher rounds. In terms of underwhelming reward I think it is well balanced. It makes setup (especially for EE's) that much easier moving forward with maximum point efficiency in the first rounds. I think maybe something cosmetic in game could be good like the 04/N4 character models but what other suggestions would you have that would not be over powered/game breaking?


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