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  1. I've been following since the snaps started up. I haven't had much time to do any crunching of my own, however... Kinda doubt it will amount to much--- and I'm not even sure of the real times (just the uploaded times) as I am not even receiving the snaps to my mobile--- but do yall think there's a reason why the time allotted per snap differs? I know it can be set to whatever the sender desires, and the range can be anything if using apps like Phantom, so... Something to keep in mind. I'm pretty new to Snap too, but it seems like it's pretty easy to get any number you'd desire.
  2. I've heard of what happened to 83457. Several times... That said, it is only what I've heard. I've never witnessed it or had it happen to myself. But, the people that I heard that from I would consider reliable. On another note:: is anyone still working with the orbs at all?? Obviously, being a believer that there is still something left unhad in Tranzit, whether it be a stupid song or a graphic, I'm still thinking of ways to extend the egg. So, today, I thought of another way to spawn the orbs--- a tactic I personally haven't tried. I started thinking about transit, and the 4 planets that orbit the sun before the asteroid belt. We all know that there are 5 total stops, 4 of which are around the town. We also know that there are 4 possible orbs that can spawn (2 in town; 2 on the tower). Perhaps on/off power when the bus is in certain positions, more specifically, when the bus is parked at the 4 outer stops. Has this been tried?!? Hunt on.
  3. I guess my only other thought is IF it's referring to Tranzit at all, and since it takes TWO excavators to get that achievement, logic would dictate that you'd need a person from each "path" in the game to play and then see what's what. To sound both like a Vulcan and a eater of JZ's crap.
  4. Well, to throw JZ the bone that he obviously wanted, I went and played. I noticed nothing. I like your comment though EJ, well the two anyway, but the first one is of most significance. His douche-ness is obviously referring to the One Giant Leap achievement on Moon. If anything, and this is only if it turns out to be something at all, we should all be glad he was this transparent. This time. Obviously, he's referring to Tranzit, again. It's the only map that most people feel has more to it, and it had a pretty weak EE. On top of that, there are the obvious Moon references all around: the sign, the bowling alley with Samantha Says colors, the rocket head in the bowling alley-- what's up with the zom collars though?? Anyway--- I've considered in the past, mostly because of the bowling alley pin colors, that there may be a way to reproduce Moon's EE steps in order to get past the super easy, weak, simple Tower of Babble EE. Could this be the nudge we need? I'm confused by the "DIE NOW" sign at the Diner- but, somebody could get stuck at Power by 1) not turning on the power, or 2) somebody bogarting a part for power, and leaving someone behind that doesn't have a turbine. Otherwise, there aren't any spots you could take a "one giant leap"; nor in any map really... And to second Oldmate: Eat a cob Jimmy.
  5. I haven't tried it as of yet. Hoping to get online soon to do it though. Xbox, if yer interested
  6. Well, to keep the circus aroused (myself being a carny) I've come up with an idea I personally haven't tried, surprisingly. The idea came from the power being turned on or off as a time lapsed event. It's not instantaneous, like all the other maps. Obviously, the only thing this fact could coincide with is the bus, as it moves around, and it's on a supposed schedule. So, I'm gonna reach. Nah, it's only been almost 2 years, it's okay What if the power needs to be activated at a certain time the bus is in a specific area? There are definitely a few things that come to mind: 1) After entering the tunnel. From what I can remember, and I'm probably wrong, the driver doesn't say anything. It's also right before the diner when he says something about "blah new coordinates, hat's cool blah". Perhaps the tunnel shroud is blocking incoming transmissions and would make something something? 2) On the bridge after town. That's the only other time lapsed scenario, which is dramatically overplayed with the bridge collapsing so that everyone almost dies (but not really because it only buckles). This lead me to: 3) On the bridge after town (or darn close). I thought about the depot sign with the different times of the bus routes displayed = A & B. We all know by now about the clocks that are stuck around the map and they are stuck at 7:50ish (the others 5:10ish). If you look at Route A on that sign, there are 5 stops, all presumably corresponding to the 5 stops we all get normally, and the last one is at 6:3?pm. Based on the duration between the times on that sign, it's easy to see that by the time we get back to the Depot, it would be 8:00 = which is the beginning of Route B. That all led me to the idea of the EMP's, and the ability to disable the bus for a short period, definitely long enough for someone to turn on power and having it be activated by the time the bus repowered itself at said different scenarios. Seeing that we all have stretched and searched beyond practical means, this actually seems do-able and pretty relative time-wise. If any of those three scenarios worked, I'd suspect it would be the bridge after town. EMP bus on bridge, turn on power, ____ & ____. I believe that because of the that time displayed all over the map (7:50) right before Route B starts (8:00), which imo would start at the Depot. Thoughtz/
  7. What MurderMachineX said. We could get an update tomorrow too
  8. Probably over thinking it, yes. I remember hearing that some of the clocks in BO1 would actually display whatever time it was... I see yer point though-- you got 4 people playing from all over and in different times. Maybe whomever was hosting, that would designate the time for the players? Or solo? Guess I don't see why that isn't possible. Everyone's system of choice has a clock... And who knows about date issues... I find it odd they just now released Nuketown for the WiiU. So, anything is still possible, even though improbable.
  9. I was thinking something along those lines, but simpler, as in when you play. We all know when he posted (from his timezone). Maybe hitting the game after a certain time of day would enable something. Something I've long speculated on... That and the damn blue eyes. IF this is a Tranzit related thing, we all know the clocks in the map have pissed us all off. Haven't been in game since this tweet, but plan to soon. I'll definitely keep the time I play in mind, as well as an open eye on the clocks-- they've never been up and running either. I hear ya on the orbs too, since they've sort of been sputtering instead of actually running. Good post Kered.
  10. Not everyone. My hands are tied most the time with other obligations to really focus on anything new... That, and trying to think of something new. But, my mind still clings (for some reason). I've heard of being revived out of nowhere with a quote from Richtofen following. That seems to be just as trigger-able as the orbs we get in the map = not really trigger-able at all. Still, unexplained nonetheless. Recently, I've just been trying to get my towers lit on the N3 maps. IF there is something left with Tranzit, I'm leaning more towards there being something hidden with the nav tables/cards. The table in Tranzit is the only one that you can still interact with after putting in a card. We're told to seek out the card in Tranzit and bring it back, along with other quotes heard and not heard that suggest returning. Perhaps the tables/cards are really only just there to get the endgame on Buried. But, it's still another direction to look in --- maybe the order of the EE's? Are we really just supposed to bring the card from Buried to Tranzit, and die, just to go play Buried again?! Alot of what I just said has been brought up before, but it's nice to speculate.
  11. Glad to see CoDZ is back up, and pretty too I'm with you Hells- but, it's an irritating, arduous task looking for things, and a year+ later... I've been hard at it with some folks over @ Activision, mostly discussing and theorizing about the orbs, as they seem to be the only real, viable next step. But, how does one deal with the orbs? How does one spawn them even? They are as random and rare as finding a decent public match (especially these days with the lack of players). One thing in particular I've been trying to do, and have had only one real attempt at and failed, is to suck a box orb up with the jet gun, perhaps giving it the awesomeness that it deserves. Another recent idea via the other forum and DBZ, was that perhaps a particular gun is needed to shoot at the orbs on the streetlights/pylon. One that came to me after a bit of research was the KAP-40, when PaP'd is the Karmic Atom Perforator-4000. If the orbs are elements, they should have atoms. Either way, good to see folks keeping up with the hunt, and as curious as I. Good luck!
  12. I've tried most things logical & illogical before and after jumping through the portal, but haven't noticed anything happening. Other than just being able to see a percentage scale, I'm unsure if there is anything else to this. After the scale is displayed-- I have not tried to PaP it yet. I haven't truly tested the duration or the time it takes for it to overheat yet to compare to non-display. A couple of theories-- I haven't re-tried to pull up the manhole cover on road leading towards the bus depot in town (with fallen lightpost pointing at it). I haven't hit the creaky, boarded up door across from the bus depot. I haven't done too much period at Nacht/Prototype with doors or turbines out back. Other than that, I've tried many things. Oh- another thing I haven't tested to fully-- I was Marlton in a game long ago. He had some quote after equipping the jet gun "This would be perfect in an open field of fire". So, I've mildly tried some lava pits by cornfield, to see if it would spread fire around. I've also mildly tried the burning lawn in front of the cabin. So many things to try, I'm probably forgetting a few untried. It may be best if we were to just jump in and go nuts, eh? Next time I'm free I'll add ya.
  13. I posted this over @ Activision too- I've been reading things about the church, the wind turbines out back of Nacht/Prototype, examining character quotes, yada yada... So tonight, like a few people out there are still doing, I attempted to find something new within Tranzit, particularly with the jet gun, since it seems pretty useless as a weapon and begs to have some sort of purpose. I'll say right now that I apologize if this has been found. I quickly searched a couple forums/wikias and have not found anything relative. It's way new to me, and I like to think I'm pretty fresh with my zoms. For what it is, it could be a pretty useless find, or some sort of glitch for that matter. Anyway, to kill the suspense- Tranzit. Solo. I was Samuel. Xbox (if that matters or not). Upon completing the jet gun, I started trying things I hadn't personally tried already. Obviously, nothing, until I jumped through a portal with the jet gun equipped. I instantly noticed that the hud displayed a percentage scale which measured the heat of the gun. As I ran around, it decreased. If I fired, it increased. The interesting part was that if I had the jet gun equipped, tried to jump through a portal with a denizen on my face, it did not display this way. I would actually get spat out somewhere with one of my other guns equipped. Also, upon getting this to display and then getting a denizen on my face, it went away--- and the same with switching guns afterwards. I let it cool down enough to reach 0%, which it does stay at unless ya get denizen faced or switch guns. I blew it up twice just to see what would happen... One thing I did notice, which may be incorrect as I haven't messed with this buildable in awhile, is that it seemed to last a lot longer once you had the percentage scale in the hud from 0%. Note--- I did not get to try many things, as I have an early morning ahead of me, and I plan to check my theater tomorrow for changes in color/power/duration of the gun... If I do find something of significance I'll post it asap. If it's not a glitch, why would the hud display a percentage scale for something that you can see directly on the gun? And not until after you jump through a portal? I'm wondering if the jet gun isn't changed somehow, by either becoming more powerful or lasting longer. Again, I hope this is not a repeat info bomb. Good hunting :!:

    new ideas

    I like the 'don't let my comments slow ya down' towards the end. Most folks just rely on their word as fact. I'm at the 'there is a chance' stage, and probably will be for a long time- considering that not all of the secrets of BO1 have been found, if I've heard correctly... Like ya said, a million people playing and still secrets in the first game? It is hard to believe, but I do.
  15. Back when TranZit was exploding- I remember people saying something about a noise, like an engine or train or what have ya, running in certain spots of the tunnel. I personally have investigated that, and did find that noise (for me it was loudest towards the middle of the tunnel). However, I don't recall experiencing it during live play- it was always in theater mode, and I was a bit weary of it at first, since (when in free roam) you can very easily get the noise of the bus running, and other background noises- same as the blurred vision you get when you run over lava or get hit on yer person while away in free roam... Anyhow- I am intrigued enough to try it. The tunnel is an anomaly of sorts; makes sense something could be around besides parts to pick up. For that matter- same with Nacht and the cabin. Something to keep in mind as updates and DLC's drop.
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