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    How to find the end of the Tranzit Easter Egg

    Where are u seeing the orbs? In the box, on the traffic light, the tower? I see the orbs in the box every game, but my bank is usually always full.
  2. Zombieprotege

    How to find the end of the Tranzit Easter Egg

    has anyone built the pap with the power off. I dont have time to check right now
  3. Zombieprotege

    How to find the end of the Tranzit Easter Egg

    I like how your trying to break this down maxis side definitely needs to be broken down and looked at a bit closer. His quotes in the game seem to be all over the place. Has anyone actually heard this (what we will call) the first quote in a game? If so how did u get this quote?
  4. Zombieprotege

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    K thanks. I was just curious, and you all seem very knowledgeable on these facts.
  5. Zombieprotege

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Murder machinex do you know why, at the start of zombies bo2 maxis's journal entry is Entry 11, study #0918 R we missing entries or does this carry on from past radios, etc.
  6. Zombieprotege

    electric beams laundromat door

    I did starts with Robby
  7. Zombieprotege

    electric beams laundromat door

    Hey death how about excepting my friend request.
  8. Zombieprotege

    electric beams laundromat door

    Here is reapers thread on another forum http://community.callofduty.com/message ... #413847997 Slim shady r these beams on the tower permanent? how did they show up? Did u just start a game and they where there or did u do something possibly related to the easter egg? I also noticed in earlier post from reaper he was trying things with the green avagadro . What did u try and do you think this has any relevance.
  9. Zombieprotege

    electric beams laundromat door

    Slim shady if you where in this game or if you play with reaper can u please elaborate how you think these beams got on the tower. All he has said is commitment. Your English seems much better can you pls elaborate.
  10. Zombieprotege

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I'm curious of the origins of the box. I believe it was stated in this thread that Richthofen created it, but I was always under the assumption this was something Samantha implemented into her little game. I guess I derived this assumption from the characters quotes when they were buying it, or when it disappeared. Did she just include the teddybear? I was also under the impression tokeo had something to do with the monkey bomb. Mostly from nikolai's quotes in ascension, stating how tokeo made love to a stuffed monkey.
  11. Zombieprotege

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    This is a really great post, a lot of time and effort was put into this. Very informative. I especially liked having all the radio transcripts in one place and can now see where, and how they all fit in the storyline. I can also see now to my surprise, a large percentage of the back story is actually based off these radio transcripts. It does seem to get loosely connected after nuketown. Especially between nuketown and green run. This is only due to the lack of info made available to us. It will be interesting to see if future dlc will shed some more light on this timeline. Thanks for the info and I hope u keep updating this as we progress further through the story.
  12. Zombieprotege

    Numbers in Green Run Question

    Number above buyable door at the bus depot, looks like a address, 3420 I don't think many people have seen this its kind of hard to see. I've been wondering if treyarch did actually # the lampposts and this is telling us which ones to activate. 0 I would think is the bus depot. I think we may have done these posts but can't remember.

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