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  1. I have been working so much have not had a chance to play zombies. I think the only way were going to find anything else is from some very vigorous trial and error. We need to try every combination between the # on the counter, and the perk behind the door. I feel we will find a few more things by doing this, but after that we'll have to try some other combinations. Such as, blowing up all the outlets or possibly electrical devices in one house with different #'s on the counter. Like I said, a lot of trial and error. I believe the only way to accomplish this would be with a community effort.
  2. Where are u seeing the orbs? In the box, on the traffic light, the tower? I see the orbs in the box every game, but my bank is usually always full.
  3. The numbers we are looking for seem to be on the map. The number 15 is on the yellow house, reading 15 bottom to top. The number 36 is on the plates around the dials on the counter, one is upside down. I believe there are 9 plugs in the green house. 936? Dg2, dg3 on Richthofen's book Maybe there are other numbers we can find.
  4. I have taken several trips around the map with him attached to the bus. He shocks the hell out of you but he won't kill you. When he first jumps on the bus he eventually shuts down the bus driver, if you place a turbine out the bus will start again and he won't shut it down again until your turbine runs out. Your turbine will also last for numerous trips. I did this in solo and nothing special happened.
  5. Thanks for the clear pics pinnaz. :P
  6. What I see is a thick arrow coming out of the ground with a thinner arrow through the center going into the atmosphere with an aura around it. Does that remind you of anything pinnaz? Its one of those images the more u look at it the more u see. The vote is in though and it seems to be just a texture wrap. I just didn't think they could have made this by accident. Now that you've seen it, it will always stick out. Lol
  7. Next time your playing just have a look. It clearly stands out from the rest of the texture.
  8. There's some pretty cool ones on top of the trailer in nuke town with the knuckles. There hard to make out but they've been put there. I don't believe their just random texture.
  9. I'm thinking maybe a nod to m.c Escher as he is well known for his symmetric drawings. We have been finding these in green run and nuke town. Were just wondering what the image is depicting.
  10. heres an image http://imageshack.us/a/img692/999/20130111002317.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img577/5097/20130111002358.jpg
  11. wow Im so glad you cleared that up the proof is the song. gee thanks you saved me so much time. ;)
  12. has anyone built the pap with the power off. I dont have time to check right now
  13. I could with my phone, it would just be easier if you go in theater and take a look. it looks like an arrow with a compas needle above it and some type of dome over it. very easy to check. please take a look and get back to me.
  14. can u upload this photo? 19 is on marltons watch 19:04:38 (military time) or 7:04:38
  15. There seems to be some kind of symbol on the front of the bus right above the licence plate. Any ideas what this looks like?
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