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  1. @Nieno69 Ahh, gotcha. Maybe you have to have completed the Easter Egg, or Possibly not even started it, other than upgrading a Bow or 2. @deamonkeeper I thought you used one Fuse on each side of the Death-Ray. 1 on the left side & 1 on the right side.
  2. If the person you watched, never used the Box, that makes sense to me. That's what I was trying to say, Dont use the Box & if you do make sure it don't move.
  3. I'm sure as many of you are already aware, there is in fact a way to have the Second Gondola bring you items. Instead of Power-Ups, this one will bring up PaP Weapons (some of which contain Alternate Ammo) as well as Monkey Bombs. ---------- As of right now, nobody has been able to figure out what it is they are doing in-game, to Trigger such an event. One thing I've noticed, especially this past month watching all the gameplay I have. A lot of features from Shadows, were brought over into Der Eisendrache. ________ I think the Trigger for this to occur, is similar to that of how you obtain the Ray Gun from a "Purple Pod" on Shadows. Do NOT let the Mystery Box move. In Shadows if you never hit the Box, or only spin it a few times, where it don't move from the Original spot, every time you will receive a Ray Gun from a "Purple Pod", not always immediately, but you'll always end up getting at least 1. ________ Seems like something similar is going on in Der Eisendrache, thus why it has only recently been discovered. In Co-Op chances are the Box is going to be moved rather quickly. However, during a Solo game your a lot less likely to move the Box especially using a Bow & a Wall Weapon with Blast Furnace. _______ I'll be more than happy to Debunk this once the Map is released for XBone, until then if anyone wants to give it a shot, let me know what happens.
  4. @Conzul Sounds good to me. ______ As far as the Altars go, remember we have quite a few on this map. Ritual Altars Sword Altar Beast (Fountains) Altar Cthuluh (Statues) Altar?!?! _________ We still need to figure out what the "Upgrade_Ready_0" Quote means. "Zoroth Orota" (probably butchered that spelling) __________ I really feel like the "Arch-Ovum" & the "Cocoons" are the same thing, they look identical. Possibly you have to have acquired the "Arch-Ovum" before you can advance the "Apothicon Servant" Quest. As long as you don't place it down & begin to break it open. That seems like how you would go about getting the "Cocoon" to Upgrade the "Apothicon Servant". _________ I'll find those other posts, and link them here.
  5. @Nieno69 _______ Thank you for answering that for me. __________ See this is my point though. I think being able to "Trick" the PaP into accepting the "Apothicon Servant" is what has F****d everyone up. Now instead of thinking logically, like needing to go through a series of events in order to "Upgrade" it, similar to Origins "Staves" & now Der Eisendraches "Wrath of the Ancients". A lot of people are trying to figure out how to make the "PaP" machine accept it. When this was never the intended way (Pack-a-Punch). ________ This explains why the "GobbleGum" Does NOT work on either the "Apothicon Servant" nor the "Wrath of the Ancients", and if it were available, I'd be willing to bet, In Origins, it wouldn't work on any of the "Staves" either. All of these "Ancient" weapons are "Upgraded" not "Pack-a-Punched".
  6. @Conzul ______ I do know the "NOHINT" is more than likely the case here. ________ I've noticed the Center Eye (on Apothicon Servant), tends to look in certain directions, at various things. ________ I've noticed, (not sure before or after the "Upgrade_Ready" Quote) upon firing/feeding the "Apothicon Servant", you will see a mixture of "Red" along with the "Purple" when it hits an object & as it explodes. _________ While playing as Nero & using the "Apothicon Servant", once you've "Sucked Up" 10 Elementals/Meatballs. He has a very distinct Quote he says every time. "That was at least 10 of them...is anyone keeping count!" ________ Maybe we can combine our ideas and finally figure out this, "Unsolvable Puzzle". I do feel like this is the First time where we can actually "Fail" or progress to far. Have you ever noticed when replacing the "Apothicon Servant" for another weapon, it seems to just disappear from the Box entirely. ___________ I have a couple other Threads you may be interested in taking a look at mainly, "Keepers are Key & Magic Book Theory" & the more important one, "Apothicon Servant & Upgrade_Ready Quotes"
  7. My point exactly! ________ Don't take that the wrong way.
  8. @83457 _________ Yea, it's pretty damn Shitty honestly. Spend 3 Months, day in & day out, searching for something they F****d up. Only to finally have it "Fixed" therefore making all the stupid shit we did, become irrelevant. Better off to have been pissing in the wind. Nonetheless, I really feel like it starts with the "Noire Mode" Filter, as that is the only Side Quest/Easter Egg we know how to begin. Yet we've somehow never been able to find how to trigger the "End".
  9. @Conzul ________ I'm still actively searching, almost on a daily basis. I do feel like all of this correlates in one way or another. One of the Main reasons I say this, on Last Gen, the flames once PaP has been opened stay "Purple". However as I stated in the OP on Current Gen, they turn into a mixture of "Red & Blue". _______ One other possibility, I believe, relates to the "Noire Mode" Easter Egg. We know how to start that Side Quest, yet we've never actually figured out how to "Finish/Complete" it. Even though the Coding clearly shows, there to be a "Starting" Point & an "Ending" Point. I feel as if this is the E.E./Side Quest that was fixed, which would more than likely result in finding one of the 3 "Cocoons" or spawning in the "Plague Pods". I also noticed the "Rift Portals" look like a night sky. "There it is...in Black & White". _________ I feel to have a better understanding of what actually needs to happen, in what specific order, we need a better understanding of the "Keeper" Symbols. I know the sideways "W/M" means "Command". So basically we ae being Commanded to follow instructions.
  10. Yea that's what it says on the Original Build of the game. Yea, I'm aware the Rituals end if you go down on Solo, but what if you "Summon" the Civil Protector, wait for him to enter the Ritual Room, activate it, then sacrifice yourself. Would this still end it, or would it continue as if there's more than one player. Makes sense kind of, the reason we have this "Robot" that can revive us on Solo.
  11. @DaveLo07 I agree. Honestly I believe the "Upgrade Process" still exists and can be obtained right now. From what I've heard the complexity of the Coding for the "Plague Pods" & "Cocoons" are far more complicated & in-depth, than that of the Main Quest or any other Easter Egg in Shadows. Hell, I would almost go as far, as to say Treyarch left that shit in on purpose (the PaP Glitch) simply because without it, we never would've known such a thing exists. They (Treyarch) had 3 years to make this map, I highly doubt after all that time, with the addition of Next-Gen consoles, now not being limited to outdated hardware, they would've F****d up this bad. Then again we are talking about "Trollarch".
  12. "There it is...In Black & White" ______ Upon loading the Map, Nero makes a comment, "Are...Are you guy from my Dreams!" He also knows Transforming is called "A full body...Trans-mog-ri-fi-ca-tion" & "With each subsequent Transformation, I grow more & more (Confident)?...with my Tentacles."
  13. Possibly yea. Should you call him in all 4 Districts first though. It's just weird because I know I've seen people complete the Main Quest but the Civil Protector in that game wasn't "Gold/Upgraded". Seriously, seems like something that would happen once you've completed the "Apothicon Servant" Quest & used him to retrieve the "Cocoon". _________ In regards to the Civil Protectors Call-Box. Does it currently read; Hold (X) to Summon Civil Protector... or Hold (X) to Call Civil Protector... While standing in front of it?!?!
  14. Good deal. I got to thinking about it though, after I replied. What if while the Ritual is activated we have to sacrifice ourselves in Co-Op or Self on Solo. This would definitely make the Civil Protector, make a lot more sense, especially his ability to revive you. _________ Also are we 100% positive the way to Upgrade the Civil Protector is actually completing the Main Quest. I just find it odd you can only do that on 4 player Co-Op.
  15. I've got a question regarding the "Wrath of the Ancients". I'm sure a lot of you guys/gals here could answer for me. This goes back to the "Apothicon Servant" and a lot of people saying it can't be upgraded because of some "GobbleGum" that no longer upgrades it My question is, does this same "GobbleGum" (forgive me I don't know the name) upgrade the "Wrath of the Ancients". ___________ The only reason I even ask, is because we don't actually PaP these particular Wunder Weapons. We go through a series of steps in order to "Upgrade" them. Maybe it's just me, I like how Treyarch have implemented this "Upgrade Process" in order to wield such powerful Weapons, as opposed to being able to just throw it in the PaP. Makes it all the more rewarding once you finally obtain it. ________ Please let me know your thoughts & opinions. I don't expect too see another Wunder Weapon, where this "Upgrade Process" is NOT used.
  16. Wherever it is, it's going to have to be somewhere "Fire" is present. In all the previous maps where a "Jumpscare" takes place you have to look at something with "Fire".
  17. Heading towards Footlight, there is one on the Theatre sign, and them as soon as you go around that corner there is one on the Coffee Cup in the Back. The easiest way to locate this one, is to leave the Tram (while in Footlight) go down the steps thru the gate on the right, turn left at the buildable table, and halfway across the bridge look to the right. You should see it (The Margwa Heart) in a Coffee Cup Sign for a Coffee Shop.
  18. Nope that's weird. We really need to figure out what those symbols mean, until then we're not going to know exactly what it is were supposed to be doing.
  19. I've been here for quite a while...and I still don't have it figured out yet.
  20. Behind my eyelids are islands of violence...


  21. I've thought for a while now, based on the amount of time/objectives completed, the more you would eventually unlock. For instance, when I first started playing SoE, I had that crazy screen vibration effect once, out of all he times I played. Another one would be the light flare on the Devil-0-Doughnut Carts, saw it once or twice, & never again. So I'm not sure wwhat exactly it all means, but if now people 're experiencing the Shadow Man no longer saying what the Ritual areas are, this could very well be a possibility.
  22. Watch and see (the next time your in a game), when hitting a "Pod" see if the "Fumigator" flashes on screen, (middle left area on screen). I've also found it odd that lightbulb in the Footlight District "Rift Portal", don't exist on last gen. Literally, when the portal is activated for the first time, this damn lightbulb cuts on automatically, and gets bright as shit.
  23. That is weird, try priming it, but not actually throwing it. Let them smack you and then try using the shield.
  24. @Tac _______ Thank you for posting that image, I hadn't seen it before, as I've never played the Map. I still feel like there's either going to be or already is, some type of Inter-Dimensional Easter Egg.
  25. @83457 The "Flag" step in SoE, the thing you pick up and put down, is the "Totem". _________ The psychedelics are amazing.... Look at the image again, this time imagine the ? you see as the one to the PaP in Shadows (the upside down image). Also Nero makes has a quote when placing the "Apothicon Egg" about a "Giant Inter-dimensional Egg". He clearly isn't referring to the "Apothicon Egg" as that's about the size of a baseball maybe. __________ He also has another quote where he says, "Well you would've seen that coming had you only paid attention to my Crystal Balllllls." The Widows Wine grenades look the exact same as the ceiling in that room (the things wrapped around the ball itself), which also happens to be an Inter-Dimensional room, meaning whether it's connected directly to SoE or not. They are connected because of the Inter-Dimensional bullshit. Imagine being inside the Widows Wine Grenade (which in the coding are labeled as "Cocoons") looking up, that ✳ is the same way the out side looks. ________ I have another theory, I've already went over & over in my head, I'm just not quite sure anyone's ready for it yet.
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