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  1. It could help tie in the Illuminati connection to the whole thing... Richtofen as in Illuminist in is fake biography, maybe it is referring to the Presidential post-apocalyptic tunnels? LMAO you have no life. :geek:
  2. To be fair, even if the poems are 100% fake, if someone gets an idea from them and happens to work, you cant say the poem didnt work. I see what u mean though. Did I miss something though? everyone is saying how Dan is a proven troll and how the poems are proven fakes, did something happen in the last 12 hours? This will easily prove it here. Strwrsbob, If you could check the IP of the OP of this, which is xRaymau5x, and then compare it to BirdDog Dan. We would instantly know (unless proxy) if he was the one going around pointlessly making those poems and trying to convince us he is a mu
  3. And Troll of the Year goes to BirdDog Dan. Well done, have any words for the fans. To be honest, would've been a great storyline, Dan should be creating the Easter Eggs for Treyarch's zombie development team. Oh and by the way let me know how this whole clock thing works out with 8 lamps...
  4. Funny thing is I remember seeing that exact post. Didn't really take notice of the name, but nice find. You should start a post on Activision Forums cause people are still tripping, thinking its real. Lets get back on track here. Pretty sure Dan is Somebody01 and 02.
  5. Did it say where, specific channel?
  6. Well, Mr. Dan you have really riled up the community. What do I think, Treyarch has ran out of patience and has decided to slowly give out information to further increase the process of this Easter Egg. I for one don't help, but rather watch. Why would Treyarch give us such compelling Easter Eggs w/ massive rewards (Moon, Call Of the Dead) then to just take it away with a crappy start to the first map. Yes Activision sounds like the type to say, give them nothing and make them pay for everything, but the Zombies Development Team is different, very in-depth. Whatever you say is Completely logic
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