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  1. KJoeM

    Grief Mode General Discussion/FAQ/Directory

    That's a true statement right there! I love just taking a break from zombie killing to screw with some other people! Grief is a great way to relax from the intense high rounds of zombies :)
  2. KJoeM

    Grief Mode General Discussion/FAQ/Directory

    Haha! I used that method to win the other night as well. My team was camped up in the bar by the box, and we all had decent weapons, so a kid on our team ran over and EMP'd the jugg, ran back and we sat back and watched them all die! This is such a great method to surprise and make a game go faster!
  3. KJoeM

    Grief Mode General Discussion/FAQ/Directory

    Haha! Thanks! Yea, it's pretty useful! Yup! It's pretty effective as well!
  4. KJoeM

    Grief Mode General Discussion/FAQ/Directory

    Last night I was playing with my friend and some random people, and he told us about the old glitch in Black Ops where you can dolphin dive on a player that is laying down it will down them and yourself. So we were on like round 15, and my teammate threw the meat at other team, which led to him getting down. They had a kid leave right at that moment, and my friend saw the other team trying to revive while laying down. He attempted this for the first time and it worked. I don't know if it would be considered cheating only because he was downed himself, so it was kind of a sacrifice, but it was super funny when they came into the lobby cursing us for actually being able to do the glitch. Just thought I'd share with y'all.

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