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  1. I haven't had Stammin-up or Tombstone drop though. I think its just the original 4, and PaP.
  2. So if any of you have played Nuketown, you realize that there is a clock that moves, and rings once it gets to zero. Also you realize that the board that keeps track of the zombies ever 100. So I was playing with 3 people last night, and we noticed that every 33 zombies, the clock moves. So we attributed this to "waves of zombies left". Meaning every 33 you kill that you get, another wave of 33 zombies come. Now, this is where I get stuck. I wonder to myself, if every 33 there is a chance that a perk drops. I know that the past two times I have made it to round 20+, PaP did not drop till round 25. If anyone has anymore information on what makes the Perks drop, mind telling me? Thanks!
  3. I've been playing 3 days, getting like 10 games in a day of actual decent play, but I am still at 5 tallies with skull and blue eyes. :(
  4. I've seen many of things like this on official forums and stuff like that, I am interested in seeing what becomes of this. Hopefully it's not some sort of hoax!
  5. That would be awesome, or maybe even community judges, like people who didn't want to play, but like the codcasting or whatever they call it for multi, could do that for zombies. Highly unlikely but we can dream can't we. :)
  6. I personally believe that all the ranks are maybe a combination of your overall stats, maybe even a clutch factor. The clutch factor would be something like staying alive while all your team mates are down, or reviving all of your team while in the middle of a round. I don't even know if they can build a detection system for that though. I hope so, I've had this skull with blue eyes for about 3 days.. I am currently playing NT solo before my Biology Final... Should be studying, but eh.. :)
  7. Kills: 13533 Downs: 301 (have roommates that really suck haha!) k/d: 112.775 Highest round in solo or co-op: 25 co-op, don't like playing solo.. it's lonely.. Emblem or Rank: Skull with Blue Eyes.
  8. That's a true statement right there! I love just taking a break from zombie killing to screw with some other people! Grief is a great way to relax from the intense high rounds of zombies :)
  9. Haha! I used that method to win the other night as well. My team was camped up in the bar by the box, and we all had decent weapons, so a kid on our team ran over and EMP'd the jugg, ran back and we sat back and watched them all die! This is such a great method to surprise and make a game go faster!
  10. I just now got the Nuketown Zombies map! It's freaking awesome looking! I can't wait now till I get my capture card, and start recording and live streaming videos. I didn't get very far my first round because I was looking at all the things on the map. Just thought I'd let y'all know that if you have the Season Pass, the map is now available! Guess I forgot to mention this is for Xbox! Sorry!
  11. It's a great deal of fun working with it! I do feel welcomed and wish to become very well respected within it! :)
  12. Haha! Thanks! Yea, it's pretty useful! Yup! It's pretty effective as well!
  13. I will! Great, at the moment I am in finals week, just got one more left before I head home for the winter. Glad this semester is over, been taking crazy amounts of classes to catch up from my mistake as a freshman! Lol! Yup! I will of course be around more often, you guys seem to have an interesting and close community, that doesn't seem to troll that much! I just love web designing myself. I work with HTML 5 at the moment, and have my own business. But thanks for your kind hello, makes me feel welcomed!
  14. Last night I was playing with my friend and some random people, and he told us about the old glitch in Black Ops where you can dolphin dive on a player that is laying down it will down them and yourself. So we were on like round 15, and my teammate threw the meat at other team, which led to him getting down. They had a kid leave right at that moment, and my friend saw the other team trying to revive while laying down. He attempted this for the first time and it worked. I don't know if it would be considered cheating only because he was downed himself, so it was kind of a sacrifice, but it was super funny when they came into the lobby cursing us for actually being able to do the glitch. Just thought I'd share with y'all.
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