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  1. Scalene can basically only mean a Triangle, or a Ellipsoid. Also don't rule out an ellipsoid. I see the OP didn't look too hard into them. They are created with 3 unique points, same as a triangle.
  2. Cleansed Tranzit would probably work for Survival fans. can just run everywhere if there was no fog. Would be more similar to the old maps, imo.
  3. It was probably blown apart or something, as such we are probably actually rebuilding it. as opposed to assembling a new one.
  4. Can't lie. That'd be pretty cool. My favorite theory to date. free or otherwise
  5. Scalene can also apply to an ellipsoid. Also would make sense that a scientific experiment like this would use a 3d object, opposed to a 2d triangle.
  6. Try and look at the PaP Room like that. you'll see that it doesn't exist, unless you open it.
  7. What makes you say this? you really think they're gunna shove 4 DLC packs into this one TranZit map? Even spending 1 on it, seems a bit much. It's large enough as is. could you imagine if they added 3-4 new places to it? It'd double in size
  8. What was he unclear and mysterious about? I found him pretty informative...
  9. You came here to "get the juices flowing" While I would love for this to be true. Your cryptic message are all over the place, and not very concise at all. if you really wanted to get juices flowing, stick to 1 idea. it sounds like your describing multiple steps before we've even got anywhere with 1.
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