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  1. Best post I have seen on this forum (regarding the green run EE) to date. I think you have power, time and physics being key exactly right. Also the clocks do make it very obvious there is more, but what about the computers in the power room? I feel like those hold a lot of significance especially the big one on the wall near the doorway that is blocked by the pipes that zombies hop over. I'm going to quote you, "The definition of a node depends on the network and protocol layer referred to. A physical network node is an active electronic device that is attached to a network, and is capable
  2. Russman has a quote "I cannot believe this bridge is still standing. I wonder how far I can throw the plume off this here bridge. Maybe it will just fall right through this bridge and solve everything." makes me think you have to emp the bus just as its driving on the bridge to make it go really slow and then grenade the fuck out of/around the bridge. Or whatever a 'plume' is (pretty sure it means grenade) also Sedan backwards = Nades! That must mean we need to grenade something! maybe haha I haven't tested this yet no time so if anyone can today you should!
  3. On the back side of the laundry door there is a hinge mechanism on the top, most likely that door opens outward. And the door in the alley way next to the dumpster is the same door. Any thoughts?
  4. Haha you're an idiot. As for everyone else who thinks he's so full of lies, why hasn't he been banned yet?
  5. Just an observation but has anyone noticed those rock formations on the ground in the shape of a SCALENE triangle that are all over the map yet? And in the barn in farm there are at least 4 or 5 of those same rock groupings that form a circle on the floor..
  6. The message on the game menu said the live streaming will be on Friday Dec. 14th 2012, on youtube and a youtube link. So tomorrow!
  7. Why does everyone immediately attack this guy? It's not like you have anything to lose you already play zombies for hours and can't find anything so maybe try listening to what he has to say and really thinking about it? By "Those train cars were once functional..." It's pretty clear he's hinting that they can be turned on and functioning again. Everything this guy says makes sense if you really think about it. Plus he even said that "his team" or whatever is releasing a video soon. And if you played multiplayer or zombies yesterday (the 12th) there was a message that popped up saying there wi
  8. I have not seen this but I have heard of it once before. Notice the lightning rod type thing on the roof of the bank above the double doors. It has to mean something!
  9. Has anyone else seen the following things in the map Green Run on Tranzit mode and can explain why they are there and if they have any significance? If so please reply your thoughts any information will help! - Windmills in the cornfield: Just to the left of the secret location "Nacht Der Untoten" are two (maybe more) windmills in the cornfield. Also not far from there we found a certain (rather wide) path in the cornfield that has an invisible barrier that will not let the player or the freecam in theater mode through. It makes me think that being as the blocked path is pretty wide this
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