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  1. Dude ... He was posting a video to try help people, no need to go biting peoples heads off man!
  2. When i threw an emp in the bus, it took a while for the bus to stop so maybe if you emp him when uour near the church he might head for the cliff instead of turning maybe?
  3. Maybe theres a specific order you have to do them in to make them connected? Keep trying though dude seems like quite a few people have given up recently :(
  4. Ok... elaborate? How do you do it without 4 players? I don't know if anyone answered your question, but I have a guide on how to do this with less than four players here: FPs5yiYxdUI Basically you need at least 2 players, both with EMPs, then you both need to throw an EMP grenade at different street lamps, quickly jump through the teleporter and then throw your last grenade at the one you come out at. But if you threw the emp at the light , wouldnt the emp stop the teleporter from working ?
  5. That would be cool if the bus collapsed and it like changed its route! I havent tried EMP'ing the driver while on it yet though
  6. Are there any more lights around tranzit apart from the 4 we know of? Maybe theres a 5th one.. That teleports you somewhere else :p
  7. Hey , if anyone wants to help me do the EE just add me on ps3 its in the signature. Also.. Has anyone checked any of these locations out? Big billboard near diner Train wreck thing Opposite side of street to the tower theres a little cornfield area Random cars near the train area (i think) Church area (theres a light coming from the top) Bus depot shelter tunnel (can you even access it?)
  8. Thanks I haven't played that map, so my bad if verruckt was basically what i said dude. It still be cool if they put it in tranzit! Or maybe its already there ;)
  9. Hopefully there will be a DLC of a hospital/ mental asylum sort of thing , that would be pretty cool!
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