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  1. I was just wondering cause I know that 2 person zombie games go by faster, wasn't sure about 3.
  2. It's great to have older guys like you in the community because you have the opportunity to be a great roll model to a lot of the younger players here. I hope you also know that it's ok to not be the greatest zombie player in the world, we ALL started somewhere, even veterans players like the guy above me listed.
  3. Riot


    Nice to meet you man! Any type of knowledge or experience that you can share with the community is a big help, no matter what the contribution is! There's all sorts of threads on this website so no matter what your into in zombies whethers its EE's or high rounds. Hope you become an active and engaging member of our community.
  4. Riot

    The Dilemma

    Wow, the emotion and sincerity in this post is mind blowing, you obviously have a special place in this community. Something that tomatoface12 did was he posted a video about HIMSELF. A video of him in real life, and what he loved to do other then play zombies. I think that is what we need to do, post a video about ourselves so we don't have to be afraid of other people knowing who we really are. There are alot of great guys in this community that it would be a pleasure getting to know, and I think the only way we could really get to know each other is by exposing ourselves. Those who don't let people get to know them are obviously too fake to let other people see themselves in real life, just sitting behind a computer screen making other people feel bad. Thanks Shooter, I have a lot of respect for you.
  5. Riot


    Welcome to the site :)
  6. Could I apply for the Dempsey Medal and the Introduction Medal? Check out my channel for Nuketown round 44 game (I also have a round 40 kino game) and I have an intro I just posted recently. Thanks
  7. I don't know what the WW will be in Die Rise but I hope you get it from the mystery box. I do not want to go through the jet gun process ever again, I'm sorry but I'd rather spend 40k on the mystery gun and get a WW then build it, it's just...normal for me.
  8. Welcome to the site bro! I'm relatively new here and I hope to start being active, you should to! I hope you find forums to be your thing, you sound like a cool guy, this website needs people like you!
  9. I've only been using this website for a couple months now but I love it! I'm a gamer/graphic designer and I love zombies, been playing since Nacht
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